1. G

    Help with MoreClothingV8 - regskintones & hardbod/abs

    I'm trying to get the two hardbod variants included in MoreClothingV8 to work with the "+regskintones" command, and I can't figure out where I'm going wrong. Is there something wrong with my attempt to implement the command, or are those mods inherently incompatible with it? As far as I can tell...
  2. Deltavoid

    DAPRA - Pregnancy Dialogue Minigame Package V1.1.0a

    Welcome to the Delta Adoption and Pregnancy Research Agency (DAPRA) Glad to have you on our research team. Department:Research Division:Pregnancy Subdivision:Intimacy Assignment:PROJECT MOTHERMAKER PROJECT MOTHERMAKER Fuck the subject vaginally until she gets pregnant then continue to fuck her...
  3. Antimatter42

    How to use the moreclothing mod?

    This may or may not be a stupid question, but how do I use the moreclothing mod? When I load it, there are no clothes, but I do have a folder of clothes called "moreclothingmods" located in the $INIT$ folder that came with the prepackaged loader I downloaded from Samoth. Basically, this is what...
  4. edgelord 3000

    Can't get poptobottom in moreclothing to work

    Maybe I'm misunderstanding what the setting is supposed to do or I'm doing it wrong, but I'm just not able to make the entries I place there actually hide behind other clothes. It will hide behind some tops, but not all. Should be fairly simple, right? +poptobottom=School Swimsuit,China Dress...
  5. Deltavoid

    [Poll] DAPRA - Pregnancy Minigame Dialogue (alpha v1.1.0a resource bugfix)

    V1.1.0 - resource pack release (Approved August 2, 2018) now split up into 3 Dialogue "modules" Dialogue.txt: (the main module) contains the main portion of the dialogue DAPRA_Settings.txt: (the settings module) I moved the settings from the top of the main module to its own file. it gets...
  6. C

    Better Feet Moreclothing 2018-03-29

    This is a version of my Better Feet mod that was altered by sby to work with moreclothing. Note that loading it manually seems to have problems flashing through the different skin colors, so if thats a problem then use the original mod instead.
  7. robotocopter

    RoboCopter's Misc Mod Emporium

    I've been slowly making (and remaking) these mods for a while now, about time I upload them. All of these (with the exception of the dresses, which are modified from Dante's Little Black Dress) are original mods, however conceptually may or may not be "inspired" (IE copied) by other mods, and...
  8. F

    Really Stupid Question

    Ok, sooooooooooooo i have a really stupid question about the loader that i hope can be answered really quickly and easily I just updated my moreclothing mod to the most up-to-date (moreclothingV6_4) and im re-doing my settings file to add more stuff and fix some of the errors from my previous...
  9. Darth Vader

    Step-Sister 2017-07-21

    Greetings everyone; This is my first attempt at uploading a dialogue and I’m not a computer whiz so I’d appreciate any constructive criticism and advice. In order to run this dialogue properly you will need the loader, dialogueactions and moreclothing. As...
  10. B

    Auto update Moreclothing mod?

    A while back there was a bunde of games done by someone that had a way to autoupdate the moreclothing mod settings, so you didnt have to enter them manually. Was wondering if anyone has a link to this or can tell me how to make this work?
  11. B

    How can I change the RGB for two tops at the same time? Need help, thanks!

    Right now I'm almost done creating a character but I am stuck at now at a problem. I have loaded her up with a Turtleneck Jumper.swf and a Shirt_Alt.swf (moreclothing). I want the jumper to be dark blue and the shirt to remain white, is this possible...
  12. sby

    moreclothing V10

    moreclothing is a loader mod that adds additional clothing to the in-game menus. (also supports backgrounds, hairs, and vanilla body mods) its main purpose is to be able to mix and match pieces of mods that the community makes, and use them in a convenient manner - this opens up tons more...
  13. MyNameIsChef

    MoreClothingV6 loads some dynamic hairs only partially

    I've never had any problems with moreclothing until I've started using v6 and stuff like this happened: Obviously there's something missing here. Loading the same exact file as an swf mod yields the correct result: I am loading the file with moreclothing with this line in...
  14. J

    Latex and Long Dress Nipple Area Colors

    Alright. I'll make this short. I was toying around with sby's moreclothing mod and noticed that the area around the nipples on the Latex Top, Sleeveless Latex Top, and the Long Dress Top was a different shade from the rest of the outfit. I recently discovered that, after accidentally deleting...
  15. T

    MoreClothing stuff that I don't really find.

    Greetings. I've downloaded the MoreClothingV5_3 from Sby, and even searching through it's files, I cannot find stuff like, for example, hooves; (Not like the MLP ones, but something more like this). I don't know if I'm missing something, but please, I would really apreciate if you could help...
  16. T

    Moreclothing loader help

    These mods don't seem to be working in more clothing These are the codes I was using to try to load them darkareolasmall.mod=Dark Areola small darkareolamed.mod=Dark Areola mid darkareolalarge.mod=Dark Areola large lactating.mod=Lactating Nipple her wedding ring.mod=Wedding Ring=:CostumeArmwear...
  17. Sykosa

    General questions from a new Dialogue writer

    Greetings all, I have been searching the forums for the following information items, which i have not found documentation of in the various dialogue action mod documents, etc. They are all related to my attempt to make a semi-progressive mod, based on a big rewrite of Feminizing Futa, with more...
  18. V

    Can Anyone help with pin up dress

    Hey all, i downloaded Pin Up Dress | Undertow this dress, and i want to put it in moreclothingmod I did it with these settings.. Pin Up Dress=PUDRESS:CostumeTop:CostumeBottoms... but i keep gettin error every time i load the game.. Help