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Apartment Wrestling: Kari Kamiya vs Nikki

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Jade1503, Apr 29, 2016.

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    Oct 19, 2015
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    ‘I’m so bored!’ Nikki complained as she threw her hands behind her head and lounged on the sofa with Kari Kamiya.

    Kari just shrugged. ‘It was your fault that you didn’t want to go out for a walk in the park or have a picnic.’
    Nikki looked at her, as if she was crazy. ‘That’s because it’s so freaking hot! There’s no way I’m getting myself roasted out there! And don’t suggest swimming! You know how much I hate water!’

    ‘I case you’ve forgotten’, Kari pointed out. ‘You’re no longer a vampire you know. So you have no excuses whatsoever not to go into the sun or swimming in water.’

    Nikki just shrugged. ‘Meh.’

    It was a hot summer day in Kari’s apartment as the two nineteen year old girls were lounging in Kari’s living room, with the air-conditioner on and the television blasting channels at them. Nikki long, black raven hair reached until her knees and her brown eyes closed as she slurped iced lemonade. She wore a blue tank top with brown shorts accompanied by black and blue sneakers. Kari short brown hair cut to the base of her skull and hazelnut brown eyes watching the television. She wore white and pink stripes top with yellow shorts and white and pink sneakers. In truth, both of them were bored.

    ‘You know Nikki.’ Kari started as she turned off the television. ‘You need to do some exercise. You’re becoming more complacent everyday.’

    Nikki yawned. ‘Like what? You know I hate to go outside in the sun.’

    ‘Then do something indoor!’ Kari argued. ‘There’s yoga, aerobics, wrestling…’

    Nikki at first rolled her eyes when she suddenly sat up straight, her interest piqued. ‘What was the third thing you mentioned?’

    Kari frowned. ‘Wrestling?’

    ‘That’s the one!’ Nikki jumped up and grinned at Kari. ‘Let’s do it!’

    ‘But you don’t even know how to wrestle.’ Kari pointed out.

    ‘Then teach me!’ Nikki impatiently pulled Kari on to her feet. ‘You always nagging me about doing something physical and now is the perfect opportunity!’ She saw that Kari was looking sceptically at her. ‘Please, cutie!’

    Kari relented and smiled. ‘Oh all right, I suppose I can teach you some of the basics.’

    ‘Great!’ Nikki jumped up and down in excitement. ‘What must we do first?’

    Kari wore a mischievous smile. ‘Make sure the doors are locked and I get us our wrestling attire.’

    Nikki obeyed and make sure the doors were locked and the curtains were closed, allowing a minimal of sunlight to light the room, while Kari went to her bedroom. Nikki snooped around and found a blue mat that Kari used for exercise. She pulled it out and unfolded it, covering half the living room with the mat.
    Nikki looked down and frowned. There was no way she was fighting in this shorts. She dropped them onto the floor as Kari stepped back into the living room. Nikki looked up at her and her mouth opened.
    Kari was clad in a skimpy pink bikini that barely covered her breasts and her crotch. She was barefooted but still wore her silver necklace.

    Nikki stared at her and gaped. ‘Whoa…’

    ‘I found this in the department store one day.’ Kari explained with a giggle. ‘I thought I buy this to show T.K. but his always busy. Oh, I also bought this for you.’

    She handed Nikki a blue bikini set, similar than Kari’s but it barely covers the backside too.

    ‘I bought this for you.’ Kari said. ‘Maybe one day I might force you to come to the beach with me but since that might take a long time, might as well wear it now.’

    Nikki giggled as she stripped off her clothes and lingerie and quickly put on the bikini. Her considered busty breasts bounced as she bounced on her toes and turned to Kari, who was beckoning her onto the mat. Nikki stepped onto the mat, barefooted and her long hair swaying left and right as she stood in front of Kari.

    ‘We both look good in bikini.’ Kari smiled and Nikki smiled back. ‘Let’s begin. First, position like so.’

    Kari widened her legs vertically and her hands raised, her palms opened. Nikki mimicked her, towering over the small girl. Kari then clasped hands with Nicki’s.

