1. W

    Original Special Agent Jack: Black Widow

    Special Agent Jack: Black Widow I had been given the most difficult task in destroying FREYA and its henchmen. It would take time, but I am not going to fail the mission. My first target is the FREYA's right hand woman, a dangerous woman called the Black Widow, who is also the leader of FREYA's...
  2. Parasitoro

    Original The War Bull

    Thomas Welleck had managed to find evidence of an imminent alien invasion. What was worse, there were humans cooperating with the invaders, and tabloids had not just mentioned alien sightings, but also hybrids that could easily pass for humans. But for this exposure of those sinister activities...
  3. BW30

    Original Honey, I Want a Divorce

    Honey, I Want a Divorce A few disclaimers first - This story features domestic abuse. There is a child in the story, but nothing bad happens to her, so don't worry about that. Also, I don't actually have a wife. in fact I'm not in a relationship at all. These characters are entirely fictional...
  4. Sandstrahlen

    Death Fetish Duels - Dekalog

    I will create ten short stories (=Dekalog). Each short story consists of ten images (plus a cover image). Every story is about a duel. Not necessarily a classic duel (between just two opponents) but a duel-like situation in a wider sense. They are playing in very different settings and there is...
  5. JuicysDeathMatch

    Juicy's Death Match

    Hello everyone! We're launching our gumroad (Juicy's Death Match) site this week and are excited to bring you custom zako/fight/fantasy videos. Have you ever wanted a girl to wear a certain outfit, or act out a scene only to have them scoff and act like your joking? Have you had a short custom...
  6. BW30

    Sonya VS Goro (alt endings)

    Here's part V of the "What if Sonya was the Main Character of the 1995 Mortal Kombat Movie" project. ---------- Sonya Blade awoke with a jolt. She quickly calmed herself after seeing Raiden. She was laying in a soft bed in a small hut, overlooking a lake. It would have been peaceful, had this...
  7. Parasitoro

    Anime / Manga A wild Battle Girl appears!

    Part 1 Ash was astounded. Unexplainably, his Pikachu had lost to Shauna’s Meditite in one strike. He was angry, and thought the Battle Girl was cheating in some way, having no idea about the combination of the Pure Power ability, or the moves Mind Reader and Hi-Jump Kick. However, his...
  8. Horror movie

    Shot death

    Shot death
  9. Parasitoro

    Video Games Sarah Bryant: A real life fighter

    Sarah Bryant was going home from yet another day at college, when she heard screams. Running over to find out what was happening, the blonde student found two criminals tearing off the clothes of a fellow female student while kicking a downed male all over his body. At first shocked, Sarah soon...
  10. L

    Universal Death Match Tournament

    Death Battle Roster Its the year 2043, and Yung Su bought an island off the coast of Korea, where he ended up building his own facility. After he died and got reincarnated, he ended up getting the task of bringing girls to this island where they will fight to the death and slaughter each other...
  11. L

    death in nightmares

    This is a interactive horror story/game where 6/12 of you will control 1/2 characters and make the choices for them. Each character will have unique ability's, and the goal will be to survive until all the other teams die. That being said, You wont be able to attack other girls (unless you have...
  12. K

    The Fort Brathe Bounty - A Zako Short Story

    I've been a lurker for a while and today I'm bored enough to try my hand at a zako short story. I suppose this is some type of fantasy/Skyrim setting with swords and sorcery and whatnot. I don't know, I'm not too concerned with world-building right now. Chapter 1 The First Kill The old...
  13. AmazonBattleground

    Zako stuff posted by AmazonBattleground

    Hello there! I create 3D images and Movies of fighting females and i just want to share with you my work. Here are the links of some of my animations: Have fun! regards Phoenix -------------------------------------
  14. P

    The Build

    (Three stories about three fighters whose pre-fight nerves were almost as intense as fighting itself) ------------ On the last night of her last day of summer before her first day of college, Annabelle Wheeler was not preparing to move into her dorm, or having a big, crazy night out among...
  15. Parasitoro

    Video Games Dead, not Alive: Women to die for

    Part 1: Unleashing their deadly beauty Mai Shiranui was in trouble, or at least, the guards at a secret M.I.S.T. facility who had uncovered the kunoichi trying to infiltrate it, believed they had her firmly under control. She had decided to help fellow kunoichi Ayane and Kasumi take down a...
  16. T

    Female-ninjas in movies

    Hi all! My fetish are bad female ninjas. Recently I reviewed the American Ninja film and noticed that in all 5 films, ninjas there are exclusively men and there is not a single woman. In the second part there is an interesting battle scene on the beach, I tried to add a female presence using...
  17. LMaiden

    A Broken World With No Values (Story)

    Authors words: Hello everyone! Yep, I am new to Undertow, but I really like to be here. The Zako section of this site gived me a lot of good times. Too bad there is just a few people making content now. My dream is to be a writer in the future, so I thought, what write my own Zako/Guro story...
  18. Death (DC)

    Death (DC) 2012

    Death (DC) by TOlive
  19. Soba

    Taimanin Yui

    0. Prologue The mission was already impossible even for the so-called "Strongest Taimanin.". Wearing her usual Taimanin combat suit, which is only a tight purple bodysuit, Asagi Igawa found herself in a sticky situation. She was pinned down by a burly woman, Asagi knew who it was, she fought...
  20. Parasitoro


    Part 1 A silvery blimp with mounted cameras overflies a suburb in ruins. The area is large, and at the edges, a barbed wire prevents access to a brick wall. The blimp had searchlights as well, while the flashing logo of the show revealed the nature of the place. ” Escape from Death” featured 8...

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