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Naruto - Sakura vs Ino

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Jade1503, Apr 15, 2016.


Who should fight next?

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  1. Sakura vs Korra

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  2. Korra vs Asami?

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  3. Korra vs Kuvira

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  4. Sakura vs Hinata

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  5. Sakura vs Kurotsuchi

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  1. Jade1503

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    Oct 19, 2015
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    Both Haruno Sakura and Yamanaka Ino moaned as they kissed deeply, their hands clasped together and their lips touching in kneeling position on the bed. It was becoming dark as the sun disappeared in the horizon, bringing Konoha into the night. After working hard at the Konoha hospital all day, the two medic kunoichi decided to spend time together in Sakura’s apartment. So the two twenty year old girls had dinner first before making out in the bedroom, dressed only in lingerie and wraps.

    After sucking on each other tongue for quite some time, they slowly removed each other remaining clothing. The wraps and lingerie fell down, showing both their perky pink nipples. Int was the first one to pulled out her panty, showing her blonde hairy vagina. Sakura giggled as she too followed Ino’s action, revealing her pink hairy vagina too. Throwing their panties aside, they commenced once again: rubbing their sweaty bodies together.

    ‘Oh yeah!’ Ino moaned as she rubbed her nipples onto Sakura’s. ‘More Sakura!’

    ‘Don’t stop Ino!’ Sakura moaned back.

    Then they slammed their clitoris together, grinding roughly as their breasts bounced. Their eyes rolled back as their faces flushed red, their wet clitoris kissing one another. Then they gasped as their vaginas exploded with cum, covering them in thick body fluid. Panting and breathing for air, the two girls kissed once again. Rubbing their sweat and cum into each other, Ino grinned. Without warning, Ino pushed Sakura onto her back. Sakura yelped as Ino laid on top of her, pinning her to the bed.

    ‘Ino! What’re you doing?’

    Ino just grinned as she began to count. ‘1… 2…’

    Sakura, seeing what was going on, quickly pushed Ino off her and rolled onto her: reversing the pin. She quickly wrapped her legs with Ino’s and pinned both her arms onto the bed in a grapevine hold.

    ‘1… 2… 3!’ Sakura smiled and rolled off Ino, letting her friend to sit up straight. ‘Sorry Ino but between us two, I’m the strongest in Taijutsu. You will never beat me in wrestling.’

    ‘Oh yeah?’ Ino said, pushing her face into Sakura’s. ‘How about we have a little wrestling match here, big-forehead.’

    ‘That’s sounds like a challenge Ino-pig.’ Sakura pushed her face into Ino’s. ‘Let me warn you, I play rough so don’t go crying to mummy!’

    ‘Fine by me.’ Ino said and pushed Sakura off the bed.

    Taken by surprise, Sakura landed on her back: rolling in pain on the floor. She did not get a chance to get up as Ino stood up on the bed and jumped off it, slamming her elbow into Sakura’s stomach. Sakura gasped as the wind was knocked out from her body. Despite the pain, Sakura quickly wrapped her arms around Ino’s head. Trapping her in a headlock, Sakura smashed the blonde girl’s face into the floor. She smirked at Ino’s screams as she rubbed her friend’s face into the floor.

    ‘That’s for the surprise attack you blonde wench! How do you like your face in my floor?’

    ‘At least it will still look better than your ugly face! Pink-haired cunt!’ Ino snarled.

    Growling at the insult and still keeping Ino in the hold, Sakura lifted her onto her feet and slammed her again into the floor in a bulldog. Ino screamed as her face smashed into the floor, making her hold her face in pain. Sakura then grabbed both of Ino’s legs and pulled them back in a double boston crab hold, bending her spine. Ino screamed further as pain shot through her back.

    Sakura pulled Ino’s legs further and chomped onto her wet vagina, sucking it loudly. Ino moaned sexually as she can feel Sakura’s soft lips touching her clitoris and her wet tongue going deep into her vagina, stroking the walls of her insides. Ino tried to crawl away but Sakura held her down firmly in the hold and her sexual attacks on Ino were very effective. It was not long when Ino gasped as she orgasmed, covering Sakura’s face with thick cum.

