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A Zako Role Play Story

Discussion in 'Zako' started by ZakoFighter, Nov 29, 2016.

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    Feb 24, 2016
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    After reading the Zako forums for quite a while @lowlyzako3 and myself thought to contribute an ongoing Zako RP we have been working on. The story is somewhat based on the Power Rangers format in that the Power Rangers exist and a Criminal Syndicate (Anti Ranger Organization) exists with a mission to eliminate the Rangers. The Syndicate is made up of several minions from the Power Rangers universe and recruits and kidnaps new members into joining. The RP is still process of being formatted, but below is Chapter 1...

    Tom, a 19 year old college freshman, wanted to enlist to the anti ranger organization. He was eager to prove himself to the higher ups in the organization. Also, many recruiters from the organization targeted boys and girls such as him who seemed likely to follow orders. Tom was a Dropout of his college's volleyball team and wanted to prove himself both physically and as a team player. As he entered the organization's HQ he noticed all sorts of patrollers and soldiers. Putties, which were there for sentry duty. Training putties, which were there for menial cleaning tasks, Pirahnatrons, Loogies and Batlings. Who were overseeing the recruiting operation and occasionally execute an attack on the training putties for the new recruits. Tom wanted to enlist to the Batling corps. He liked their black uniform and thought he will look good in them. He also thought the girl Batlings look better in these uniforms. Tom wondered about looking for the line for the Batling recruitment post as he met another young recruit named Chris. Chris was also a college freshman. His body was skinny and the suit showed his body definition quite well.
    Chris: Hey man: are you here also to be recruited for the Batling patrollers?
    Tom: Yeah... Ive just arrived.
    Chris: Good then. Put these uniform all now before our group is dispatched to an assignment.
    Tom: An assignment already? We've just arrived.
    Chris: I know. But a suspicious teenager has been sighted in the playground doing gymnastics drills... and we're the closest squad to that park. We've been told that this will test our skills instead of the usual training. Dont worry, a putty unit will be there before we get there so we can assess the situation before we engage her Tom: So it's true? The rumor that the rangers are high school teenagers?
    Chris: apparently so... Why? Think you're not up to it? Tom: Don't be silly... hehehe... Tom gets his clothes off, including his boxer shorts, and slips into the tight black batling uniform. The female batling recruits stare at him doing so. The female recruits look limber and perky. Their uniform is holding their body tightly and show off any movement of their parts. While looking at tom they blush under their batling masks. Tom sees their stare and blushes also, his concentration lowers and he stumbles about white putting on his uniform. The other batlings take notice and giggle at him.
    Chris says awkwardly: Hey... Shut up you!

    Chapter 2 coming soon.
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    Feb 24, 2016
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    Chapter 2: First encounter with Kim
    Tom, Chris and the rest of their putties squad head stealthily to the park where the suspected ranger was spotted.

    Tom: Perhaps we should send a patrol of putties to test our suspect?
    Chris: Good Idea! That way we can be sure of out teenage suspect... don't have to tire ourselves.

    The putty patrol squad arrives and stand straight in line. They are mixed putty patrol of males and femmes. Their body is skinny and limber.

    Tom is thinking: pathetic weak putties... It's a good thing that are here to do the grunt work...

    In the meantime, Kim Finishes school and decides to walk home thru the park instead of taking the bus... She stops and lays down under a tree to read and relax. She is wearing a pink skirt and top.
    Tom: Okay putties! We have spotted our suspect. She is there relaxing and reading under the tree. You will attack her and make her reveal herself as the ranger... understood?!
    Putties: EEH!

    The patrol of 30 putties rush towards Kimberly yelling "BULULU!!! "
    Kim: "Oh no!! Putties! And I can't use my morpher... to many people around... "

