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fire emblem: fates

  1. D-Oxygen

    Severa (Selena) Static Hair 1.0

    Shibari by Faceless Suggested body...
  2. G

    Grima180's Imports (Lyn, Noire, Tiki, Corrin)

    I'm not really happy with how some of these turned out. The legs in particular are not as good as I would like. I can do the tops, but trying to get the costumes right for the legs and feet is very difficult. And as I found with Corrin, Capes are incredibly hard to do, at least for a noob like...
  3. UndeadLick

    Outfit request for Felicia from Fire Emblem Fates

    Requesting Felicia's outfit for SDT thanks for your time.
  4. dark_knight17

    Oboro - Fire Emblem Fates 2017-01-08

    Original Thread here...
  5. B

    Oboro from Fire Emblem:Fates

    Oboro is my favorite girl in all of Fire Emblem:Fates, I married her on my first run on Birthright, so when I found these forums, I thought it'd be okay to try to get my waifu into this game, so I can fuck her all I like. I'm hoping the images I've provided for reference is what's needed, given...
  6. dark_knight17

    Camilla - Fire Emblem Fates 2016-11-06

    You can find the character code and background here.
  7. Sieg Warheit

    Efie's Armor 1.1

    If you don't have it, here is the link of Efie's hair (maded by @D-Oxygen): Effie Static Hair
  8. Sieg Warheit

    Kagero's Outfit 1.0

    If you don't have it, here is the link of the Kagero's hair (maded by D-Oxygen): Kagero Static Hair
  9. D-Oxygen

    Kagero Static Hair 1.0

    Recommended body...
  10. D-Oxygen

    Charlotte Static Hair 1.0

    Top by Iago | Belt by BrokenToaster | Panties by Iago Suggested body...
  11. D-Oxygen

    Effie Static Hair 1.0

    Default Ring Gag Suggested body...
  12. D-Oxygen

    Nyx Static Hair (w/ Veil) 1.0

    Leash by stuntcock Variant without veil: Suggested body...
  13. D-Oxygen

    Nyx Static Hair (No Veil) 1.0

    Leash by stuntcock Variant with veil: Suggested body...
  14. D-Oxygen

    Midori Static Hair 1.0

    Suggested body...
  15. D-Oxygen

    Peri Static Hair 1.0

    Nipple Tape by ClimaxTitan Suggested body...
  16. D-Oxygen

    Felicia Static Hair 1.1

    Ball Gag by vashikur | Panties (section Mongo Bongo) by Dante Suggested body...
  17. D-Oxygen

    Corrin Static Hair 1.0

    Metal Clasp by marlow brandon Recommended body...
  18. Hank East

    Fire Emblem Fates - Felicia

    Requesting the hair of Felicia, the clute yet clumsy maid from FE: Fates Non-side view for the right lighting and colours
  19. mralphatree

    Fire Emblem Fates: Azura

    Can somebody make an swf of Azura from Fire Emblem
  20. Giafuremu

    Fire Emblem Fates / if Girls

    Well, honestly. I'd only like to request Camilla since she's the only one who really interests me, but I'll update this post with other references if I find them. It is actually incredibly hard to find references that would fit here for this character.
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