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To The Victor The Spoils: Prologue

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by ReiTheFighter, May 17, 2016.

  1. ReiTheFighter

    ReiTheFighter Potential Patron

    May 16, 2016
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    Before I knew what hit me, I was on all fours like a prostrated animal. The constant, yet ever changing roar of the crowd shook me to my bone. Saliva mixed with my blood dripped from my mouth to the navy blue canvas, I could feel my head pounding hard as if I could hear my heart beating inside my skull. I had no more strength to muster. Sweat glazed my naked body, my opponent's shin slammed into my stomach like a baseball bat.

    I somehow exhaled, knowing there was no air in my lungs to begin with. I roll over to my back, suffocating and writhing in pain. Absently, my mind began to float as my eye caught the giant projection of my shameful defeat. I regretted looking at the screen.

    There I was, Rei Misaki, proffessional fighter, master of judo and boxing laid out on the canvas like a broken ragdoll. As you could guess, my hair was raven black with long bangs and tied back in a pony tail. After my opponent had tore at it with her hands between exchanges. With my red fighting sports bra torn away, my black fighting spandex shorts, that hugged my thighs and my ass, was being lassoed by my opponent as she parades around the cage, victory at hand.

    My blonde opponent, Alexis, was a blonde bombshell and was hardly bruised by my attacks. Alexis was the type of girl you hated in highschool but secretly envyed. She had perfect white skin, ass and tits. I always dreamed of beating up pompous rich girls like her but she had stomped me for 20 minutes and slowly chipped away a me. Taking me down, forcing me to carry her weight and throwing knee after knee, elbow after elbow. She wore me down until she broke me; body and spirit. I knew stylistically, she had the advantage with her Muay Thai and olympic wrestling. I could not trade on the feet with my hands because she pulled me into a clinch where she fired a barrage of elbows, knees and short uppercuts. My judo takedowns were nullified by her wrestling. She got ontop of me, pinned me in a huniliating grapevine and even licked my cheek to run it in. She dominated me and with only one timeless round, there was no light at the end of the tunnel. After a while, I could not fight back and I ran out of gas. She simply picked me apart until I could no longer fightback.

    Pratically naked apart from my white foot wraps and red leather mma gloves, Alexis placed a foot on me. Humiliation set in, she looked down at me with her sapphire eyes, smirking as she twisted her foot grinding the ball of her feet between my legs. I growled up at her weekly at the humiliation, she grinned at my reaction.

    "Looks like you're not as tough as you said you were." Alexis said as she stomped on my groin.

    "GAH! F-fuck... ugh!" I splutter too exhausted as she rubbed my sex with her foot toying with me trying to get me to moan for her.

    This was a common thing in FEMALE (Feminine Erotic Martial Arts League Entertainment). The act of placing your foot on an opponent's sex represented conquest, it meant ownership and supperiority over the other girl. Although there are more humiliating punishments, it always sends a message that doesnt get it twisted with sexual desires: 'You're nothing, you're inferior, you are at my mercy and most of all I fucking own you.'

    "It's kind of sad really... I expected a fight from you Rei. Especially after all those things you said, it's too bad you'll have to swallow every last word you said, along with your pride and my fucking cum when I force it down your little Asian throat." The blonde grinned as I whimpered at the thought of it. "But first.... I'm going to teach you a lesson in manners Rei."

    Alexis grabbed a handful of my hair and lifted my head off the ground before sitting behind me. With the back of my head resting against her groin, she grabbed my legs and pulled them towards herself as she folded me in half. She hooked my legs with her forcing my legs apart.

    "Wh-what are you doing-stop! No! Mercy! Please... Mercy!! Submit!"

    "No. I refuse her submission. " Alexis said simply as she had me folded up like a pretzel, ass naked and up in the air. I groaned in pain as she held down my legs with her own, while my neck cruched forward. With my shoulder blades pinned to the mat, my arms flailed around helplessly as my cunt was vulnerable.

    "Wet already? Did you enjoy getting your ass kicked by me.." Alexis licked her lips as she began fondling my wet vagina.

    "...Fuck you!" I say whimpering as I could not kick out or roll out of it.

    The camera on the large screen switched to a top down point of view as it showed my legs being pulled apart by my opponent's and my womanhood geeying violated by another woman's fingers. Alexis fingered me with her middle and ring fingers, she made me watch my own womanhood get violated. I cried, I whimpered, I tried everything to escape but she had me. I could not even look away as the blonde showed the crowd just what she could take from me without me unable to do anything.

    Alexis giggled and said in a flirtstious but dangerous voice. "No. Fuck. You."

    No matter how hard I fought it, she made me cum. I burst into tears afterwards as the liquid trailed down my thighs, coating them and dripoing down my face. The bell rang and that's when the blonde released me from the hold. There were three ways to win in FEMALE: Submission (if the other opponent accepts it), Knockout and Orgasm. The last being the most humiliating.

    I lay broken where she had left me before she punished me after my defeat.

    Alexis took me as her prize and fucked me against the cage wall. My face and my breasts pressed against cold steel as my hands wrenched at the links while the blonde fucked me with her blue strap on. She made me clean it with my mouth afterwards, thoroughly. Finally, she made me worship her cunt with my tounge and as promissed she made me swallow more than my words.

    Robbed of everything, she stood over me and stepped on my chest with her barefoot. The blonde looked at me in the eye and posed over me while cameras flashed as if the video recording of my destruction wasn't enough.

    It didn't matter though, the damage was done. It was the law of nature: The stronger one rules the weaker one. The victor gets the spoils and the loser loses everything. I knew it. I knew the risks but I believed I would never taste defeat.

    My name is Rei.

    I fought.

    I lost.

    I lost...

    Rei was defeated by Alexis at 25:06 via Orgasm

    Rei's record 0-1
    Alexis record 1-0
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  2. ReiTheFighter

    ReiTheFighter Potential Patron

    May 16, 2016
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    Hi guys, I'm writing a Yuri, MMA, ryona oriented story. It's about fighting league partially inspired by Ultimate Surrender and Jade's stories. I was a proliferate writer on afwrpg but I stopped rping there and decided to write stories instead.

    Hope you enjoy the prologue,

    I'll write more soon,

  3. noche

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    Mar 3, 2012
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    pretty neat storie dude , maybe if you have write the all fic it whould be a little better but as a prologue was perfect, hope i see more stories from your on the future by away who do you used on the afwrpg forum?
  4. Jade1503

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    Oct 19, 2015
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    Great story mate and I'm honoured that my stories inspired you :)

    But besides the aftermath of the fight, it be good to know how the fight went. :)
  5. Sekaichi

    Sekaichi Potential Patron

    Apr 17, 2016
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    That's great, I love it. It'd be better with a description of the fight and Rei gradually realizing she doesn't stand a chance. Or maybe with other characters like Karin Kanzuki doing the domination.
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