You draw, we mod! Modding Template for Photoshop Updated 2020


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Aug 30, 2012
just delete the strap parts of Iago's sandals.
No can do at the moment, these are RGB so there are a few elements in groups whos data gets... messed up when you try to fiddle with them in the decompiler I use

But I can just remake them, I'll even preserve the RGB, if I don't have them out in a day or so just bug me please

Hank East

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Jan 25, 2012
Heya again, I was wondering if you'd be willing to do another similar request to last time, if it weren't too much trouble. Specifically, this request of mine Slapped face

Like I ask for there, I want an edit of the slapped ass mod were the palm print is on her face instead, that's all really.


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Jul 24, 2014
Z Zoptic has made an unfinished bunny outfit, his thread is in the Requests section: Unfinished Bunny Outfit SVG

It seems well advanced.
I notice some problems though:
  1. the garter is misplaced on the back, near the tail (this can be modified easily)
  2. the garter straps cannot be attached like this, unless maybe if using stuntcock stuntcock 's Dynamic Hair Extender physics (I don't even know if it is possible like this). Garters are quite rare as mods, some like tumbal tumbal are using a different technique where the strap is drawn on the Right Thigh layer and its end is moving on the garter belt, like on his Crothcless Garter Panty.
  3. the same problem occurs with the bra strap. Dynamic Hair Extrender has to be used there, or the bra needs to be redrawn. Only a few bra designs are possible because of the breast movements.
In conclusion, that mod needs to be redrawn at the places I mentionned, or needs a modder capable of using the Dynamic Hair Extrender.
But for this last option, I'm afraid that there are not many around at the moment...
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