1. UrMum12345

    Medli Hair 1.0

    A Medli mod! This is my first hair mod, so please tell me what you think! :) The hair Does Not include the beak or the wings. Those are in 2 (I believe loader only) mods, A beak mod, which can be found here: MEGA The wings, which can be found here: MEGA They are a modified version of...
  2. F

    Can someone turn theese png files into Importable files? (graffiti)

    So I was looking through my old files and I found a bunch of Png's back from what I think must have been Pre undertow or at the latest it's early days. They are a series of Body graffiti Images (I checked for transparency) already built up around the womans body layed out in different sections...
  3. Uiridium_Chimera

    Tera: UtHelper Export/Import Issue

    I cannot seem to get UtHelper to properly export or import certain types of textures, such as diffuse maps for the legs and hands, specular maps for the legs and hands, or normal maps for the hands. It also cannot show previews for these types of textures, and it just pops up and error message...
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