    ‘This is called a test of strength, you hold the opponent’s hands and pushed her back.’

    Kari proceeded to push Nicki towards the edge of the mat but being stronger and taller, Nicki quickly pushed Kari backwards: dominating her. Kari struggled for a bit before releasing the hold and wrapping her arms around Nikki’s waist. She gave a tight squeeze and despite being smaller than Nikki, the bigger girl gasped at the sudden tightening of her body.

    ‘This hold is called a bear hug.’ Kari explained as she continued squeezing Nikki more tightly. ‘You squeezed your opponent in a hug and cracking her ribs or just suffocating her. You can escape by punching the one holding you in the head or face but before you do that to me…’

    Kari caught the falling Nikki by the crotch in her left hand. Nikki felt tingly as Kari’s hand touched her vagina. Nikki was scooped into the air and her back landed on the mat. Nikki breathed heavily as she looked up at Kari, who was looking down at her: smiling.

    ‘Where did you learn how to wrestle?’ Nikki asked her.

    Kari just shrugged. ‘Always watch wrestling shows on Saturday night with the boys. How that blockhead Davis get interested in such things is beyond me.’

    Kari dropped onto her butt and wrapped her legs around Nikki’s body and wrapped her arms under Nikki’s armpits and pushed her head down. Nikki groaned as her belly was being squeezed and Kari trapped her head and arms.

    ‘My personal favourite.’ Kari continued with the lesson. ‘The body scissors and full nelson combo; like the bear hug, I used my legs to squeeze your body and…’

    ‘Thanks Cutie.’ Nikki interrupted her. ‘I think I get the general idea. Now let’s get real.’

    Planting her feet firmly into the mat, Nikki lifted herself and Kari, still on her back, into the air. Then she fell backwards and slammed Kari into the mat. Kari’s eyes widened at the turn of event and let go of Nikki. Nikki smiled and turned to face Kari who was on her back. Licking her lips, Nikki pulled Kari up and wrapped her arms around Kari’s body from behind. She lifted her into the air, Nikki’s face in Kari’s crotch.

    ‘Mmmmmm…’ Nikki sniffed and grinned. ‘It sure smell nice down there!’ Then she bit through Kari’s bikini bottom, reaching the flesh. Kari screamed and squirmed as Nikki bit deeper into her vagina. Then Nikki slammed Kari’s back onto the mat, Kari’s bikini bottom still in Nikki’s mouth: exposing Kari clean vagina.

    Kari tried to cover her vagina. ‘What are you doing? This is suppose to be a wrestling match!’

    Nikki grinned down at Kari. ‘To tell you the truth Kari, I have watched wrestling before but the… Erotic kinds.’

    Nikki slammed her knee onto vagina, making Kari screamed out in pain as Nikki tore away Kari’s top: showing her pink nipples. Nikki pressed her knee deeper into Kari’s vagina as she started biting Kari’s nipples. Kari screamed in pain as Nikki bite on her nipples and grind her knee into her vagina. Kari could only hold onto Nikki head as she was sexually attacked. At a final slam of Nikki’s knee and Kari orgasmed on the mat, Kari panted as her body-expelled cum. Nikki smiled at her and cupped her face, pulling Kari onto her feet.

    ‘You’re so cute when you’re so flustered, cutie.’ She crooned. ‘Now, this is a DDT right?’

    Nikki wrapped her left arm around Kari’s head and smashed it into the mat: directly into the small pool of Kari’s cum. Kari spat out her own vaginal fluids as her face was covered with it. Nikki sat on her back and pulled Kari’s left leg backwards: arching the smaller girl’s back.

    ‘And this is a single Boston Crab, right cutie?’ she asked as Kari moaned but nodded to confirm Nikki’s inquiry. ‘With a touch of some eroticism.’

    Nikki plunged a finger into Kari’s vagina and started fingering it. Kari moaned painfully and sexually at both physical and sexual pain. Using her leg’s strength, Kari pulled Nikki off her body and she scrambled onto her feet: holding her crotch. Nikki, surprised at being thrown off, was on her back and was on her fours when Kari ran towards her, jumped into the air and delivered an elbow drop onto her spine.

