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  1. Hank East

    Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Bernadetta static hair.

    I tried making something myself out of this reference, alas I couldn't do it so here I come hoping someone would succeed where I have not. EDIT: Filled; see next post for link
  2. stomachache

    Kagero's Interrogation (jasada1000 x stomachache collab)

    (This is a roleplay thread between jasada1000 and me. We want to run it on this thread for everyone to enjoy. Comments are welcomed and appreciated at any time. Thanks!) My name is Haka, and I’m a ninja from the kingdom of Hoshido. I’ve joined the army of Nohr as an undercover spy, but I’ve...
  3. feels like`HEAVEN'

    Sakura static hair -Fire Emblem 2019-04-16

    Static hair mod of Sakura from Fire Emblem.
  4. Perdition

    Kagero Hair Adjust 2018-11-19

    Based on @D-Oxygen's 'Kagero Static Hair' mod, this mod modifies it to get rid of the skin on the forehead.
  5. E

    Fire Emblem 4 Sylvia static hair request

    I'm new here and wanted to request a static hair mod of Sylvia from fire emblem seisen no keifu, these were the only side view pics I could find but If more are needed I'll go and find more. Her outfit would also be nice(maybe without the weird vail things) but it isn't necessary, all i really...
  6. ADfuture

    S Support Background - Fire Emblem Heroes 2018-06-09

    An sdt background edit of the background you get when S Supporting a unit in Fire Emblem Heroes.
  7. ADfuture

    Generic Manakete - Fire Emblem Heroes 2018-06-09

    Static hair piece from the Generic Manakete enemy from Fire Emblem Heroes. You can find the background here : S Support Background - Fire Emblem Heroes Manakete Wings by @dantethedarkprince.
  8. S

    Fire Emblem girls

    So we have Mia and Lethe, but there are so many other FE girls we should all see on SDT. Personally, I would like to request: Micaiah
  9. I

    Silque static hair (Fire Emblem) 2018-02-23

  10. B

    Captured Ninja - Kagero - Fire Emblem Fates

    Warning, this story features Kagero of Fire Emblem Fates raped and gang-raped. A/N: My first post here, may or may not continue posting what non-con/Guro/snuff I've written. XXX The room’s heavy door slides open, scraping across the floor as it does. Torchlight floods the dark prison cell...
  11. kantkantor

    Fjorm (Fire Emblem) 1

    Everyones favorite Ice Princess is here to let it g- Wrong princess? Static Hair file. Future update: probably will add Earrings if I stop feeling lazy.
  12. Scoopy

    Eirika - Fire Emblem 2017-07-07

    Eireka from Fire Emblem static hair. Requested by @ExaltDerp
  13. E

    Eirika (Fire Emblem) Request

    Hope this is all you'll need for fulfilling my request. If not, well there's not much else I can do. I assume the first pic will be good enough, take the other two to detail the hair sides. Edit 1: No, I don't need a costume for this as of yet. And for the hair, I'd go with static.
  14. M

    Lucina Hair and Outfit?

    I can't find any lucina outfits, so can someone make one, and hair to go with it? Doesn't have to be dynamic hair. if not anything else, please do the hair. if you decide to do the outfit too, please exclude the mask and scabbard. btw i couldn't find many good sources, which is probobly why she...
  15. jho100

    Request: Celica (Fire Emblem Gaiden/Echoes)

    Hi, I'd like to request a static hair mod for the character Celica from the new(ish) Fire Emblem game. Unfortunately, since the character got a redesign for the new game, there isn't much art out there. Thankfully, one of the promo images provides a good profile view of her (I think), and I've...
  16. D-Oxygen

    Severa (Selena) Static Hair 1.0

    Shibari by Faceless Suggested body...
  17. G

    Grima180's Imports (Lyn, Noire, Tiki, Corrin)

    I'm not really happy with how some of these turned out. The legs in particular are not as good as I would like. I can do the tops, but trying to get the costumes right for the legs and feet is very difficult. And as I found with Corrin, Capes are incredibly hard to do, at least for a noob like...
  18. Ryonaneer

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Tutturu~ Soooo you know me n' how me likey Nintendo ladies~ The new Fire Emblem game on mobile is free to play and has some really nice artwork! Every character has different full body shots, buuuuut for a ryona thread it makes sense to post the battle damage pics, right? Nnin has post a...
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