1. tickles

    SDT Video - Coffee Broker 1.0

    Summary: A coffee barista has to face the consequences of his actions, after messing up a simple order. The consequences however, are far beyond surprising...
  2. sclover13

    Kaguya Luna Costume [Vanilla][NormBody] V1.0

    Kaguya Luna (輝夜月) Virtual Youtuber Costume [NormyMode] This mod is a body type translation of the SB Kaguya Luna Costume mod (linked below). This mod is the vanilla version. Loader optimized version coming soon.
  3. sclover13

    Kaguya Luna Costume [SB][Vanilla] V1.0

    Kaguya Luna (輝夜月) Virtual Youtuber SkinnyBitch Costume ****This is the SkinnyBitch Body type Costume**** - Link to the normal body type version - This mod is the vanilla version. Loader optimized version coming soon. Body mod is Skinny Bitch.
  4. sclover13

    Wrist Sweatbands [RGB][LOADER] 1.0

    This mod has been broken into 3 mods for now. Maybe in the future I'll make a single click-toggable mod. These are sweatbands for the wrist, popularized by Richard Simmons in the 80s and early 90s. Notes: - LOADER only. Will shit the tits in vanilla. - Use the Cuffs Section to adjust RGB...
  5. sclover13

    Eyebrow Piercing [Dynamic] [RGB] [LOADER] 1.1

    Inspired by @roguesrus 's eyebrow piercing mod, I wanted to find out if making a dynamic version would be possible. And it is! With a small limitation. The Eyebrow Line RGB should not be changed unless you want to change the color of the piercing. ***RGB sliding the Eyebrow fill will change...
  6. L

    Cant save SWF mods anymore

    Hey so, i've recently downloaded the Loader, Amnitools, PenisRange, ans AnySizeHer (Only did it now because I found a flash player that actually works) and i've been having lots of fun, but recently for whatever reason I cant save SWF mods to my characters anymore. I can still USE them and load...
  7. tickles


    HOW TO INSTALL MODS A Step-by-Step Guide for how to install mods to your SDT game. Steps Download any of the mods found in the Resources Tab. (ex. moremoods) Unzip mod if it came prepackaged as a .zip or .7z file. (moremoodsV#.zip) Take out the mod's .swf or .mod file, as well as any...
  8. tickles

    SDT Video - Interrogation 1.0

    Summary: "We've done everything by the books, and... nothing; the guy's not cooperating. Fortunately, there's one method that'll get us the intel we need..." Download contains link to a Gofile page for the video (released on the SDT Discord Server as well) Thoughts and Feedback are appreciated!
  9. tickles

    SDT Video - Employee Evaluation 1.0

    Download contains link to a Gofile page for a video I made a while back (released earlier on the SDT Discord Server) Summary: There's been a rumor going around the company, and your boss has caught wind if it. Is it serious? Was the rumor about you? There's only one way to find out, and that's...
  10. sby

    gaggeddialog V1

    gaggeddialogV1 by sby allows her to use speaking dialog even when gagged her speaking text will be garbled for these lines (can be disabled) adds a button to the options menu to turn the mod on and off allows charcode saving, but disabled by default. this is mostly seen as a game option but...
  11. sby

    tonguelength V1 hotfix1

    tonguelengthV1 this mod adds a slider next to the in game tongue option to control its length as length increases, it will tilt down when she closes her mouth, her tongue will pull in and descale to prevent clipping through her lips
  12. sby

    movebrow V1

    movebrow by sby menu controls to change her brow to be above her hair supports charcode saving
  13. sby

    vanillapausedbreathpatch V1

    this is a simple patch to stop her from building breath and making breath sound while the game is paused also stops the in throat sound during gamepause persist mod
  14. sby

    moveeyewear V1 hotfix1

    this mod adds a button next to the eyewear selection to move its layering below the hair layers supports vanilla saving persist mod
  15. H

    Ronin from Rogue Company, Dynamic Hair

    Ronin from Rogue Company video game dynamic hair, or can be used if you like the shoulder length bobcut hairstyle. My first try at making a sdt mod, I apologize if it's a bit rough, I'm not an artist and drew this with my mouse (lol). I would appreciate any advice or constructive criticism...
  16. SyntaxTerror

    His head - Vaan Schutleberg 1.1

    Notes: This mod will only work with the Loader. The torso is the one from the basic game.
  17. S

    A Few Things...

    I've been having a few issues, and while they're ways around them it's tedious and would be much easier if I asked for expert help so they won't happen anymore. 1. Sometimes the Loader won't load any of the mods and will say "Mod Loading Failed" on startup. This sometimes happens after long...
  18. sby

    nonresetcharcode V1

    nonresetcharcodeV1 by sby this mod prevents vanilla charcode options from being set to none if they are not included in the charcode. this applies to all conventional vanilla charcode loading, note that this does not apply to loader mods that handle their own charcode loading and default...
  19. Hank East

    Animtools Position - Bent Over Table 2

  20. Hank East

    Animtools Position - Laydown Paizuri 2020-06-13

    Edited this from someone else's animation, but I can't remember which, sorry :/