    Nikki gasped and crumpled face-first into the mat: trying to massage her sore back. Kari stomped on the spot where she elbow dropped on Nikki before sitting heavily on her. She grabbed Nikki’s bikini bottom and pulled them towards Nikki’s crotch. Nikki screamed and thrashed her legs on the mat as the material of the bikini was wedging into her crotch. Kari rubbed the soft bikini against Nikki’s vagina: grinding slowly but roughly, enjoying Nikki’s sexual moans.

    Soon, the continuation of her vagina being grinded combined with Kari sitting on her back naked, Nikki let out a moan as her vaginal fluids flowed through her bikini and onto the mat. Kari smiled as a pool of cum collected between Nikki’s thighs. Kari pulled out Nikki’s bikini top and bottom and stood up. She flung them aside and rolled Nikki onto her back: showing Nikki’s brown nipples and black bushy vagina. Kari looked at Nikki’s body then clutched her crotch.

    ‘Damn!’ Kari muttered as she felt her vagina going to burst. Nikki’s finger attack was working on her vagina. Kari quickly face-sit on Nikki’s face: planting her vagina on Nikki’s face and pinning her shoulders down with her legs. To Nikki’s surprise and pleasure, Kari orgasmed: covering Nikki’s face with cum and swallowing some in the process.

    Kari finished orgasmed and smiled down at Nikki, panting slightly. ‘To win a wrestling match’, she continued coaching Nikki. ‘You must pinned her shoulders touching the mat for three counts or forced her to submit by applying submission holds. Here goes! 1, 2…’

    Nikki pushed Kari off her before Kari could finish the count. Kari rolled over her back and onto her feet as Nikki slowly stood on her feet. She wiped the cum off her face with the back of her hands and smiled.

    ‘Damn Cutie! You’re so hot! I could just eat you now!’

    Kari smiled back and beckoned Nikki forward. ‘I was going to take it easy on you since this is a spar but now,
    I’m going at you with my full strength. Let’s go!’

    Kari and Nikki charged into one another and grappled. They grappled one another until Kari broke the grapple and started punching Nikki’s belly and head-butting her in the breasts. Nikki responded by Tomahawk chopped Kari in her breasts and sending an uppercut into her jaws. Kari stumbled backwards and Nikki lifted her up into the air. She slammed Kari on her upper body and bent her body in a torture rack backbreaker: pulling her down by the head and vagina.

    Kari squirmed and elbowed Nikki in her temple, sending her flying down onto the mat. Nikki quickly turned around realising her opponent was behind her: holding her head. Kari double punched Nikki’s breasts at the side and when Nikki clutched her breasts, Kari fell to her knees and uppercut Nikki between the legs.
    Nikki let out a moan as she showered cum all over Kari, covering the smaller girl with vaginal fluids. Kari licked and wiped the orgasm off her face but Nikki recovered fast. She pulled Kari onto her feet and lifted her into the air before body slamming her into the mat. Kari was pulled up by the armpits and lifted into the air. Nikki brought Kari’s vagina down onto her knee: making it exploded with cum.

    Kari gasped and clutched her leaking crotch as she stood up. Nikki was about to clothesline Kari but Kari ducked and wrapped her arms around Nikki’s body and threw her back into a German Suplex. Nikki hit the mat and let out a groan of pain before Kari repeated the throw for another two times. Kari then turned Nikki upside down and pile-drove her into the mat: sitting on Nikki’s face and holding up her legs in a pin.

    ‘1…’ Before she could continue the count, she felt something wet and warm touching her vagina. Kari realized in shock that Nikki was licking her vagina. Kari tried to finish the count to end the match but got distracted at the soft and wet feeling that was coursing through her vagina. Kari let out a moan and started mewling as Nikki’s tongue goes deeper into her insides. Kari’s vagina was on the verge of exploding. Desperately, Kari started licking Nikki’s vagina.

