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Which of these outfits interest you?

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Jun 30, 2016
I'm not really happy with how some of these turned out. The legs in particular are not as good as I would like. I can do the tops, but trying to get the costumes right for the legs and feet is very difficult. And as I found with Corrin, Capes are incredibly hard to do, at least for a noob like myself. I ended up running out of time and simply scrapped it in favor of fixing the legs.


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Jun 5, 2012
I've lurked for a while, but this is my first stab at content. I saw a denied request for this a while ago and decided to try and do it myself.
Thank you for taking the initiative and sharing your work. I'll update that thread to reflect the progress that you've made.

I'm almost certain I'm doing this wrong and that I'm posting in the wrong place.
Nope, it's fine. If you'd like to leave it here then that's perfectly OK.

If you plan to create more costumes (or mods in general) then we could rename this thread to "Grima's Imports" and organize it into subsections (such as "Fire Emblem"). But there's no need to make any changes right away.

You could also upload your work to the Downloads area. Each entry would then have its own preview image and tags. This approach can be useful if you create content spanning many different topics, because each thread can have only a limited number of tags. You're free to continue sharing your work in your thread, of course.

I would suggest that you merge the Top+Bottom into a single SWF file, because they're not really separable. Or you could "split" the garment at the belt so that the Top and Bottom actually can be worn separately (e.g. for anal sex or titfuck positions). But that's just advice which you're free to ignore :)

More advice: put your username into the modCreator field on the main script page of your mod. People tend to exchange and redistribute SDT mods (for example: in a huge moreClothing collection), so it's helpful if each mod file includes a little bit of author information.

If you're interested in revising the Lyndis costume then there are a few potential bonus features, such as RGB support for the tunic, breast slider support, shading on the torso and boots, or animation for the loose fabric at the bottom of the garment. If you want to get really fancy then we could animate the shoulder stripe so that it doesn't "break" when the arm is rotated ... but that would be a lot of work for a minor visual improvement. You can find guides for most of those, but there are also modders around here who would be happy to assist. Just let us know if you're interested in pursuing any of those options.

If you're a big fan of this particular character and you'd like to create a new hairstyle for Lyndis (as requested by Actionguy Actionguy ) then I could help you to animate it. If you'd prefer to move on to other projects and never touch any Lyndis stuff ever again then that's OK as well. Thanks again for your contributions :)


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Jun 30, 2016
I have decided to do one more outfit before my trial runs out, and I find I do best with assignments. With that in mind I'm going to try and run a quick poll to see which of the projects I was considering people would like the most. In the poll above I also listed the difficulties that each outfit would face.
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Jun 30, 2016
There were a few details that I didn't quite figure out, but they are all small enough that I don't feel like forking over 20 bucks a month is close to worth it. Enjoy Corrin.

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