fire emblem fates

  1. Failing Up

    Hana (Fire Emblem) - Static Hair 1.0

    Not gonna lie, I probably never would have remembered that Hana exists if it wasn't for her ninja alt in Heroes. Enjoy.
  2. T

    Soleil (Fire Emblem)

    Soleil (Fire Emblem) Static hair.
  3. Failing Up

    Hinoka (Fire Emblem) - Static Hair 2.0

    With this every princess from Fates can be found on the site. Funnily I believe each one is made by a different modder. Enjoy.
  4. Failing Up

    Ophelia Dusk (Fire Emblem) - Static Hair 2.0

    Ophelia has always been my favourite child unit from Fates. I'm a sucker for high crit rates. Enjoy.
  5. Masterdragon

    Elise (Fire Emblem Fates) 1.0.0

    Kinda dynamic hair from Elise from Fire Emblem Fates Requested by @Luckias104 (and bumped by @illyaasthana ) The first time dabling with dynamic hair (and I'm pretty sure I did it wrong, cause it barely moves, but oh well.
  6. stomachache

    Kagero's Interrogation (jasada1000 x stomachache collab)

    (This is a roleplay thread between jasada1000 and me. We want to run it on this thread for everyone to enjoy. Comments are welcomed and appreciated at any time. Thanks!) My name is Haka, and I’m a ninja from the kingdom of Hoshido. I’ve joined the army of Nohr as an undercover spy, but I’ve...
  7. Perdition

    Kagero Hair Adjust 2018-11-19

    Based on @D-Oxygen's 'Kagero Static Hair' mod, this mod modifies it to get rid of the skin on the forehead.
  8. B

    Captured Ninja - Kagero - Fire Emblem Fates

    Warning, this story features Kagero of Fire Emblem Fates raped and gang-raped. A/N: My first post here, may or may not continue posting what non-con/Guro/snuff I've written. XXX The room’s heavy door slides open, scraping across the floor as it does. Torchlight floods the dark prison cell...
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