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Inside of one of the dormant volcanoes in the Fire Nation, the arena filled with people as both Kuvira and Korra stood facing each other in the cage, glaring at one another. Kuvira was nude except for the green boxing gloves and black and green boots: showing her brown nipples and black hairy vagina. Korra was nude as well wearing blue boxing gloves and black and blue boots: showing dark brown nipples and black hairy vagina. Their dark bodies were already covered in sweat and their crotches were getting wet due to the heat. A female referee wearing black and white bikini with orange hair made sure they were at a distance.

Korra smirked at Kuvira. ‘Ready to get beaten up and fucked by me again?’

Kuvira snarled. ‘Like hell bitch! I’ve been training for this day so you better prepare yourself!’

‘Then bring it!’

Korra and Kuvira moved towards each other and Kuvira threw the first punch who blocked it and punched back: only for Kuvira to dodge it and uppercut Korra in the stomach. Korra spat out saliva but punched Kuvira in the face. Kuvira grunted in pain and uppercut Korra in the jaws who dodged and straight punched Kuvira right on the nose. Kuvira cried in pain and stumbled backwards while Korra continued the attack: right hooking Kuvira into the cage.

Kuvira slammed into the cage and Korra uppercut her in the belly and right hooked her in the face again. Kuvira angrily fell onto her knees and uppercut Korra first in her vagina and when Korra screamed and bent forward to hold her sore vagina, Kuvira uppercut Korra in the jaws. Korra head snapped back and he stumbled backwards as Kuvira gleefully pressed the attack: treating Korra like a punching bag. Korra cried in pain as Kuvira punched her in the face, breasts, belly and sides before Kuvira slammed Korra to the cage with her left forearm and started punching her crotch: making Korra screamed louder.

Kuvira smiled as she punched Korra in the vagina several times until it exploded with cum and urine: falling onto the ground. Korra gasped sexually and leaned against the cage while Kuvira put her right glove under Korra’s exploding vagina: covering her boxing glove with Korra’s cum and urine. Kuvira pulled it to her face and licked it: smiling.

‘Delicious as usual.’ She smiled and raised her right hand. ‘Let’s see if you like the taste of your own juice!’

Kuvira right hooked Korra in the face: making Korra cried in pain and falling onto the ground. Her right cheek coated in her own cum, Korra was on her fours as the referee made the count.

‘1… 2… 3…4…’ Korra pushed herself up and was back onto her feet: launching a right hook into Kuvira. Kuvira sensed the attack on time and ducked and uppercut Korra in the jaws again. Korra cried in pain and brought her right fist down on Kuvira’s head and made her bowed her head in pain. Korra brought up her left fist and uppercut Kuvira in the belly: making Kuvira spat out saliva. Korra pushed Kuvira’s upper body up into the air before kneeling down and delivered a powerful uppercut into Kuvira’s vagina: immediately making her orgasmed and urinating. As Kuvira gasped and moaned as she released her cum and urine, Korra covered her boxing glove with Kuvira’s vaginal fluids.

‘Let’s see if you also like the taste of your own juice.’ Korra said. ‘It’s payback time, bitch.’

Korra sprinted upwards and uppercut Kuvira in the jaws: sending her flying into the air and slamming back to the ground. Kuvira laid on her back, moaning and groaning, as the referee made the count.

‘1… 2… 3… 4…’ Kuvira rolled onto her fours and slowly got up. ‘5… 6…’ Kuvira was now on her feet and sensing that Korra was about to attack, she whirled around and left hooked Korra in the face and moved towards her: wrapping her arms around her body. Korra also wrapped her arms around Kuvira’s body: both of them growling and rubbing their hard nipples into one another.

‘You bitch!’ Kuvira growled as she slammed her cheek into Korra’s. ‘I’m going to make you cum!’

‘I like to see you try, slut!’ Korra growled back as she pushed her sweaty cheek into Kuvira’s.

They then connected their wet hairy clitoris into one another and started grinding each other: slamming them roughly into one another and crying out loud. As they did, Korra and Kuvira locked lips: having a battle of tongues and trying to dominate each other mouths. Soon, their vaginas exploded with cum and urine and they broke the kiss: drool flowing out of their mouths and joining the cum and urine on the ground. They stared at each other while panting heavily.

‘It’s a draw.’ Korra panted aloud.

Kuvira smiled. ‘Let’s see who tip it to whose favour.’

Kuvira punched Korra in the sides, making Korra spat out saliva and retaliating. Kuvira grunted in pain and punched several times: harder at each punch. Korra tried to punch back but the pain in her sides were unbearable and she had no choice but to push away from Kuvira. Once she did, Korra raised her right fist while Kuvira had hers ready. Korra fired a right hook but it just missed Kuvira’s face by an inch while Kuvira uppercut Korra in her vagina: making Korra gasped in shock and had her jumped backwards while holding her sore vagina with both hands.

Now defenceless, Korra could not block Kuvira’s double punches on her breasts and a left hook onto her sides. Korra spat out saliva as Kuvira’s gloves hit homes: on the face, breasts, belly and even crotch. With a smile, Kuvira launched a powerful uppercut into Korra’s vagina: making it exploded with orgasm and urine. Korra’s tongue was hung out and her eyes rolled back as her fluids covered the ground. As Korra stood there, unstable and wobbly with her eyes unfocussed, Kuvira held Korra’s head with her left glove and smiled.

‘Good night Avatar.’

Kuvira uppercut Korra in the jaws: knocking her mouth guard out of her mouth and sending her crashing onto her back on the ground. Korra lay on the ground in an eagle-spread position as her vagina continued leaking. The referee made the count.

‘1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6…’ Korra’s eyes opened slowly as she looked at the ceilings. ‘7… 8… 9…’ Korra raised her head but it fell heavily back down to the ground. ’10!’

Kuvira smiled as the referee raised her right hand into the air and declared her the winner. ‘Your winner, Kuvira!’

The crowd cheered for Kuvira as the referee let her go and Kuvira continued flexing her biceps and posing. Once the cheers died down, Kuvira peeled off her boxing gloves and spat out her mouth guard, leaving them on the ground. Making a gesture, she extracted the metal particles from the ground. Now she gestured around her waist and the metal particles swirled around Kuvira’s waist: forming a metal strap-on.

Kuvira pulled Korra’s boxing gloves off her and pulled her onto her feet by the armpits: Korra slowly waking up. Carrying Korra, Kuvira inserted the strap-on into Korra’s vagina: making Korra widened her eyes and moaned loudly.

Kuvira smiled as she started bucking Korra onto the strap-on. ‘For what you did to me when you defeated me, allow me to repay the favour in kind.’

Korra screamed and moaned sexually as Kuvira drove the strap-on deeper into Korra’s vagina and shortly, Korra gasped out loud as she exploded with orgasm and urine: creating a pool below her and Kuvira. Kuvira chuckled as she pulled Korra off the strap-on and threw her into the pool. She made an opening on the strap-on and threw in on the ground before sitting down on Korra’s face. Moaning with pleasure, Kuvira released the cum and urine that was holding inside of her womb into Korra’s mouth: who drank every drop of it.

Kuvira pulled Korra onto her feet by the hair as she stood up: Korra licking her lips and breathing heavily. Kuvira lifted Korra onto her shoulders and carried her like a trophy.

‘I hope you’re still thirsty you little slut.’ Kuvira smiled. ‘Because I’m going to fill you up with more of my juice once I’m done playing with you.’

Kuvira carried Korra out of the cage and left the arena.


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Now if the PPV companies ever broadcast that type of *Match* I'm sure they would be richer then God for fuck sakes