juri han

  1. Jade1503

    CWF: Juri Han vs Poison

    After the cage match between Azula and Katara was over, the arena filled with more people as the announcer’s voice rang though the arena. ‘WELCOME TO THE SECOND MATCH! PLEASE WELCOME, FROM SOUTH KOREA: JURI HAN!’ The entrance doors opened and a tall woman with black hair tied into two...
  2. Jade1503

    CWF: Jae Hwa Park vs The Black Tigress Goddess

    Once Juri Han was carried backstage and before the start of the last match of the day, the announcer’s voice echoed throughout the arena. ‘FOR OUR LAST MATCH, PLEASE WELCOME, FROM SEOUL: JAE HWA PARK!’ The entrance door opened and a young woman with red hair tied into two ponytails and brown...
  3. K

    Juri Han Costume 1.0

    Note: this mod includes a custom Audio Dialogue with some voiced lines from the Street Fighter games.
  4. K

    Juri Han Dynamic Hair 1.0

  5. Sickerton

    Seeing Red

    Seeing Red A collaborative story between Sickerton and lasthero Space. Deep space. A lonely, busted Kodiak shuttle steadily sped along through the vast expanse, casually heading to its next destination. There was nothing too suspicious about it. Standard make. Standard model. The same kind you...
  6. Sickerton

    Seeing Red: A SF/Mass Effect Collab

    Hey everybody! Me and lasthero recently put out heads together to write a story involving two rather well known artificially enhanced psychopaths. We had a lot of fun with this one, and I personally hope you do too reading it. Enjoy! --------- Seeing Red Space. Deep space. A lonely, busted...
  7. Sickerton

    Balancing Act

    The underground base fell silent, save for the distant sounds of groaning support beams and sparking electronics. Or rather, what was left of it. Intended to be a cross between a research station and backup bunker, this particular Shadaloo outpost was really nothing special. That was the whole...
  8. Sickerton

    Balancing Act: A Street Fighter Bad Ending

    There was a pause in my normal output over in my usual series, due to me waiting for something to get shipped, so I wrote this mostly-unrelated piece to pass the time. Enjoy. Maybe. --- Balancing Act (Alternate Title: The World Versus Juri Han) (Alternate Alternate Title: BISOOOOON!) The...
  9. Sickerton

    A Girl's Best Friend

    "Too slow, Frankenstein!" Flipping clear over her opponent's shoulder rush and kicking off his back, Juri Han was having a blast toying with this musclebound meathead. She knew from the dossier Bison forced her to skim on the trip over that this guy was named Bryan Fury, and that the ugly hunk...
  10. Sickerton

    Juri Han Versus The World 11: Written By The Winners

    Chapter 11: Written By The Winners "A... penitent... man... oh, come on now..." The archaeologist's brow furrowed as she finished dusting off the wall inscription. She was fluent in most living languages and many more dead ones, but it would not take a cunning linguist to figure out where this...
  11. Sickerton

    Juri Han Versus The World 10: Rocks Fall

    Chapter 10: Rocks Fall What had she done to deserve this? ... Alright, stop. It was a rhetorical question. Juri, silently regretting several life choices, continued slogging through sewer tunnels. Needing something -- anything -- to take her mind off of the pungent smells and alarmingly...
  12. Sickerton

    Juri Han Versus The World 9: Roy G. Biv Sends His Regards

    Alright guys; we're going to be getting a little experimental with the format today! Just follow any instructions that come your way and it should go just fine. If you wind up liking it, good. If you wind up hating it, even better! This is a one-off thing, and we'll be returning to the...
  13. Sickerton

    Juri Han Versus The World 8: Another M

    Chapter 8: Another M The wind outside howled as Juri tried to massage feeling back into her feet. It may have bordered on heresy to some -- including herself -- but Juri was bitterly regretting not having a pair of shoes. Sure, her footpads served her well enough, but "well enough" doesn't...
  14. Sickerton

    Juri Han Versus The World 7: Evil By Moonlight

    Chapter 7: Evil By Moonlight They ran. Through the endless tunnels they ran, like their lives depended on it. Which, it could be easily argued, was true enough. It was not entirely clear where they actually were. They had been lost in this maze of subterranean passages for what seemed like...
  15. Sickerton

    Juri Han Versus The World 6: Suffering Sappho!

    Chapter 6: Suffering Sappho! As she sat on the shoreline, feeling the sun against her skin and watching the waves roll in endlessly, she couldn't help but feel at peace. This place was the definition of soothing. She supposed that the theoretical residents would need that, to put up with all...
  16. Sickerton

    Juri Han Versus The World 5: Getting Dangerously Meta

    Chapter 5: Getting Dangerously Meta Juri leapt from rooftop to rooftop, the ornately decorated shingles beneath her feet providing more than enough grip. This new area was fairly mundane, but still hard to place regardless. A shrine? An academy? A military boot camp? All of the above? Up on...
  17. Sickerton

    Juri Han Versus The World 4: Making A Splash!

    Chapter 4: Making a Splash! Well. This was something. No idea what, but it was surely something. Slowly rotating around in what she assumed must be the "Middle", Juri tried to take the whole place in. She was standing in an indoor area on a raised circular platform, obviously designed to...
  18. Sickerton

    Juri Han Versus The World 3: I'm Your Boogeyman

    Chapter 3: I'm Your Boogeyman Juri tread lightly down the beaten path, watching the woods around her for any signs of movement. This place was not nearly the most outlandish setting she'd wandered into here, but it still managed to be the the most unsettling so far. The only source of light...
  19. Sickerton

    Juri Han Versus The World 2: Hunting Sparkles

    Chapter 2: Hunting Sparkles "YOU'RE LATE FOR CLASS!" Professor Fitzgibbon screamed to no one in particular, as Juliet brought the chainsaw down on his head. Well, technically no. Mr. Fitzgibbon was long dead, turned by zombies. This rambling, decayed form probably wasn't even what used to be...
  20. Sickerton

    Juri Han Versus The World 1: Bladed Cage

    Chapter 1: Bladed Cage She did not understand why she was here. She knew why, but didn't understand why. As Juri Han slunk through corridors, her mind couldn't help but wander. Was it a game? A tournament? Were there "winners"? Or was it more of a meat grinder; a blood sport where the...