    Kari heard a sexual moan from Nikki and her tongue-lashing weakened: Kari increased her attack on Nikki’s vagina, poking and pushing her tongue deeper into Nikki’s inside. Nikki keep on moaning and Kari heard a sigh of pleasure: making her grinned.

    Kari gave Nikki’s vagina a last poke and it exploded like a fountain: spraying both of them in cum. Kari then continued the pin.

    ‘1! 2! 3!’

    At the count of three, Kari released her on cum and fell on her back on the wet mat, spread-eagle and panting. Kari licked the cum off her face while Nikki slowly got onto her fours, smiling and licking the cum too.

    ‘That was great cutie. Way better than the one I watched.’ She grinned. ‘How did you get so strong?’

    Kari lifted her upper body and smiled. ‘To tell you the truth, after watching those wrestling show on Saturday night, Davis and the other boys would also do a bit of wrestling and I forced to join in.’ Then she grinned. ‘I beat them all.’

    Nikki laughed. ‘My little cutie becomes a badass woman! Well, after a match, the winner fucks the loser. Do you want the honour Cutie?’

    Kari smiled and shook her head. ‘No thanks, no my style but… I want you to pleasure me.’

    Kari lay on her back and opened up her legs and armpits. Nikki eagerly jumped on her and started on her feet: licking the soles and between her toes. Kari giggled as Nikki’s tongue ran up her calves and thighs before reaching her vagina. Nikki licked Kari’s vagina clean, making Kari’s body trembled with excitement. After cleaning her vagina, Nikki poked her tongue inside Kari’s belly button before sucking and kissing her pink nipples. Kari moaned sexually and felt her vagina getting wet again.

    Nikki moved from her nipples to her armpits, licking up the sweat that collected in there. Kari giggled as Nikki licked deeper into each armpit. Nikki then ran her tongue onto Kari’s neck and kissed on it, leaving many hickeys. Finally, Nikki locked lips with Kari: their tongues playing with each other and moaning in each other mouths.

    Kari, still kissing Nikki, rolled on top of her: sitting on her belly. She pulled away from the kiss and smiled.
    ‘Your turn!’

    Kari started with Nikki’s feet, licking her feet, soles, calves and thighs before burying her face in Nikki’s black bushy vagina. Kari licked through Nikki’s bush before licking the inside of Nikki’s vagina: making Nikki squirmed and squealed in delight. Kari touched Nikki’s sensitive spot with her tongue and was immediately covered in cum. Kari licked her lips before moving to Nikki’s belly button and then nipples. Kari sucked Nikki’s nipples so hard that she managed to extract fluids from Nikki’s nipples.

    Nikki giggled as Kari started on her sweaty armpits: licking and kissing them. Kari finished it up with sucking kisses on Nikki’s neck, leaving hickeys, and a romantic kiss on the lips. As they kissed, Kari pulled Nikki in sitting position and connected their vaginas in a scissor position. Kari and Nikki’s sweaty bodies rubbed into each other: breasts slapping against each other and vaginas grinding into each other. The two girls moaned into each other mouths as their tongues wrestled each other and their other body parts making their bodies hotter and wetter.

    After five minutes of kissing and grinding, both girls orgasmed at the same time: covering their bodies with cum. They broke the kiss and stared into each other’s eyes, panting heavily.

    ‘That was fun!’ Nikki grinned. ‘Maybe this whole exercising thing isn’t so bad. Especially doing it with you, cutie.’

    ‘I told you so.’ Kari smiled back and then it faded as she looked up at the clock. ‘Oh my God! It’s already 4 o’ clock already? Wow!’

    They had been wrestling so intensely that they had not noticed how much time they had spent wrestling. Nikki lifted her arm and sniffed her armpit. ‘Whew! I stink! Want to take a shower before getting some dinner?’

    Kari, calmed down, smiled. ‘We still got time. Let’s have some fun for an hour or two then we can shower and go out for ramen or something.’

    Nikki smiled. ‘Love you cutie.’

    Kari smiled back. ‘Love you too, Nikki.’

    Kari and Nikki kissed and, despite their love sparring match, continue grinding each other vaginas and breasts.