1. BlueZephyr

    Separate Breasts from CostumeTop

    I got to messing around with positions and accessories and got to wondering how to separate some parts. I have the bukkake covering mod and I've got it separated into different parts, face, upper body and lower body. But I was wanting just the tits to show up due to the position I had her in. Is...
  2. Feet Bukkake

    Feet Bukkake 2023-06-27

    Cum mod for her feet and legs
  3. yanfei - other breast.png

    yanfei - other breast.png

    for moreclothing tutorial :
  4. onlyb.png


    for moreclothing tutorial :
  5. Kequing - arm.png

    Kequing - arm.png

    for moreclothing tutorial :
  6. yanfei - nob.png

    yanfei - nob.png

    for moreclothing tutorial :
  7. K

    SDT's default clothes as MoreClothing items

    Is there any way to register SDT's default cloth mods as MoreClothing items? I want to use MoreClothing +makebutton option to SDT's Leather (Ankle) Cuffs and Tube Gag. Thanks.
  8. RokPhenix

    How use Moreclothing for import mods

    Welcome folks, I thought I should make a tutorial to help anyone that wants to use this complex mod. What tell us the note Where find the moreclothingsettings.txt In the Sby's loader pack, the moreclothingsettings.txt will be in this folder : Where put the file to add the...
  9. leftbutton2


    for moreclothing tutorial :
  10. leftbutton2


    for moreclothing tutorial :
  11. button


    for moreclothing tutorial :
  12. hue


    for moreclothing tutorial :
  13. add


    for moreclothing tutorial :
  14. moreclothingmods


    for moreclothing tutorial :
  15. settings


    for moreclothing tutorial :
  16. import


    for moreclothing tutorial :
  17. forgottenaccount

    how do I add new clothes to my moreclothing folder ?

    for reference I have sby_loader_pack_14_545d and, I've tried to put the clothing files in the init moreclothingmod folder (as that's where all the custom clothes seems to be, yet upon starting the game they don't load or show an error essage, I'm not particularly computer literate so I'd...
  18. K

    Moreclothing errors

    hello. i tried downloading new clothes into the moreclothing. only 3 of them work and the others send out message and i dont understand how to fix it
  19. AutoMoreClothing

    AutoMoreClothing 1.0.1 hot fix

    Generates a list of mods for moreclothing
  20. RokPhenix

    Many questions.

    Hello folks,I have many question. I Use the Sby's loader with the Flash player 11. In moreclothings settings I notice many curious behaviour. You can't set a png file in a body menu or add +makebutton to this entry, but you can set a static hair if is a swf file like surfer girl. MoreClothings...

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