1. N

    I am having a few issues with a few add-ons, deepthroat practice and progressive exhaustion just won't work for me. I am using sby loader 545.

    Another issue i am having is some of the dialogue i grabbed from this site make the guy's penis disappear.
  2. Violet Evergarden Dialogue

    Violet Evergarden Dialogue 1.0

    Violet is hired to help write some erotica by someone who takes their accuracy very seriously.
  3. Cutie Face [EM]

    Cutie Face [EM] V1, EM0.84

    Slap a lil cartoon in her
  4. xlstaticbgload

    xlstaticbgload V1

    changes the static BG loading to support wider backgrounds
  5. extendedzoom

    extendedzoom V1

    increases the amount you are allowed to zoom out by when using the mouse wheel and zoom slider
  6. Athletic Him Body [EMH]

    Athletic Him Body [EMH] V1, EMHv1.12+

    I'm coming for you man. My style is impetuous. My defense is impregnable, and I'm just ferocious.
  7. N

    between sby and sdtl2, which loader does everyone prefer? I have been able to have some features on 1 over another.

    I enjoy both, but sby has some features and add ons that sdtl 2 doesnt, but sdtl is a little more versatile, but i've had trouble getting some mods to work and it's crashed a few times. So what does everyone prefer? sby loader or sdtl 2 loader?
  8. hairRGB

    hairRGB V3 reupload

    added supplemental RGB pickers next to hair HSL for mods to make use of
  9. Alyss Mainwaring Dialogue

    Alyss Mainwaring Dialogue 1.0

    Keren uses his mesmerism to fuck Alyss' throat.
  10. A

    Help with mod loader 8 666 girls

    I need someone to give me a step by step walk through of how to install it. I have the shy loader pack and stuff. I just have no idea on how to add the loader 8 plus’s the 666 girls to my game
  11. Business Tie Dynamic RGB [EMH] [DHE]

    Business Tie Dynamic RGB [EMH] [DHE] V1, EMH V1.06

    You're the Boss Now, Dog
  12. Business Shoes HIM RGB [EMH]

    Business Shoes HIM RGB [EMH] V2,EMHv1.12+

    Original art by Mike
  13. L

    Loader for LDR mods

    which Loader I need to this mods work? I tried a lot but nothing work
  14. sclover13

    ExtraMod Template Extension

    ExtraMod Template Extension ExtraMod is a new template extension that piggybacks off of Sby's currently popular Template Extension, and by extension the vanilla template. ExtraMod seeks to bring simplicity to complex modding elements, allowing modding of previously unavailable objects, and...
  15. Summoning a succubus as a sex slave dialogue

    Summoning a succubus as a sex slave dialogue 1.0

    A man summons a succubus to use as a cumdump.
  16. Miki Hoshii chain

    Miki Hoshii chain 1.0

    Based on Huitznahua's Miki Hoshii Outfit, extract the belly chain
  17. S

    How to use ModDataLoader switchKey?

    I apologize if the answer is somewhere on the forum, for I have looked and couldn't find it at all. I don't even understand how this works, and the switchKey thing doesn't work. I'm SURE I'm doing something wrong, but I dunno what that is. Please if there's a tutorial or something about this...
  18. Lucy Cyberpunk Edgerunners Body/Markings [EM]

    Lucy Cyberpunk Edgerunners Body/Markings [EM] LDR 1.0, EM v0.74

    Lucyna Kushinada Body
  19. Longer Elf Ears / WoW Elf Ears

    Longer Elf Ears / WoW Elf Ears LDR 1.0, EM v0.70

    What? I didn't hear that.
  20. Underboob Tattoo Pack 1

    Underboob Tattoo Pack 1 LDR 1.0

    Breast adjustable tattoo pack. 3 Versions


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