mind break

  1. BadInsomnia

    Hostaged Girl Dialogue

    What's up everyone, Here for my contribution on SDT. This is blowjob only, vanilla friendly dialogue. I hope you'll enjoy it. A mind break dialogue, long story short : A girl (named Tiffany) is captured by "the master", she'll go through 3 states of mind. - At first she will be mostly angry...
  2. Antimatter42

    Death Note: How it Should Have Ended ver. 1.0

    This is my take on an alternate ending to Death Note. Please don't mind the slightly dark ending to the dialogue, as I wasn't sure how else to end it. If anyone has any other ideas, let me know. Mods Required: -The loader. -the alley background by Kuroyuu. -Dialogueactions. -breastexpansion...
  3. KingCrimson500

    Request (Fairy tail) Turning Cana into a cum hungry whore

    I mean she's already obsessed with alcohol why not get her addicted to cum (I would also like it so your not playing as natsu or anyone from the series just yourself fucking cana)
  4. Sickerton


    WWJD A collaborative story between Sickerton and lasthero Morgan Allen made his way down the halls of the Gotham City Police Headquarters, taking a shortcut past the holding cells on his way to the loading bay. Sure enough, he got the usual greeting from the current inmates, who were currently...
  5. Sickerton

    WWJD: A 'Batverse' collab.

    Yo, everyone! Me and lasthero have another story for y'all, this time focusing on a red-headed bat and an airheaded clown girl. Enjoy! ====== Morgan Allen made his way down the halls of the Gotham City Police Headquarters, taking a shortcut past the holding cells on his way to the loading bay...
  6. Sickerton

    Balancing Act

    The underground base fell silent, save for the distant sounds of groaning support beams and sparking electronics. Or rather, what was left of it. Intended to be a cross between a research station and backup bunker, this particular Shadaloo outpost was really nothing special. That was the whole...
  7. Sickerton

    Balancing Act: A Street Fighter Bad Ending

    There was a pause in my normal output over in my usual series, due to me waiting for something to get shipped, so I wrote this mostly-unrelated piece to pass the time. Enjoy. Maybe. --- Balancing Act (Alternate Title: The World Versus Juri Han) (Alternate Alternate Title: BISOOOOON!) The...
  8. Sickerton

    Aftermath: Off The Map

    Off The Map Phyr balled her fists and fumed. She knew she was numbering her days with this; but dammit, someone had to do it. One step behind her, flanking either side, stood two armed guards. These sentries would probably be the ones to end her if things went any further south, but in truth...
  9. Sickerton

    Juri Han Versus The World 11: Written By The Winners

    Chapter 11: Written By The Winners "A... penitent... man... oh, come on now..." The archaeologist's brow furrowed as she finished dusting off the wall inscription. She was fluent in most living languages and many more dead ones, but it would not take a cunning linguist to figure out where this...
  10. Sickerton

    Juri Han Versus The World 7: Evil By Moonlight

    Chapter 7: Evil By Moonlight They ran. Through the endless tunnels they ran, like their lives depended on it. Which, it could be easily argued, was true enough. It was not entirely clear where they actually were. They had been lost in this maze of subterranean passages for what seemed like...
  11. Sickerton

    Juri Han Versus The World 5: Getting Dangerously Meta

    Chapter 5: Getting Dangerously Meta Juri leapt from rooftop to rooftop, the ornately decorated shingles beneath her feet providing more than enough grip. This new area was fairly mundane, but still hard to place regardless. A shrine? An academy? A military boot camp? All of the above? Up on...
  12. Sickerton

    Juri Han Versus The World!

    Disclaimer for friends exploring after the merger: This thread was migrated from the Ryonani branch. Now I love ya, game modders and... er, super deep throat-ers, but please be aware of what you're going into. Hey everybody! A while back I saw a story I thought was really good here, but upon...