fire emblem

  1. Failing Up

    Hana (Fire Emblem) - Static Hair 1.0

    Not gonna lie, I probably never would have remembered that Hana exists if it wasn't for her ninja alt in Heroes. Enjoy.
  2. Failing Up

    Delthea (Fire Emblem) - Static Hair 1.0

  3. Failing Up

    Edelgard von Hresvelgr (Fire Emblem) - Static Hair 1.0

    My teenage war criminal can't be this cute. Enjoy.
  4. Failing Up

    Nino (Fire Emblem) - Static Hair 1.0

    She's here to do her best! Enjoy.
  5. T

    Male Byleth Static Hair (Enlightened) 2020-12-23

    Static hair for male Byleth (enlightened).
  6. Failing Up

    Bernadetta von Varley (Fire Emblem) - Static Hair 1.0

    Here's my second go at Bernadetta. I believe she was actually the first character I made a hair for. Enjoy.
  7. Failing Up

    Ishtar (Fire Emblem) - Static Hair 1.0

  8. Failing Up

    Marianne von Edmund (Fire Emblem) - Static Hair 1.0

    Here's my second and much better go at Marianne. It really shows how much I've improved since I started making hairs a half year ago. The full version of Marianne comes with dark bags under her eyes and has the area of her face beneath her bangs shaded. I also included a clean version and a...
  9. Failing Up

    Priscilla (Fire Emblem) - Static Hair 1.0

    FE 7 best girl, hands down. Enjoy.
  10. Failing Up

    Minerva (Fire Emblem) - Static Hair 1.0

    To celebrate the original Fire Emblem being released in English for the first time after 30 years. Enjoy.
  11. Failing Up

    Linde (Fire Emblem) - Static Hair 1.0

    To celebrate the original Fire Emblem being released in English for the first time after 30 years. Enjoy.
  12. T

    Petra Macneary Hair Edit (without tattoo) 2020-11-28

    This is an edit of Failing Up's (fabulous) Petra hair. I just removed her face tattoo to make it a bit more of a "general purpose" hair.
  13. Failing Up

    Annette Fantine Dominic (Fire Emblem) - Static Hair 1.0

    I don't think I'm the only one whose heart skips a beat when she says "I'm your girl". Enjoy.
  14. Failing Up

    Mae (Fire Emblem) - Static Hair 1.1

    She's always at the top of her game! Enjoy.
  15. Failing Up

    Petra Macneary (Fire Emblem) - Static Hair v1.1

    Comes in a version with and without her facial tattoo. Enjoy.
  16. Failing Up

    Morgan (Fire Emblem) - Static Hair 1.0

    My thanks go out SyntaxTerror. I made this hair by recolouring and slightly modifying his hair for Hana from Wolf Children. Morgan's hair comes in her standard black/dark purple and also red because I usually marry Cordelia when playing Awakening. Enjoy.
  17. Failing Up

    Lilina (Fire Emblem) - Static Hair 1.0

    If you haven't played it, I recommend playing FE6. It's a fun and challenging though at times infuriating game. Lilina comes in three versions - Standard version with her iconic hair piece - An edited version without her hair piece - Summer Lilina from Heroes with a floral wreath Enjoy...
  18. Failing Up

    Hilda [Post Time-skip] (Fire Emblem) - Static Hair 1.0

    I've released a pretime-skip version of Hilda previously which you can find in resources. Comes in two versions: one with her earrings and one without. Enjoy.
  19. Failing Up

    Echidna (Fire Emblem) - Static Hair 1.0

    As requested by Nohrian Scum. Enjoy.
  20. T

    Soleil (Fire Emblem)

    Soleil (Fire Emblem) Static hair.