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Oct 19, 2015
Under Konoha was an underground cave, massive in space and torches sticking out from the walls. The walls and floors were paved with stone and there were two massive doors at each side. In the middle of the ring was a ring with ropes surrounding a mat. The cave was brightly lighted as the torches flared. The doors opened and the cave was crowded with people.

They were all women in their early twenties, all of them naked: showing their exposed hard nipples and hairy vaginas. All of them were slim with strong biceps and six-packs showing on their abdominal. They were Haruno Sakura, Hyuga Hinata, Yamanaka Ino, Ten Ten, Karin, Kurotsuchi, Samui and Temari. These eight kunoichi met once a month in this cave so they could have wrestling matches, to determine who was the strongest.

Sakura and Hinata first entered the ring while the other six stood outside of the ring, smiling and leaning on the ropes. Sakura and Hinata circled around the ring, glaring at each other and ready to pounce on one another.

‘You’re going down bitch!’ Hinata snarled.

‘I’m going to milk you dry cow!’ Sakura taunted.

‘Fight!’ Ten Ten announced.

Hinata and Sakura roared and clasped hands, challenging each other in a test of strength. Their breasts pressed against one another as Sakura slowly pushed Hinata down to her knees. Hinata grunted and tried to push Sakura off her but Sakura was superior when it came to strength. Soon, Hinata was on her back and Sakura sat on her. Pinning her, Sakura started punching Hinata in the face. Hinata screamed in pain every time Sakura’s fists slammed into her face. After several punches, Sakura grabbed hold of Hinata’s arm, yanking her arm in an arm bar hold.

Hinata screamed loudly as Sakura pulled her arm out from her socket. Desperately, Hinata reached out and grabbed hold on Sakura’s pubic hair, yanking out some. Sakura screamed in pain and let go of Hinata’s arm, holding her crotch. Hinata rubbed her arm gently and with a growl, elbowed into Sakura’s face. Sakura cried out as she skidded backwards, landing on her back. As Sakura moaned in pain, Hinata stood up first.

Hinata then grabbed Sakura by the armpits and pulled her up onto her feet. Grabbing her arm, she Irish whipped her towards the ropes. Sakura gasped as she rebounded from the ropes, running back towards Hinata. Before she could do anything, Hinata elbowed her in the face again. Sakura screamed loudly as her back hit the mat, holding her face in pain. As Sakura checked if her nose was broken, Hinata grabbed hold of her legs. She opened them wide opened and started stomping her vagina.

Sakura screamed in agony as Hinata’s foot crushed her crotch, her heel rubbing into her clitoris. It was not long for Sakura’s vagina to burst with orgasm, coating Hinata’s foot and the mat with her thick cum. As Sakura moaned loudly and reaching for her wet crotch, Hinata rolled her onto her stomach and sat on her back: pulling both her legs back in a double boston crab hold. Sakura yelped as pain coursed through her spines but using her legs, she managed to pull Hinata off her.

Hinata gasped as she fell face first into the mat. Sakura got onto her feet and angrily stomped on Hinata’s back, making her opponent screamed in pain as Sakura’s heel struck her back. Sakura slammed her knee onto Hinata’s spine and grabbing her by the hair, started smashing her face into the mat. Hinata screamed became weakened as she was slowly becoming unconscious but she became fully awake when Sakura plunged her fingers into her vagina, fingering her deeply and wildly.

Hinata moans became loud and sexual as Sakura’s fingers moved deeper and deeper into her insides, stroking the walls of her vagina. With an excited gasp, Hinata orgasmed onto Sakura’s fingers and onto the mat. Moaning, Hinata tried to crawl away but she did not get the chance. Sakura just pulled her up onto her feet and turning her upside down, she brought her down in a piledriver. Hinata screamed in pain as her head slammed onto the mat, groaning when she fell onto her back. As Hinata laid on the mat in pain, Sakura pinned her.

‘1…’ the kunoichi chorussed together. ‘2…’

Hinata quickly kicked out, pushing Sakura off her. Angered, Sakura pulled Hinata up by the hair and threw her into a corner. Hinata gasped as her back hit the turnbuckle. Sakura started treating Hinata like a punching bag, drilling punches into her face and breasts. Hinata gasped as she was being punched, drooling uncontrollably. Sakura stopped punching her and smirked.

‘Looks like those tits are a huge drawbacks for you bimbo! You can’t even keep up!’

To her surprise, Hinata grabbed her by the shoulders and slammed into the same corner she was thrown in, pinning her against the turnbuckle by pressing her breasts into Sakura’s. Hinata started slapping her breasts into Sakura’s, their nipples touching one another.

Hinata grinned at the surprise Sakura. ‘Yeah but at least my tits are better than your flat ones!’

Sakura moaned softly at first but became loud as her pink nipples became hard and sensitive. She tried to fight back but Hinata’s big breasts were dominating hers. At a final thrust from Hinata, Sakura squealed as she lactated all over Hinata’s breasts. As fluids squirted out from Sakura’s nipples, Hinata fell down onto her knees and pushed her right breast into Sakura’s wet vagina. Sakura screamed in ecstasy as Hinata’s right nipple tickled her sensitive clitoris, pushing inside and out of her vagina. It was not long before Sakura orgasmed again, covering Hinata with thick cum.

With Sakura weakened from the sexual attacks, Hinata found it easy to lift Sakura into the air and slammed her down onto the mat. Sakura gasped in pain as her back hit the mat, looking up at the ceilings. Hinata laughed triumphantly as she pulled Sakura in between her legs, crushing her in a body scissors. Sakura gasped for air as Hinata’s legs squeezed the life out from her. Sakura tried to push Hinata’s legs open but weakened already, she barely had a chance. Unable to escape from Hinata’s hold, she quickly tapped on the mat: signalling her surrender.

Hinata smiled and pushed Sakura away with her foot, letting her breathe in some air as she laid on the mat. Hinata got onto her feet and raised her hands in the air, smiling in victory as Ten Ten announced.

‘Winner by submission: Hyuga Hinata!’

The surrounding kunoichi clapped as Hinata smiled broadly. With an evil grin, she rolled Sakura onto her back and sat on her: suffocating her with her moist vagina. With a moan, she orgasmed all over Sakura’s face: covering her in thick cum.

‘That’s right bitch!’ Hinata gloated as Sakura swallowed her cum. ‘My tits are way better than your flat ones! I even got something for you!’

With a moan, she urinated into Sakura’s mouth. Sakura gagged and choked as urine filled her mouth, forcing her to drink it. Once she was done, Hinata stood up and continued parading around the ring as Sakura tried to pick herself up.


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May 16, 2016
Nice! Not gonna lie Hinata vs Sakura has been a fantasy match up for me for a long time.

Thanks for writing it! Although I kind of wanted Sakura to win, I always love it when the bad girl wins. ;)

Speaking of match ups, would love to see Korra vs Sakura part 2. The last match was incomclusive. Would love to see one get bragging rights and rub it in the others face
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