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Oct 19, 2015
On Saturday, the CWF was quiet as most of the main events take place on Wednesday and Friday. The arena was dark and quiet with a few candy wrappers lying on the floor, the janitors have not come to cleaning up the arena yet. It was another quiet Saturday.

Underground the arena was a different story. In a massive hall was covered in white tiles and walls. In the middle of the hall was a pool built into the floor, also covered in white tiles and filled with what looked like cum. In every corners of the halls was a camera, moving sideway to capture every angle of the hall. The room was empty except for a referee with red spiky hair and freckles covering her white body. She wore the standard referee bikini and she was barefooted. She spoke into a microphone in her hand, obviously addressing whomever behind those cameras.

‘Welcome to CWF Underground, where the extreme is shown on TV! Coming into the hall, from Republic City, Korra!’

The doors burst opened and walked in Korra, covered in blue bathroom robes and barefooted. She waved at the cameras before jumping into the pool, splashing cum onto the outer rim of the pool. She pulled the strings of her robes and her robes aside, showing a muscular dark-skinned body. She flexed her biceps as her dark brown nipples and black hairy vagina were exposed. The referee continued on as Korra flexed her six-packs out.

‘And her opponent, from Konoha: Haruno Sakura!’

The doors opened and Sakura walked in, wearing pink bathroom robes. She smiled and waved at the cameras before dropping into the pool. She untied the cords of her bathroom robes and flung her robes aside, exposing her white muscular body. She placed her hands behind the back of her head as she showed off her pink nipples and pink hairy vagina, her six-packs glistening with sweat. After posing in front of the cameras, Sakura turned to Korra. Both girls were grinning at each other.

‘Hey there baby.’ Korra grinned. ‘Ready to get your ass kick by me?’

‘In your dreams hun.’ Sakura smiled back and then added. ‘Let’s have a wager: loser have to buy dinner.’

‘I will have it no other way.’ Korra nodded, smiling like a predator.

‘Begin!’ the referee announced.

Sakura and Korra roared and charged towards one another, catching each other as they locked up. The growled and moaned as they tried to push one another down while trying not to slip on the slippery base of the pool. Korra was the first to strike as she wrapped her arm around Sakura’s head and pushed her down in a headlock, crushing her head in her arms. Sakura growled and slammed her elbow into Korra’s stomach, making the Avatar gasped in surprise. Sakura then quickly pushed Korra against the walls of the pool, weakening Korra’s hold on her.

Korra grunted as she let go of Sakura’s head. Then she gasped loudly as Sakura punched her in the stomach and in the crotch, making the Avatar spit out saliva. Recovering quickly, she right hooked Sakura in the cheeks: making her stumbled backwards. Korra quickly pulled herself up onto the rims of the pool and dived into Sakura, slamming her down into the pool. Sakura screamed in surprise as she and Korra fell into the pool, creating a big splash of cum. Korra folded Sakura into a ball, pinning her in a matchbook pin. The referee began the count.

‘1… 2…’

Sakura kicked out and pushed Korra away. She quickly rolled onto her fours and grabbing Korra by the hair, started dunking her into the cum. Korra gargled and gagged as cum flowed into her mouth, unable to push or stop Sakura. After dunking her for a full minute, Sakura then pulled Korra’s face into her own cum-covered crotch.

‘Here baby!’ she yelled. ‘I want to give you something else too!’

With a moan, Sakura urinated into Korra’s mouth: filling it with her hot urine. Korra’s eyes widened in surprise but she eagerly drank every drop Sakura had to offer. Once Sakura stopped releasing anymore urine, Korra bit her crotch hard. Sakura yelped in pain and pulled away from Korra but as she did, Korra uppercut her in the crotch. Sakura’s screams filled the hall as she fell onto her knees, clutching her sore vagina. She looked up at Korra looking down at her, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. Grabbing Sakura by the head, she pulled Sakura’s face into her own wet crotch.

‘Time to return the favour babe!’ Korra grinned.

Korra moaned as she too released her urine into Sakura’s mouth, forcing Sakura to drink her urine. Sakura gagged loudly as she was forced to drink Korra’s urine, enjoying it. After she was done, Korra pulled Sakura onto her feet and lifted her into the air. With a roar, she slammed Sakura in a fisherwoman suplex, bringing Sakura screaming down onto her back into the cum. Sakura moaned in pain as Korra pinned her again, the referee making the count again.

‘1… 2…’

Sakura kicked out again and in her frustration, Korra sat on top of Sakura and started punching her in the face. Sakura cried out every time Korra’s fists slammed into her face, making her spit out saliva and cum. Finally, Sakura caught Korra’s fist and delivered a punch into Korra’s stomach: knocking her off her. Before Korra could counterattack, Sakura grabbed her by a leg and twisted her ankle. Korra screamed in pain and prepared her free leg to kick Sakura. Before she could even kick Sakura, Sakura slammed a foot into Korra’s crotch. Korra moaned sexually and painfully as Sakura continued to twist her ankle and now inserted her toes into Korra’s vagina, her toes going inside and out. Korra gasped as cum exploded from her vagina, coating Sakura’s foot in thick orgasm. Sakura was still holding Korra in the ankle lock as Korra continued to orgasmed. Soon, she was tapping the base of the pool.

‘Damn it! I submit!’ she screamed.

The bell rang as Sakura pushed herself away, allowing the referee to pull her up onto her feet. Korra was in the cum, moaning softly and holding her wet crotch, as the referee raised Sakura’s arm into the air.

‘Winner by submission: Haruno Sakura!’

Sakura smiled and posed for the cameras before turning her attention to Korra. She grabbed Korra by the hand and helped her up, kissing her deeply on the lips. Korra immediately joined in and kissed back, tasting each other fluids in their mouths. They finally broke the kiss, drooling slightly as they smiled at each other.

‘Good fight Sakura.’ Korra said without any grudge. ‘But next time I will get you.’

‘We shall see Korra.’ Sakura smiled, rubbing her nose into Korra’s. ‘Don’t forget whose buying dinner tonight.’

Korra giggled. ‘I won’t.’

Korra allowed Sakura to lift her up into her arms and they locked lips, kissing deeply. Sakura stepped out of the pool and walked out of the hall, dripping cum everywhere. Once they were out from the hall, the referee smiled at the cameras.

‘That’s wrapped up today’s event! Have a good weekend and hope to see you next time! See ya!’

The lights gone off and all the cameras switched off, ending the day’s match.


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Aug 10, 2015
Use to but they banned me. But i do accept DA points commission. So if you want me to write a story for you, it can be arrange
Why where you banned for? DA has adult Ryo content and if I do want you to do a story for me what would you charge?


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Aug 10, 2015
What happened?
I have always been depressed eve since I was a kid and when I'm really depressed I don't feeling like do anything such as my writing and what not and it's worse in the winter but now that winter seems to be over I'm starting to feel better.
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