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    Jill Fizzart (Fire Emblem) - Static Hair 1.0

    To celebrate Jill's long waited addition to Heroes. I know the resolution's rather low, the reference wasn't the best, but I'm still amazed I even found one for her. Enjoy.
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    Deirdre/Diadora (Fire Emblem) - Static Hair v1.1

    To celebrate the release of Duo!Sigurd&Deirdre in Fire Emblem Heroes. Comes in two versions. One with the hair placed over the body and one placed behind the body. Enjoy. Behind body Above body
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    Byleth (Fire Emblem) - Static Hair 2.0

    Includes both a version of standard Byleth and enlightened Byleth. Also includes alternate versions with longer hair by Hank East. Not going to lie, not a big fan of Byleth. Haven't enjoyed the introduction of self insert avatars into Fire Emblem and Byleth is a non-character that doesn't even...
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    Valentine's Silque (Fire Emblem) -Staic Hair 1.0

    I really love Valentine's Silque, but I kind of resent it for proving that that the booty was a lie and it was just her dress all along. Still, I choose to believe. Enjoy.
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    Silque (Fire Emblem) - Static Hair 1.0

    I know the booty is a lie, but I still want to believe. There's another Silque hair on the site made with the same image, but I made this one with a version of the same reference image without the graininess and aged look used for FE 15's promotional images. Enjoy.
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    Genny (Fire Emblem) - Static Hair 1.0

    Here's Fire Emblem's fluffiest girl. Enjoy.
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    Lysithea von Cordelia {Pre-Timeskip} (Fire Emblem) - Static Hair 2.0

    Here's Lysithea's pre-timeskip hair. I made a post-timeskip hair of her (with her veil) earlier which you can find in resources or in my import thread. There's also an alternate edited version that's darker and more defined with the length of the hair under rather than over body created by...
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    Ophelia Dusk (Fire Emblem) - Static Hair v1.1

    Ophelia has always been my favourite child unit from Fates. I'm a sucker for high crit rates. Enjoy.
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    Hilda Valentine Goneril (Fire Emblem) - Static Hair v1.1

    Hilda! Hilda! Hilda!
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    Ingrid Brandl Galatea (Fire Emblem) - Static Hair 2.0

    To celebrate Summer Ingrid's addition to Fire Emblem Heroes. Enjoy. *V1.0 had an issue where the hair would clash with her thighs in some positions. V2.0 addresses the issue.
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    Flayn (Fire Emblem) - Static Hair 2020-07-12

    I never thought I'd find a decent reference for Flayn given how ridiculous her hair is. But I lucked out. Enjoy.
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    Bernadetta von Varley (Fire Emblem) - Static Hair 2020-07-12

    This is actually the first hair I made, so it may be a bit off. I may end up modifying it in the future. Hank East has also released a Bernadetta hair which you should check out. He used her 3d model for a reference, so I created this version to provide us with both a 2d and 3d version to choose...
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    Marianne von Edmund (Fire Emblem) - Static Hair 2020-07-12

    The reference I used was a bit off, so I may come back and redo Marianne if I find a better reference in the future. This Is Aloha Bitch has also released a hair for Marianne which you should check out. It depicts her post time skip hair. Enjoy.
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    Cordelia/Tiamo (Fire Emblem) - Static Hair 2.0

    My own version of Cordelia. Widget released a great version of Cordelia some time ago which you can also find in resources. Enjoy.
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    Request: Female Byleth static hair

    I'm really surprised no one has done her yet sorry in advance I couldn't get very good reference shots, these where all i could find
  16. Failing Up

    Lysithea von Cordelia (Fire Emblem) - Static Hair 2.5

    Really love how this turned out. I wish I could always get this lucky finding references. Enjoy. *Version 2.0 has been notably improved and includes a white hair version and a version with reduced saturation. *Version 2.5 is slightly cleaned up and includes a darker more defined version...
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    Caspar von Bergliez Static Hair (War Phase) 2020-06-15

    Static hair for Caspar (War Phase).
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    Annette Fantine Dominic Static Hair (War Phase) 2020-06-15

    Static hair for Annette (War Phase).
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    Hilda Static Hair (Academy Phase) 2020-05-30

    Static hair for Hilda (Academy phase).
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    Marianne von Edmund Static Hair (War Phase) 2020-04-30

    Static hair for Marianne (War phase). Ripped it from her in-game model, how does it look?
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