1. G

    Grima180's Imports (Lyn, Noire, Tiki, Corrin)

    I'm not really happy with how some of these turned out. The legs in particular are not as good as I would like. I can do the tops, but trying to get the costumes right for the legs and feet is very difficult. And as I found with Corrin, Capes are incredibly hard to do, at least for a noob like...
  2. Naduron

    The Loli Games list [NSFW] - WIP

    Wanted to add lots of loli games to the Upcoming Games but it would have been way to long and it also would slow it down way to much, so i made a separate topics for upcoming and already released games that has loli character. Tera - Elin Released: Yes Contries: US,EU,KR,JP Website...
  3. pandabutt

    Blade and Soul mod request - Lyn with breasts

    I'm just looking for a mod that will do the following... 1) make the Night Luna set fully nude (including removal of the jacket 2) Swap the Hongmoon Uniform with the now nude Night Luna set 3) Swap default underwear with the now nude Night Luna set 4) *.upk format please Ideally I'd like to...