1. S

    A Few Things...

    I've been having a few issues, and while they're ways around them it's tedious and would be much easier if I asked for expert help so they won't happen anymore. 1. Sometimes the Loader won't load any of the mods and will say "Mod Loading Failed" on startup. This sometimes happens after long...
  2. sby

    nonresetcharcode V1

    nonresetcharcodeV1 by sby this mod prevents vanilla charcode options from being set to none if they are not included in the charcode. this applies to all conventional vanilla charcode loading, note that this does not apply to loader mods that handle their own charcode loading and default...
  3. Hank East

    Animtools Position - Laydown Paizuri 2020-06-13

    Edited this from someone else's animation, but I can't remember which, sorry :/
  4. Hank East

    Animtools Position - Angled Facefuck 2020-06-13

  5. sby

    menualphatoggle V1

    menualphatoggleV1 by sby this adds a persistant button on the menu to toggle the menu's alpha. this is so you can make changes in the menus and still be able to see the lower parts of her. edit - known bug, some menu objects added from mods might totally disappear when this is enabled. they...
  6. sby

    moveear V2

    moveearV1 by sby this mod adds a button on the custom menu near the ear selection to toggle between having her ear behind her hair or not charcode saving supported persistant mod, resetting will put her ear back to normal
  7. sby

    headwearland V1

    headwearlandV1 by sby this is a persistent mod that adds buttons next to the headwear selection to adjust the landing point of headwear. this is normally calculated by the game, but some vanilla hairs and mods don't work well. added charcode support to save the landing point. if using...
  8. sby

    lipstickfade V1

    lipstickfadeV1 by sby when using lipstick smear, hold the penis in her mouth will gradually fade a lipstick smear section of on penis as is she is cleaning off his cock inside her mouth. i also have an option to have her swallow after a percentage of the smear is consecutavly cleaned in an area...
  9. sby

    rolleye *replaced by moremoods mod* V1

    edit - this mod has been incorporated into moremoodsV4_2, use that instead: https://www.undertow.club/downloads/moremoods.4576/ rolleyeV1 by sby persistant mod, once loaded stays. however resetting will put the mode back to their default settings this mod adds a button to the main menu to...
  10. Hank East

    Animtools Positions - Pole-Tied 1.1

    Position A Position B
  11. sby

    nooptionalcharcodes V1

    nooptionalcharcodesV1 by sby this mod makes it so these vanilla defined charcodes must be included with charcode generation even if there is nothing selected, or if there is a currently loaded mod in that menu: ankleCuffs top bottoms legwearB nipplePiercing bellyPiercing...
  12. FauxNom

    Kanao Tsuyuri Static Hair 2019-11-29

  13. Hank East

    Animtools Position - Forced against Wall 1.0

    Each of these is an edit of a position which I found eons ago and whose creator has sadly been lost to me :P "A" Positions have her head move more, whilst "B" Positions have it nearly static. Position 1: Position 2:
  14. sby

    individualmodreset V1_1

    individualmodresetV1 by sby this mod attempts to track vanilla and loader mods loaded and provides a menu to individually remove them. The menu is a popout tab on the right side of the screen. this relies on loader mods that manually place objects in the game to properly have a reset funtion...
  15. V

    Darth Talon Outfit Edit v2

    Edit of @dantethedarkprince's Darth Talon Outfit for Thicker Ass And Legs. Also converted to loader mod with armwear instead of body so handjob and behind the back hand positions work correctly. Dynamic hair can be found here.
  16. Doolie

    Thicker Ass and Legs - Glossy Latex / Thigh Highs 1.0

    Glossy Latex / Thigh Highs (Thicker Ass and Legs .mod) - Original mod by stuntcock is required. You can find it here . - Loader needed - Somewhat of a mix between Latex and Thigh Highs I will most likely fix calf highlights / shadows in upcoming version(?)...
  17. Doolie

    Jagged Thigh Highs 1.0

    Thank you @TheHackerKnownAsSnow for making these possible. Jagged Thigh Highs - Legwear suited for Loader - Flat colors Yeah. I don't know what else to say really... Enjoy. Doolie.
  18. Doolie

    Darker Thigh Highs 2019-08-25

    Massive THANK YOU to @TheHackerKnownAsSnow for making this into .swf for me Darker Thigh Highs - Legwear suitable for Loader - Darker variant to regular in-game thigh highs I made this because I liked how real thigh highs get darker when they'e closer to the foot. Did not quite turn out as I...
  19. Doolie

    Bun and Bangs 1.0

    _______________________________________ Bun and Bangs - .PNG Static Hair - Compatible with both Vanilla and Loader - No problems with Elf ears and Large earrings _______________________________________ This is my first post. Enjoy. Doolie.
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