1. U

    How to hide your game files on Windows 10

    Inspired by this post that shows how to hide your game files on a MAC. On a MAC, you can password protect your files, however, on Windows 10 you can't, so this method isn't 100% safety guarantee, but it lowers the chances of getting caught massively...
  2. AN69

    How to: Forum

    I’ve been asked this enough now, and also remember the nightmare of learning it by myself. So here it is, and feel free to tag along and add onto this in the comments, because I know I sure as hell don’t know how to do everything xD (PHONE DYING) WiP - To be continued...
  3. tickles


    HOW TO INSTALL MODS A Step-by-Step Guide for how to install mods to your SDT game. Steps Download any of the mods found in the Resources Tab. (ex. moremoods) Unzip mod if it came prepackaged as a .zip or .7z file. (moremoodsV#.zip) Take out the mod's .swf or .mod file, as well as any...
  4. S

    SDT loader working on android!!!

    FIRST THING FIRST: Hello, I'm Shanto and here is my first thread. I'm french, so excuse the grammar error plz I heard that lot of people cant run loader on their phone. Actually, i think i m one of the first that did it successfully. So, let s get started. FIRST STEP: You are gonna need some...
  5. DigitalSmutExports

    A guide to tempo in SDT Dialogues using cyrillic characters

    I just finished the first serious dialogue I've made. I don't know if people will like it, but one thing I am confident in. I have a good grasp on what is an appropriate number of cyrillic characters to insert. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about: SDT can't really figure...
  6. SyntaxTerror

    How to arrange layers in your hair mod

    Hello. This reminder is aimed at SWF hair modders to help them manage hair layers. The layers are arranged like this, from top to bottom: HAIR_COSTUME_OVER HEADWEAR (front) DYNAMIC_HAIR_OVER HAIR_TOP HAIR_COSTUME_UNDEROVER CUM EAR & RIGHT ARM DYNAMIC_HAIR_BETWEEN EYEWEAR BODY (including right...
  7. Perdition

    Making basic Isolation Mods

    After having a conversation with ZeroTheFinal, I thought I should make thread of that conversation to help anyone that wants to make their own basic isolation mods. If people show interest in this then I'll update this thread with more details on how to use this program. The method I used...
  8. SyntaxTerror

    How to use any RGB sliders for any layer, even hair

    Hello This tutorial shows artists/modders how to use any RGB slider to change the colour of any part (layer) of a SWF costume mod, or even of an SWF hair mod. It can be useful if you want to have more RGB sliders than available for a specific piece of clothing (eg. 3 sliders for a Top)...
  9. SyntaxTerror

    How to edit Custom Data when releasing a mod

    Hello This is a little tutorial explaining artists and modders how to choose the parameters to add to hair mods so the users will ba able to get the character basic characteristics (i.e. Eyebrow colour, Breast size, clothes, etc.) without changing His clothes, the positions or the background...
  10. Felldude

    Where to start when modding a game. (What I have learned in 10 years)

    What I have learned in 10 years of modding games - By Felldude
  11. SyntaxTerror

    How to add images to a thread on this forum

    Hello This thread will tell you how to post images on this forum, according to their use and origin. An important thing to remember is that undertow.club is not an image hoster, server space is precious and should not be wasted. If your image is important for the community, it should be...
  12. SyntaxTerror

    How to make an SWF background (static, animated, and/or 16/9)

    How to make an SWF background, static, animated and/or 16/9. Tutorial and tools Note: I am going to rewrite this tutorial soon to cover all types of SWF backgrounds: static, animated and/or 16/9 (HD). I left the old tutorial in a spoiler below and I put the code created by sby that allows the...
  13. SyntaxTerror

    How to take screenshots easily with ShareX

    Hello As a "Content Creator" (well, it is what is written under my name <<< :tongue:), I have to make examples of the mods I am creating, and taking screenshots, cropping and uploading them becomes a little boring after a while. I just found a wonderfull tool to do this: ShareX. This is a...
  14. SyntaxTerror

    How to make a static hair mod

    Tutorial: How to make a static hair mod ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ NOTE: this tutorial is under construction. The missing sections should be available soon... (ETA: 2025) :tongue...
  15. Toffi

    Tutorial 1.0

    Includes a demo-project as well as hardsaves and poses to fiddle around with. Release: June 2016 Download the FM2nd-engine here: 2D_FIGHTER_MAKER_2K2.rar (2.34MB) - SendSpace.com
  16. L

    Tutorial for using Resorep with BDO

    This guide needs to be updated for the new methods of modding BDO. For now hop over here Black Desert Online - Armor Swapping Essentials and download that and follow the instructions. So if you have been lurking on the forums here you will most likely seen this tool, and seen just how...
  17. Huitznahua

    SDT Newbie Guide

    People asking for help for things that have already answered many times bother me. I don’t think there's any wrong question but you will agree that this is annoying when people always ask the same questions again and again. So, rather than being constantly frustrated, I decided to work on a...
  18. Naduron

    Blade and Soul - How to Mod BnS (Guide and Tips)

    Someone asked me how to mod BnS, so i thought "so why not just make a guide here also"? :p How to Mod with Umod 1. Click on [Add Game] -> Client.EXE 2. Turn on [Use Global Hook] 3. Launch Blade and Soul (Do not use "Start game through uMod) (More options will now pop up) 4. Click on...
  19. SyntaxTerror

    How to make a PNG background (static)

    How to make a PNG background (static) Tutorial and tools This tutorial shows how to make a static PNG background for Vanilla or the Loader using an image and Paint.net. Check also my SWF Background Tutorial (requires a Flash editor). With some knowledge of Flash, you may extrapolate and make HD...
  20. G

    How to make static hair mods with Inkscape

    A few notes: This is my first tutorial I'm not well versed with using Inkscape I'm more comfortable with Photoshop since I've had more experience with it I've only been making hairs for about 3 months I don't use the "paint bucket" tool because it doesn't work as intended. This is a problem...