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    audioreplacerV1_NagiraKenzo V1

    turned the sound library from GDPenguin into an audioreplacer mod
  2. Resource icon

    audioreplacerV1_ListenToMyVoice V1

    loadable audio library of ListenToMyVoice
  3. Drill twintails

    Drill twintails 1.0 [hairRGB] [Dynamic] [hair add] [Loader]

    Based on Mami Tomoe hairstyle, isolated the drills and make it RGB adjustable
  4. thumbnailsave

    thumbnailsave V1

    adds buttons to save character portrait thumbnail files
  5. Yugi Mouto Static Hair

    Yugi Mouto Static Hair 2024-01-20

    Yugi Mouto from classic Yu-Gi-Oh! Static Hair
  6. Miqo'te Costume (Remaster)

    Miqo'te Costume (Remaster) 2024-01-08

    An Updated version of Synonymous' mod which gives it MoreClothing compatibility.
  7. BlueZephyr

    Loader Talks to Loader

    So this is a bit of a doozy to explain. I recently got a new computer and it can run circles around my old one. SDT runs so much better now and I can use character codes that I couldn't before. I can even run the game at high quality with shaders on. Basically what I'm saying is my new computer...
  8. Resource icon

    maxframerateV1 V1

    adjust target framerate according to settings file
  9. UmperSnark

    Duplicate problem not resolved by past fix: Mods from Character folders not loading

    Hello, all. Longtime fan of SDT, first time on the forums. I would like to try my hand at making some dialogues because I think I'm a pretty good writer, so I am challenging myself to start learning how the game works! The first dialogue I want to do involves an Android, so I set out to gather...
  10. S

    Her fantasizing on her bed. (first posted dialogue, Loader + stuff required)

    EDIT: I either screwed up uploading the dialogue's text file or the fault lies elsewhere, because attaching doesn't seem to work. Nevermind, I've made it into a resource (zip file that includes the custom position) that can be found here. I'm posting this little dialogue of mine, which I...
  11. Frilly apron rgb2

    Frilly apron rgb2 1.0

    Based on marlow brandon's Frilly apron, rebind the color with the second RGB slider
  12. Ruby Dragon Body [EM]

    Ruby Dragon Body [EM] 3.0

    Full body replacement mod, Ruby the Dragon. "3D" textures.
  13. BlueZephyr

    Loader Arm Using Dark Skin Texture

    I must be missing something but the loader arm (opening the Loader tab and clicking Arm) only had the texture for the light skin for him. Is there any way to make it match dark skins? I haven't updated the Loader mod itself since I first downloaded it in 2018. Has this feature been updated since...
  14. Resource icon

    In Too Deep 1.1

    A young journalism student gets in over her head, looking into a local corruption and bribery case
  15. Fuller Lips

    Fuller Lips 2.0

    [ExtraMod] The long awaited.
  16. ExtraMod [Core and Mod Template]

    ExtraMod [Core and Mod Template] v1.51, Template v1.5

    Crack 'er wide open Jimmy
  17. Feet Bukkake

    Feet Bukkake 2023-06-27

    Cum mod for her feet and legs
  18. Wedding Dress RGB

    Wedding Dress RGB 1.1

    Based on Kir's 'Wedding Dress' mod, make it rgb adjustable
  19. Horimiya Dialogue

    Horimiya Dialogue 1.0

    Hori finally gets Miyamura to indulge her masochistic fantasies
  20. V

    Need Help installing Loader

    Can someone tell me how i install the sdt loader ? I want try diferent poses but i need install this and i dont know how to do it

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