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  1. O

    Black Desert Online Patch Overrides mods

    So the newest update to the game that came out yesterday (Nov. 30-22) seems to keep overriding all my paz files when the launcher opens. So I saved all my paz files to a different drive, and then tried to paste them back over after the launcher did it's thing. And as soon as I hit start game it...
  2. Guardian's New Nude Body for the Black Desert

    Guardian's New Nude Body for the Black Desert ver.2

    This is a modification of the nude body of a Black Desert character.
  3. Resource icon

    Meta Patcher 1.1.0

    Applies a correcting patch to meta files to allow mods to work once again.
  4. UndercoverPervert

    Black Desert Online region "unblocking" research

    Since NA/EU is the only region that remains "unblocked" by PA's server-sided check, and I do not have the time to work on this, here's a small dump of information for anyone willing to work on a workaround. Goal: Alter CRC result (4 bytes usually represented as uint32) of the entire...
  5. Black Desert Online Nude Mods For Meta Injector

    Black Desert Online Nude Mods For Meta Injector 2022-04-25

    Here are the textures and 3D mods I created for the Black Desert.
  6. I

    Want Tutorial for Black Desert Online outfit modding

    I have been trying to get mods working on BDO recently, and I can't figure out how to get anything past every outfit being fully nude. I am looking at other threads like this one Black Desert Naked Mod In Suzu, and everyone is posting pictures of modded outfits that they made, but I can't figure...
  7. Resource icon

    Extended sliders for Black Desert 3

    Extends the sliders of sliders to make characters sizes even further
  8. BDO Ranger La Medellin Damaged Edit for Meta Injector

    BDO Ranger La Medellin Damaged Edit for Meta Injector 1.0.0

    Outfit edit of La Medellin for Ranger
  9. suzu ( 鈴

    Nude Mods for the Female characters in BlackDesertOnline

    The basis of modding is a 3d mesh. Nude body shapes are 3D nipples and 3D pussy. I'm modifying all the meshes in the costume. The modifications were made so that the body does not protrude from the clothes. Modifications that increase exposure are processed textures. In the textures...
  10. A

    black desert online PAA files - Help request

    any one knows a way to import bdo animation file PAA to any 3d program (blender /3ds /C4D) like converting it to fbx . and thnks
  11. AN69

    BDO Modding Info (WiP)

  12. AN69

    BDO Modding For Beginners

    Installing Nude Mods: First you will need to get: Followed by: EDIT by moderator. The files partcutdesc.xml and parthidedesc.xml are needed. However, the links to those files are broken, and @AN69 has not logged in since May. Along with...
  13. AN69

    Help BDO - Mods, Textures, Resources, and Others!

    Hey guys! In the wake of the upcoming :eek: SITE CLOSURE/TRANSFER :eek: :frown: I am asking if EVERYONE could lend a helping hand to a certain project... In the BDO side of this site are hundreds of mods/textures/resources/more about modding, etc, that I wish to archive and amass in order to...
  14. A

    BDO help first time modding need help with nude mod.

    Hi im trying to install nude mods for BDO and i cant seem to figure out which forum or thread tells me the right thing to do. I want to have all of the females nude but im kinda lost on what to do. If anyone can help with a simple step by step on what to download(Providing links be nice) for...
  15. U

    Black Desert Online UVanimations Hair Fur Animation

    This is the way. Make hair fur or maybe another thing to curl move flow and other. like this strikers hair. 1. You need file that called UVanimation its inside bdo paz in same folder with partcutdesc. For those who doesnt have unpacked paz i will upload clean uvanimation. 2. Put that file in...
  16. U

    BDO combined hairstyles.

    Dont know where i can ask my question. Is it even posible to put hair model on piersing or glasses for make combined hairstyle? I replase model but its not use actual haircolor its just white. Does anyone know how make colorable custom hair? Because even in white it looks amazing. P.S. Making...
  17. T

    BDO - Body missing / Body clipping through outfit - Help Thread

    Hey! Please use this thread for discussion / problem solving in regards to body missing (hole) or body clipping through outfits. I will start by sharing what i know. I. Fundamentals You will need the knowledge of the game file structure to find files and their location. This is needed to edit...
  18. BDO Hyper Breasts for Shai

    BDO Hyper Breasts for Shai 2019-11-05

    Massive implants because Shai doesn't get boob sliders
  19. BDO Shai Outfits for Meta Injector

    BDO Shai Outfits for Meta Injector 2019-11-05

    Outfits for Lolicon body
  20. BDO Shai Outfits (BDSM themed) For Meta Injector

    BDO Shai Outfits (BDSM themed) For Meta Injector 2019-10-24

    BDSM Style Outfits for Shai class


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