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It was a hot summer day as the sun blazed down onto the earth. It was a day where people would stay inside the house or spent their time at the beach.

In one of these houses, there was a big swimming pool on the patio: the water boiling hot due to the sun rays. For a pool, it was extremely deep and it looked bottomless. Where the sun can reached, you could see something moving in the water. It looked like a slimy tentacle waving towards the sky.

Surrounding the pool were ten beautiful women. They were Samus, the Wii Fit Trainer, Princess Peach, Rosalina, Zelda, Palutena, Robin, Lucina, Bayonetta and Corrin. The long flowing hair, of all colours, swayed sideway as the wind blew on them. They wore skimpy bikini of the colour of their type, barely covering their bouncing breasts and their hairy vaginas. Their skins were already glistening with sweat, all of them hot under the glazing sun. The sun was not the only hot one around. The glares that the women were exchanging were enough to melt an entire ice cap.

‘Bitches!’ Zelda snarled as she looked at her competitors. ‘I will trash you up! I’m the princess around here!’

‘Says you!’ Peach snorted. ‘The one who should be the greatest princess of all is me!’

‘Dream on Blondie!’ Rosalind sneered.

‘You’re a blondie yourself stupid!’ Palutena laughed. ‘Same goes with Zero Slut Samus!’

Camus stared daggers at the green-haired woman. ‘Just because I’m blond doesn’t mean I’m stupid you stereotype! As the strongest and fastest, I’m sure to beat you bitches!’

‘Hah! That’s a laugh!’ the Wii Fit Trainer chortled. ‘I’m the fittest of them all! You all don’t stand a chance!’

While the other six women were exchanging insults, Lucina, Robin, Corrin and Bayonetta were looking at each other in a competitive way. ‘Let’s see whose the strongest bitch here.’ Bayonetta smirked, tilting her glasses.

Lucina, Robin and Corrin growled and without warning, all three of the jumped towards Bayonetta. Bayonetta took a step back and caught Robin in mid-air, catching the girl by the throat. She smirked and choke-slammed Robin into the concrete. As Robin gasped in pain, Corrin delivered a clothesline into Bayonetta’s throat while Lucina followed up with an elbow drop in the stomach. The tall brunette gagged as she reached for her throat and stomach, Corrin and Lucina now fighting with one another.

Seeing the other four girls fight, the other six started their brawl: Samus on Wii Fit Trainer, Zelda against Palutena while Peach and Rosalind were pulling each other hair. Wii Fit Trainer kicked sideway at Samus who dodged and delivered an uppercut into her stomach. Wii Fit Trainer gasped as she jumped backwards, Samus pressing on the attack. Zelda was throwing punches and kicks towards Palutena who managed to block every attack while Peach and Rosalind were rolled into a ball, pulling each other hair.

Robin jumped to her feet and since Corrin and Lucina were preoccupied with each other, walked up towards them. She grabbed them by the hair and slammed their faces into one another, causing them to fall backwards. Both Corrin and Lucina laid on their back, groaning in pain as they rubbed their faces. Robin’s gloating ended when Bayonetta fired a kick into her crotch, the attack so strong that it made Robin’s bikini bottom come off. Robin screamed in agony as she fell on her bottoms, her blonde hairy vagina exposed. Bayonetta stood up and started peeling off her attackers’ bikini, exposing their pink nipples and their hairy vaginas.

Peach managed to trap Rosalind in a body scissors, both of them falling onto the ground, and began ripping off her bikini. Rosalind gasped as she was being stripped but fought back, stripping off Peach’s bikini as well. Both blondes were now showing their pink nipples and blonde hairy vaginas as Rosalind slapped Peach in the face, making her loosened her hold on her. Wii Fit Trainer caught Samus by the hair and slammed her knee into the blonde’s face. Samus cried out in pain as Wii Fit Trainer threw her down onto the floor. Palutena then went on the offensive and elbowed Zelda in the face. Zelda screamed in pain and stumbled backwards, covering her face.

