1. Frieren Elf Ears [EM]

    Frieren Elf Ears [EM] V1, EMC

    Standalone mod of Frieren's Elf Ears
  2. TheBigOgames

    [Flash/Browser] Games posted by TheBigOgames

    Eternal Forest used to be such a blissful place. Not anymore. Not with all those monsters lurking around. The Elf beauty could not fight the two giant trolls, they would slay her immediately. But she could earn her freedom. Much better hung than her previous Elven lovers, the two dirty, scary...
  3. N

    Granblue Fantasy: Relink

    the game Granblue Fantasy: Relink got released Recently, Was wondering if there's anyone interested in trying to crack it and get some mods for it going? Knowing the community, the Request is in the Adult section for that reason XD Edit: Loverslabs seems to also be trying as well, they have a...
  4. W

    Original Legend of Gorm: Conquering the Amazons

    Legend of Gorm: Conquering the Amazons Gorm had heard of the Amazon Queendom, and was intrigued by its ruler. He was a young barbarian warrior who traveled to different kingdoms and regions to challenge mighty warriors and kings. He was a very strong and muscular man, and he loved the thrill...
  5. Titty Doom

    Titty Doom 0.6

    Replaces Doom Monsters with big tits fantasy girls
  6. Alyss Mainwaring Dialogue

    Alyss Mainwaring Dialogue 1.0

    Keren uses his mesmerism to fuck Alyss' throat.
  7. M

    Warlock of Lust

    Warlock of Lust is adult 3D real-time game build with my own engine (not a visual novel). You play as a prince, who was ousted by queen regent to a distant castle. Your task is to reclaim your power with the help of Goddess of Lust. What you can do in the game: - You own a castle. Build new...
  8. Longer Elf Ears / WoW Elf Ears

    Longer Elf Ears / WoW Elf Ears V2, EMC

    What? I didn't hear that.
  9. Medieval Fantasy Backgrounds 2

    Medieval Fantasy Backgrounds 2 2022-08-27

    Fantasy backgrounds
  10. Medieval Fantasy Backgrounds 1

    Medieval Fantasy Backgrounds 1 2022-08-27

    Fantasy Backgrounds
  11. Elesh Norn - Static Hair (Magic the Gathering)

    Elesh Norn - Static Hair (Magic the Gathering) 1.1

    “Fall to your knees and welcome our embrace.” —Qal-Sha, Priest of Norn
  12. K

    The Fort Brathe Bounty - A Zako Short Story

    I've been a lurker for a while and today I'm bored enough to try my hand at a zako short story. I suppose this is some type of fantasy/Skyrim setting with swords and sorcery and whatnot. I don't know, I'm not too concerned with world-building right now. Chapter 1 The First Kill The old...
  13. Continue?

    IRL Beat ‘Em Up fantasy RP

    Have this fantasy scenario of having my gf dress up in a slutty street fighting costume like one of the female characters from Final Fight, Streets of Rage, side-scrolling brawlers like that, then “go up against” me and a couple other guys who are thugs/henchman. Have her play-fight us for...
  14. S

    Characters request - Sabrith and Tayelle Ebonclaw - Final Fantasy XIV

    Hey! First message in here. I have recently gotten more into SDT and I thought I would look for something about this characters, but as I thought there is nothing about them. They are a personal favourite of mine so I thought I would make a request here and wish myself some luck! I was looking...
  15. LMaiden

    Interactive Zako Story: Black Kingdom

    I already tried to write Zako story on this site, but I ended up with problem "A Broken World With No Values" in my head transformed into a really large and detailed plot. Too complex for Zako story. So I want to try again. And create something more interactive. A simple plot with a lot of...
  16. C

    Design a Dungeon: Fantasy

    If you were to design the perfect guro dungeon, what sort of traps/enemies would you place in it?
  17. Hank East

    Rainmaker hairstyle from Final Fantasy XIV - filled

    I know only the first one's angle is really important for artists but I figured the 2nd one to better illustrate how it goes over her face would be nice too. A static hair is fine, would be a bit of a nightmare to do dynamic anyway probably :P
  18. Nu'ar Studios

    [PC] [Ren'py] The Last Enchantress: Revival (v0.0.3)

    The Last Enchantress: Revival Overview: This is a choice-based fantasy game in which we play the role of Lora, a young enchantress who lives in a place called the "Tower". The girl plans to go through the Revenir ritual and become the youngest Adept in the history of the Tower, but... destiny...
  19. I

    [PC] [Ren'Py] Master of the Earth (R) Modern Fantasy RPG

    PATREON: Welcome to Carta Town. PLOT: Nine years ago at the age of fifteen you unlocked a strange magical ability that allowed you to do as you like. Giving a young man powers such as that is simply a recipe for disaster. Your powers led you to accidentally...
  20. Field of Flowers Background

    Field of Flowers Background 2013

    Field of Flowers Background by DeadReaver

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