    The first femme putty to attack the teen throws 2 punches that the ranger blocks disarming both hands. Alright as her guard is down The ranger grabs the putty by her neck and throws her into the tree she was just sitting at. The putty hits the tree and gets knocked out instantly by the force of the throw. The putties don't care about their fallen friend and continue trying to hit and grab Kimberly. Three more putties try to attack. a male putty tries to punch Kim. She holds his hands and flips him on his back. the second femme putty kicks her. she blocks and swoops her legs under, making the femme putty fall on her shoulders, knees over her head. the third putty gets a neck snap, making her drop on the male putty. In the meanwhile, The batling squad is watching from their hiding spot, waiting for Kim to ger tired. Another 2 femme putties attack on either side of her. After 2 quick blocks Kim grabs both and slams them together. Both femmes land together legs and arms mangled.
    Kim: "Oh... How cute."
    3 putties run towards her. with a single spin kick, she drops them. They fall in different positions.
    Kim: Whoa, great warm up gals... I need you in my gym class. Kim then stands in front 2 male putties”Hey there little boys... How about I teach you some manners...”
    The 2 putties look at each other "Blululu?". they are confused. Kim takes the opportunity to run close to them, do a hand stand and hit them on their head with her ankles. they both get knocked and fall on their back, legs spread. Behind her, 4 femme putties charge and surround her. Each trying to attack her. She dodges their hits with grace. making them instead hit each other with kicks and punches. One putty remains. her lags shaking as Kimberly approaches her. Kim holds her neck and asks firmly: “Who sent you?!” While holding her neck a male putty comes from behind but Kim back kicks him and turns her attention back on her helpless prey...
    Kim: "don't make do this the hard way"
    Femme: "blu..lulu..lu"
    3 more putties are surrounding Kim. afraid to get close to her seeing her grabbing the femme putty.
    Kim: "oh, you guys are scared? here... let me help..." Kim knocks the femme putty with a neck chop. “I'll get back to you later...”
    She then turns to the 3 putties, with gymnastic moves and kicks, she drops them one on top of another... They are twitching on each other Kim: "Now, back to getting information from you..." Kim is heading to the femme on the grass and sits on her belly “Will you talk? Or shall I dispatch you like your friends...?” Kim sees the femmes hips and knees shaking. Seeing an opportunity to get information she quickly grabs the crotch of the femme putty and applies a firm squeeze to her opponents sensitive parts.
    Femme: "Eehhhh!" Kim rubs her sensitive area, trying to get the putty to talk. in the meanwhile watching around looking at the fallen putty patrol. some are not moving, some are twitching, some are tying to get up, not knowing what to do. 2 male putties rush to Kim, but when they see her interrogating the putty they stop in confusion "B...B... Blulu?" A small bulge is rising in their uniform... they dont know what to do... More putties start forming up on the playground equipment, the swings, the slide, the monkey bars, looking to distract Kim from extracting information out of their fallen comrade writhing in pain and pleasure on the grass. “Wow... all this workout is making me hot... Perhaps I'll get a little more comfortable...” Kim takes her pink top off, revealing a white sports bra and takes her skirt off revealing a white panty. “Wow... Now thats much better. Now I can play with you putty monkeys” smiling at the putties on the playground equipment/ “But you stay right there femme putty... I'm not done with you!”

    Tom, watching the action from the sides whispers to his batling comrades: “Uh... Guys... We're running out of putties...”

    Kim is standing in front of the putties on the playground... “Who wants to play with me first?” She is stretching her body, like before a gymnastics routine. showing off the curves of her body. A male putty with a bulge runs over to the pink ranger hands outstretched ready to bear hug. Kim effortlessly uses his momentum against him and he flies into a swing set casually swinging upside down going limp. “Not quite what I call a perfect routine putty boy. Let me show you how it's done!”
    Kim runs up the playground equipment steps to meet a femme putty doing a cartwheel at the top. Right when the femme completes her cartwheel she is in perfect position for Kim to take an effortless jab at her chest. The femme putty with limbs flailing slides backwards down a slide. “Not bad” says Kim to the putty at the bottom of the slide. “But if you can't actually stick the landing I'll stick it in you hah!” With that the femme goes limp. Kim runs up to a femme standing on the bridge of the playground and another male putty climbing up the side of it. The femme throws a roundhouse kick dodged by Kim that finds its way right into the male putties body. The putty falls off the bridge. Looking guilty the femme runs up to the edge of the bridge looking down waiving her hands in the air.
    Femme: "blulululu!!! "
    Kim grabs the femmes legs and and flips her over the railing too. The femme lands right on top of the male putty in a 69 position. “Now that's what I call good partnering!” As Kim looks around at the twitching putties she notices that her white sports bra is revealing hard nipples. She suddenly remembers her femme friend in the grass who is still holding her spandex hips. “I didn't forget about you love! ...Who sent you?” One stomp kick to the femmes stomach sends her legs up to be caught by Kim who then calmly puts a foot in the femmes crotch and presses...
    Femme: "eeahh!! Blulu ehh!!" The putty starts pointing to the bushes where Tom, Chris and the rest of the batlings are hiding. Kim grabs the putty by the neck and between the legs and throws her at the batlings. She lands in front of Chris
    Chris: ..traitor!!! Chris uses his stun baton given to me by his mistress on the butt of the femme putty's prone body. She twitches until fall silent.
    Femme: "Blulu...lu...lu...."
    Kim: Was this her first day as a putty? ...at least she got laid! Kim takes an antagonistic stance fingers curled in a "come here" motion to the batlings)
    Chris: “Should we attack now? All of our putties have been humiliatingly defeated and lay in body piles and slumped over playground equipment. Our mistress will be here soon to see our progress! What should we do?”
    Tom: We must get her for the mistress! Tom jumps out of the bushes with 6 batlings. All holding the stun batons
    Kim: Ohh... new friends to play with... and you got toys too... 2 batlings run up to her, swinging their batons. she dodges them and kicks the batlings in the stomach with a jump-split kick. they fall to her side. she picks up both of their batons, holding one in each hand. Tom is running up to her along with 5 other batlings, She stands in front of them in her white sport bra and panties, sweating but smiling. Tom feels a bulge forming in his crotch. making him lose his concentration, tripping over on the grass The remaining batlings from his team surround Kim. She dodges their batons, hitting them with the batons she took, making them fall on one another to create a body pile. She then sits on top of them, and pushing her baton on the top batling, causing them all to twitch on one another She then gets up ans walks over to Tom
    Kim: "aww... what happened little boy?" She stands up over Tom, legs spread on each side
    Tom: I... I... Kim: Oh, dont worry... I'll be right back. I'll go say hi tot the rest of your friends... Kim walks slowly but surely to the bushes the rest of the batlings are hiding at.
    Chris: This was supposed to be easy! All batlings attack the pink ranger and get her for the mistress!!! Roughly a dozen batlings jump out of nearby bushes and drop from low hanging trees. They surround Kim stun batons raise. A pair of batlings hold a net big enough to encase Kim. Another batling steals her backpack from under the tree she was sitting at to begin with. 2 Batlings charge Kim with batons outstretched on either side of her. At the last moment she drops into a split to avoid the dual weapons and lets both Batlings stun each other instead. They both fall to either side twitching. While Kim is in a split another Batling approaches from the front. She quickly sweeps the legs out from under the Batling who lands backwards. She takes one of her batons and presses the baton in the crotch of the Batling
    Batling: "EEAAHH!!!" The Batling twitches uncontrollably.
    A femme Batling tries to swipe Kim from behind
    Kim: "I don't think so sweatheart!" Kim grabs the Batlings outstretched arm and flips her over.

