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  1. A

    black desert online bones can't use,i need help

    I brought up the models and maps from the PAZ tool, and when I imported them into BLENDER and MAMY, I found that there was no skeleton import. And the skeleton is in. PAB format. I can't use it in software. Only 3D OBJECT can be used to view them. Is there any other way to improve my work by...
  2. Zaronia

    Is there a way to Custom character export for Black Desert

    Hello there, I would like to know if it is a possible way to export your 3D custom character in black desert. For example with the edited face, height, muscles, etc, as a single or separate mesh(es). Hope some of you expert people have/know a way to do that. I'm really sorry if it isn't the...
  3. W

    Revealing Ahon Kirus Armor

    so i've been experimenting with black desert. i've found that you can remove part of armor by just deleting some of the part in texture file (image). so here's, my first experiment, since no one making lewd version of this armor. (i dont know if theres one :O) What i do just deleting some part...
  4. UndercoverPervert

    Better Stats 0.1.3

    Modifications made to improve the game* by providing more details that are either unavailable or obscured. * Modifications are made to my tastes and preferences, this may include changing certain parts of the UI or other game features. Visit the thread for more details.
  5. UndercoverPervert

    Better Stats for Black Desert Online

    Better Stats Modifications made to improve the game* by providing more details that are either unavailable or obscured. * Modifications are made to my tastes and preferences, this may include changing certain parts of the UI or other game features. Latest build was made for NA/EU version 929...
  6. hyko23

    Black Desert Online Lahn Body Size DATA Fix

    When I first used Black Desert Online Resorepless Nude Mod to mod the body size of Lahn Class, it didn't work. I asked around, found out there was a bug. So I managed to find out where the bug was thanks to @suzu 's help. On the screenshot below, there were an extra line for the "minimum"...
  7. C

    Edit Black desert Skill effect colors

    Hi, i have been trying to change the color the DK awakening skills but i can only find the texture for the effect themselves (colorless) any help would be really apreciated
  8. UndercoverPervert

    Restore N' Patch

    Restores the latest backup of the meta file, launches the game's launcher, attempts to find the game's process and suspend it, the code then performs patches to the meta if an update was detected and resumes the process.
  9. UndercoverPervert

    Meta Injector 1.4.0

    A port of BlackFireBR's Meta Injector utilizing the BDO Toolkit library.
  10. UndercoverPervert

    BDO Toolkit 1.3.0

    A .NET modding library for Black Desert Online, installations required for users intending to use projects depending on the library. Click the "Find more info" button for more details.
  11. UndercoverPervert

    BDO Toolkit - A .NET modding library for Black Desert Online

    BDO Toolkit A .NET modding library for Black Desert Online Requirements .NET Framework 4.6.1 Installation/Usage Download the archive anywhere on your computer. Unzip all the files in the archive. Open the executable "BDOToolkit Installer.exe". Press 1 then enter, and then any key to exit...
  12. H

    Black Desert height mod

    Any possibility of somebody implementing something like this? Just increased sliders for (Both min and max) for height would be great. If it's not possible/feasible, ah well! Thanks in advance either way!
  13. A

    Black Desert Online FOV

    Hello, after some time browsing around and using the meta injector, and the pazextractor, i looked around and tried to do this myself, but im at a loss here, i found some weird fx files related to the fov camera, but i cant make sense of it since i never worked with this type of stuff. Anyway...
  14. Vallil

    [BDO]FAQ and troubleshooting, read before asking for help

    I decided to make this thread since there seems to be a lot of people constantly asking for help with fairly simple stuff and which have equally simple solutions, i'll also include a brief explanation of how mods work and so you can figure out stuff on your own. 1.Modding tools and how to use...
  15. Lihime

    Black Desert Online - Searching for Blood Texture

    Hello, I'm looking for the texture of blood when damaged. I've found red textures from the game folder's effect\texture\ only to know that they are scattering effect not covering body. At least 2 in the black box are my character's blood pool. They are in texture\. I'll keep searching...
  16. Thermalpulse

    BDO Armor Request

    So... I've seen what people can do thanks to meta injector with armor and thus giving me an idea I hope I'm not alone in... Armor that isn't perverse- until broken. Basically my request is for better looking armor (akin to PrincessNicky's less revealing armors) that doesn't reveal genitalia...
  17. Xiobe

    Black Desert Online Transparent Kibelius

    Hello. I've been looking for hours, but searching on the forum is very difficult. I'm trying to find the mod that already exists that makes the cloth part of the kibelius mod completely transparent. I've seen the threads with the other Black Desert armors and costumes, but I'm not looking for...
  18. YoungKai

    MR Launcher

    OVERVIEW Games such as Black Desert Online is launched through a game patcher. The game patcher may detect your mod file(s) and cause problem. MR Launcher is a script that will automate the process of: Restore from original backup of game files, so you start off clean. Launch the game...
  19. HappyGuy

    Black Desert: Color change for red eyed black smoke demon

    Simple as that. I'd LOVE to see a color swap for this demonic little piece of shit. Blue/green eyes and white smoke if anyone is capable and willing to invest the time in it. I'll be working on it myself in my free time, but a better modder can most likely beat me to the punch. I'd appreciate...
  20. E

    [Black Desert] Gender Swap

    can someone please make a gender swapping mod. Love playing Tamer, and Sorc but I hate having to play female. I know its probably far fetched and very difficult to achieve any of what I'm requesting, but can somebody please try to make a mod that changed all female classes into male or vise...
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