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    ud983's Sex Fight Death Match fiction

    Underground Fighting Supermodel Organization Championship Tournament Round One 3. Abby Dowse (5-2) vs 14. Keeley Hazell (3-4) “And here we have the old woman, fat belly dancing slut to fight me,” Abby said in the cage. She got injected with serum. The changes in and on her body were...
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    Interactive Zako Novel: The Requisite Academy for Duplicitous Girls

    This novel is based in a semi-mystical but mainly real world story. The protagonist will find herself sent to an all girls correctional boarding school for student who misbehave. It won’t be too long until she realizes something doesn’t check out and that this school may not be all it seems. She...
  3. U

    Interactive Zako Story

    Making an interactive Zako story. I’ll take the requests and suggestions and incorporate them into the story. The story takes place slightly in the future in a dystopian world where the White Knight Corps are trying to rule the land and take scarce resources. - All fights will be female vs...
  4. Antimatter42's Resource Bundle

    Antimatter42's Resource Bundle ver. 1.0

    This upload contains everything I have uploaded onto this site.
  5. Jerry's Booth - Chapter II

    Jerry's Booth - Chapter II

    A forgotten bag, a horny blonde, and a girl with a very "special" body. What could possibly happen?
  6. X

    Target: Terror Zako Fan-Fictions

    Hey everyone! This is a forum dedicated to fans of the hot zako terrorists from the 2004 arcade game Target: Terror. The purpose of this forum is for fans to come together and create and share some fan-fictions for any of the featured terrorists from the game. I love each and every one of these...
  7. T

    Target:Terror Tales #2 Busting Up Blowbangs

    In the final level of Target: Terror, the terrorists have hijacked a plane and are flying it to the White House. Niki Ninja, one of the female terrorists on the plane,is bored. She gets hungry for some cum. She sees some of her male terrorist buddies and convinces them to do a blowbang with...
  8. T

    Target:Terror Tales #1 Tanya Blows, Then Gets Blown Away

    On Level 2 of Target:Terror, terrorists have seized control of the Airport. In the bathroom, Tanya is blowing her boyfriend Chad through the gloryhole of one of the stalls.Her black shirt is unbuttoned, exposing her breasts, and she is fingering herself. Chad moans in delight, telling Tanya to...
  9. Victor's Spoils - A Lord of the Rings Fanfiction

    Victor's Spoils - A Lord of the Rings Fanfiction

    As that old saying goes in war, "to the victor go the spoils," and it's no different for Arwen.
  10. Clara Loft and the Jade Statue - the Short Story Adaptation: A Tomb Raider Fanfiction

    Clara Loft and the Jade Statue - the Short Story Adaptation: A Tomb Raider Fanfiction

    An attractive archaeologist meets the most complex trap yet. Credit goes to @T0mcat.
  11. Dinner at the Heathman - a Fifty Shades Fanfiction

    Dinner at the Heathman - a Fifty Shades Fanfiction

    Things take an unexpected turn for the innocent Miss Steele. This is from my fiction thread.
  12. Antimatter42

    My Fiction Thread (retiring soon)

    This is my fiction thread, as the title says. This'll be where I post all of my one-shot works of fiction (no chapters, not part of a series), from fanfiction to original stories. Requests are open, if you guys have any, but I unfortunately won't be writing any stories involving eroguro, scat...


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