    As Sakura slowly licked the cum off her face, Ino used this opportunity to pull Sakura off her using her legs. Sakura gasped in surprise as she was flung forward as if she sat on a catapult, making her run towards the bathroom. She landed on the cold tiles face-first, managing to land on her forearms. Before she could push herself up, she shrieked as Ino stomped on the back of her head. Sakura screamed as her face slammed into the tiles, almost knocking her out.

    Despite her dizziness, Sakura can feel that she was being lifted up. Ino, pulling Sakura up onto her feet, grabbed her friend by her hair and growled.

    ‘You will pay for that Sakura skank!’

    She then slammed Sakura’s face into the walls, making the pink-haired girl cried out in pain. After the tenth time, Ino sat Sakura onto the toilet seat. As Sakura groaned in pain, Ino shoved Sakura’s face into her wet vagina. Ino smirked

    ‘Here bitch, I want to give you something different.’

    With a naughty moan, Ino urinated all over Sakura’s face. Sakura squirmed as Ino’s hot urine splashed onto her face and even trickled into her mouth, forcing her to drink some of it. Once she was done urinating, Ino pulled herself away from Sakura and delivered two hooks into Sakura’s face from both sides. Sakura grunted as Ino’s fists slammed into both of her cheeks, making her head snapped sideways. Ino then pulled Sakura onto her feet and turned her around, her back facing her. She lifted her friend into the air and brought her down, Sakura’s crotch landing onto Ino’s knee in an atomic drop.

    Sakura screamed as thick cum exploded from her vagina, covering Ino’s knee in thick juice. Sakura moaned and fell onto the floor, holding her sore vagina. Ino smiled and rolled Sakura onto her back, pinning her down onto the bathroom floor in a matchbook pin: rolling her into a ball. She began to count.

    ‘1… 2…’

    Before she could even finish the count, she gasped as Sakura’s legs squeezed into her sides in a body scissors. Ino groaned as her ribs were being crushed and tried to free herself. Trapping her friend in between her legs, Sakura looked up at Ino’s surprise face.

    ‘You dirty little cunt! Take this!’

    With a yell, Sakura lifted Ino into the air and slammed her face-first into the floor, making Ino screamed in pain. Sakura let g of her friend and allowed Ino to roll onto her back, Ino rubbing her face in pain. Sakura then lifted Ino up by her armpits and slammed her against the wall. Holding her friend up, she drilled her right fist into Ino’s stomach, punching her hard. Ino gasped and drooled as Sakura’s fist drove deeper into her flesh.

    Seeing her friend had had enough, Sakura pushed Ino down and wrapped her arms around her from the rear. She then lifted Ino into the air and slammed her back into the floor in a power bomb. Ino gasped and cried out in pain, her legs falling down onto the floor and still on her back. As Ino groaned in pain, Sakura smiled and sat on her face. Ino could only mumbled in Sakura’s wet vagina as the pink haired made the count.

    ‘1… 2… 3!’ Sakura smiled and flexed her biceps. ‘Looks like I win again Ino-pig. Now, for some payback!’

    Sakura pushed Ino’s face deep into her vagina and with a moan, urinated into Ino’s mouth. Ino squirmed and gagged as her mouth was filled with hot urine, forcing to swallow them all. Sakura stood up and allowed Ino to spit out some of the urine, taking in some breath. The blonde looked up at Sakura who grinned at her.

    ‘Sorry Ino baby, I’m still the strongest here.’

    ‘Damn… I almost got you…’ Ino gasped as she laid on her back. ‘Admit it, I was good.’

    ‘Yeah you are.’ Sakura admitted. ‘Come on, let’s take a shower.’

    Ino nodded and let Sakura to lift her up onto her feet and into the showers, Sakura turning on the showers. Cold water shot out and splashed onto the girls, making them shrieked with delight. As they washed, they hugged one another and kissed deeply. Their tongues entered each other mouths as the water washed away their sweat, cum and urine. They broke their kiss and smiled at each other.

    ‘Good fight Ino.’ Sakura said. ‘We should have this more often.’

    ‘I agree.’ Ino nodded. ‘And next time, I’ll beat you.’

    They continued their kiss, this time adding their nipples and vaginas into the mix. The bathroom filled with their sexual moans as they continued to make love through the night.