Palutena smiled and untied Zelda’s bikini bottom, letting it fall onto the floor. Zelda looked down at her brunette hairy vagina in shock and then at anger at Palutena. Zelda tackled Palutena and started ripping off her bikini, exposing Palutena’s green hairy vagina and pink nipples. Palutena responded by pulling out Zelda’s bikini top, exposing her brown nipples. Wii Fit Trainer strode towards Samus, only to be kick in the stomach. With Wii Fit Trainer in pain, Samus reached out with her foot and used her toes to rip off Wii Fit Trainer’s bikini bottom: showing her brown hairy vagina. Wii Fit Trainer gasped and proceed to strip Samus off her bikini while Samus pulled off her top.

Bayonetta stood triumphantly before her moaning attackers, their bikini in her hands like trophies. She did not have long to celebrate as both Corrin and Lucina jumped onto their feet and grabbed hold of her arms, constricting her movement. Before Bayonetta could escape, Robin slowly stood up and angrily made her way to Bayonetta. She ripped the taller woman’s bikini off, showing Bayonetta’s brown nipples and black hairy vagina, before punching her in the stomach and breasts. Bayonetta gasped as Robin’s fists drove into her flesh, treating her like a punching bag.

After punching her breasts and stomach several times before falling down onto her knees, upper cutting Bayonetta in the crotch. Bayonetta screamed as her vagina exploded with cum, covering Robin from head to toe. The older woman moaned sexually as Robin stood aside, licking the cum off her lips. Lucina and Corrin Irish whipped Bayonetta towards the pool, the older woman making a big splash. As Robin turned to face Lucina and Corrin, she was clotheslined by both Lucina and Corrin: all three of them jumping into the pool together.

Peach and Rosalind rolled all over the marble floor until they hit the pool, continuing their fight underwater. With her pink nipples and blonde hairy vagina exposed, Samus sprinted and speared Wii Fit Trainer into the pool while Zelda lifted Palutena into the air and threw her into the pool. As Zelda stood at the edge of the pool and laughed triumphantly, Palutena reached out from the water and grabbed Zelda’s ankles. She then pulled Zelda into the water, dragging her deeper into the depths.

Corrin, Lucina and Robin were entangled in an underwater fight when Bayonetta slammed into them, shoving her fingers into Corrin and Lucina’s vaginas. As bubbles escaped from their mouths, Robin dived down and shoved her fingers into Bayonetta’s clitoris: making her gasped underwater. Peach and Rosalind were grinding their clitoris wildly, thrashing their arms all over the place, while Samus was punching Wii Fit Trainer in the groin. After dragging Zelda deep enough in the pool, Palutena opened her mouth and bit hard on Zelda’s vagina. Zelda screamed underwater, sending bubbles to the surface, as Palutena chewed her clitoris.

Once in a while, the girls would surfaced and take in some air before continuing their fight. Robin, Corrin, Lucina and Bayonetta’s heads were on the surface as they all tried to make each other orgasm, Lucina and Corrin fingering Robin’s vagina. Judging from their facial expressions, they orgasmed underwater. Wii Fit Trainer was moaning underwater as she released her warm cum into the water while Zelda fed Palutena her body fluid. Both Rosalind and Peach, still in their sex fight, orgasmed together: making the water even hotter from their cum.

Despite making their opponents orgasmed, the women continued their fights: either using sexual attacks or brutal punches. They were so preoccupied in winning their fight that they failed to notice the tentacles sliding upwards towards them. Like water snakes, the tentacles wrapped around each women’s ankles. All the girls reacted with shock as something slimy touched their ankles, looking down at the swaying tentacles. Bewildered and frightened, they abandoned their fight and tried to swim upwards to the surface: to no avail.

The tentacles slowly pulled the women into the abyss of the pool, making each women thrashed their arms at the tentacles or towards the surface. Their eyes widened in fear as more bubbles escaped from their mouth, becoming more desperate. They all disappeared into the darkness, only their bubbles indicating their presence in the pool.