1. R

    Jeanne's Earrings (Bayonetta) 1.1

    Jeanne's Earrings from Bayonetta. It's RGB adjustable (earring slider). Have fun.
  2. R

    Jeanne (Bayonetta) - Static Hair 1.0

    Costume by Faceless: Umbra witch costume
  3. M

    Bayonetta Nude Mod

    Welcome everyone! Stay a while and listen! If you guys find any bugs with the textures, please let me know so i can fix it. Instructions: Extract the archive in */data/pl If you don't have a pl folder, create it manually Thanks to JoeMesh for figuring out that you don't need to repack, saved...
  4. eyeteeth

    Anyone interested in working on a Nude Mod for Bayonetta?

    maybe we can see some good mods for her :D
  5. Jade1503

    Rumble in the Pool

    It was a hot summer day as the sun blazed down onto the earth. It was a day where people would stay inside the house or spent their time at the beach. In one of these houses, there was a big swimming pool on the patio: the water boiling hot due to the sun rays. For a pool, it was extremely...
  6. Faceless

    Umbra witch costume 0.9

    This is the umbra witch uniform from the first Bayonetta game, as specified here. Currently still needs the hair curtains on her arms. Note that this is only a costume. Look elsewhere if you want Bayonetta's beehive hairdo. The costume supports a settings file:
  7. Faceless

    Bayonetta costume

    Right, at stuntcock's suggestion, this thread is for documenting progress on a Bayonetta costume mod. The plan is to have two modes: normal and Wicked Weave. normal mode concept art Wicked Weave mode concept art Now, the above concept art is very much not the final design that made it into the...