    She lands on top of the twitching Batling and the force of the fall causes both of them to go limp. The Batling that stole Kims backpack waives it overhead in a taunting fashion. Kim runs up to the Batling
    Kim: "Don't touch my things!" Kim takes one of her stun batons and shoves it down the front belt of the Batling
    Kim: Now ask nicely! The Batling hesitates a moment too soon just enough time to realize what is about to happen. Kim effortlessly flicks the baton into stun mode and catches the backpack as it falls out of the Batlings hands. Kim gives a girlish chuckle and runs as the Batling lies prone squirming on the ground. 3 more Batlings give chase as Kim runs for the playground set. Kim steps on a passed out femme putty lying at the bottom of the slide and runs up the slide to the top.
    Femme Putty: "Blu!" The femme's arms and legs flail for a split second. 3 Batlings step on the femme putty running up the slide after Kim. Femme Putty: "lu!...lu!...lu! "
    Kim: "Hey bat brains.. watch what I've been working on!" At the top of the slide Kim grabs an overhead bar and performs a gymnasts bar routine effortlessly flipping her body around to kick Batling #1 backwards into Batlings 2 and 3. All 3 Batlings slide to the bottom to form a heap of black spandex with a pair of grey putty legs protruding out of the bottom.
    5 Batlings climb up to the top of the playground equipment but each one gets knocked off by Kimberly as she uses her backpack to swat each minion Kim, now glistening with sweat, sees Chris and 2 femme Batlings holding a net.
    Kim: Oh.. is that net for me?? You shouldn't have! Chris sees Kim shining the afternoon sun and hesitates a moment too long realizing that a bulge has been growing in his crotch.
    Kim somersault jumps over the 2 femme minions holding the net catching all 3 Batlings off guard. She then spins Chris and uses him as a human shield against the 2 femme minions holding him in a choke hold with one arm “Aww...I wouldn't want to get in the way of this threesome...” Kim grabs Chris growing bulge and applies a firm squeeze with her free hand
    Kim somersault jumps over the 2 femme minions holding the net catching all 3 Batlings off guard. She then spins Chris and uses him as a human shield against the 2 femme minions holding him in a choke hold with one arm “Aww...I wouldn't want to get in the way of this threesome...” Kim grabs Chris growing bulge and applies a firm squeeze with her free hand Chris: "EHH! "Both femmes look at each other confused at whats happening. Kim tightens her grip around his neck and bulge until his eyes roll back. Kim dumps him on the wooden floor then sidekicks and crotch kicks the 2 femmes so that they bounce off the railing and land on top of Chris. Kim finishes off the trio by throwing the net over the body pile and a quick press of the stun baton on top of the pile causes all 3 Batlings to twitch.
    Kim: "Now to find that boy!...."
    Tom sees Kim walking slowly towards him. He gets up and looks around and sees his squad disabled. He sees the mistress furious, kicking the minions body piles Kim reaches Tom, standing in front of him. He is completely shaken
    Tom: "Eahh!!! Eahhh!!"
    Kim: "Oh... thats cute..."
    Tom tries hitting her, she grabs his hands and turns him around into a choke mode. she passes her finger from the middle of his chest down to his belly and onto his crotch and bulge.
    : "EAHHH!!"
    Kim: "Oh... Are you excited?" Kim turns him towards around, pushing him on his back. Tom falls and twitches on the grass
    Kim: "Now to get on with my day... Lets hope this was just a random attack..."

    The first ambush of the minions against the Pink Ranger fails, but the minions won't give up that easily... Until next time.
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