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A Zako Role Play Story

Discussion in 'Zako' started by ZakoFighter, Nov 29, 2016.

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    Feb 24, 2016
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    After reading the Zako forums for quite a while @lowlyzako3 and myself thought to contribute an ongoing Zako RP we have been working on. The story is somewhat based on the Power Rangers format in that the Power Rangers exist and a Criminal Syndicate (Anti Ranger Organization) exists with a mission to eliminate the Rangers. The Syndicate is made up of several minions from the Power Rangers universe and recruits and kidnaps new members into joining. The RP is still process of being formatted, but below is Chapter 1...

    Tom, a 19 year old college freshman, wanted to enlist to the anti ranger organization. He was eager to prove himself to the higher ups in the organization. Also, many recruiters from the organization targeted boys and girls such as him who seemed likely to follow orders. Tom was a Dropout of his college's volleyball team and wanted to prove himself both physically and as a team player. As he entered the organization's HQ he noticed all sorts of patrollers and soldiers. Putties, which were there for sentry duty. Training putties, which were there for menial cleaning tasks, Pirahnatrons, Loogies and Batlings. Who were overseeing the recruiting operation and occasionally execute an attack on the training putties for the new recruits. Tom wanted to enlist to the Batling corps. He liked their black uniform and thought he will look good in them. He also thought the girl Batlings look better in these uniforms. Tom wondered about looking for the line for the Batling recruitment post as he met another young recruit named Chris. Chris was also a college freshman. His body was skinny and the suit showed his body definition quite well.
    Chris: Hey man: are you here also to be recruited for the Batling patrollers?
    Tom: Yeah... Ive just arrived.
    Chris: Good then. Put these uniform all now before our group is dispatched to an assignment.
    Tom: An assignment already? We've just arrived.
    Chris: I know. But a suspicious teenager has been sighted in the playground doing gymnastics drills... and we're the closest squad to that park. We've been told that this will test our skills instead of the usual training. Dont worry, a putty unit will be there before we get there so we can assess the situation before we engage her Tom: So it's true? The rumor that the rangers are high school teenagers?
    Chris: apparently so... Why? Think you're not up to it? Tom: Don't be silly... hehehe... Tom gets his clothes off, including his boxer shorts, and slips into the tight black batling uniform. The female batling recruits stare at him doing so. The female recruits look limber and perky. Their uniform is holding their body tightly and show off any movement of their parts. While looking at tom they blush under their batling masks. Tom sees their stare and blushes also, his concentration lowers and he stumbles about white putting on his uniform. The other batlings take notice and giggle at him.
    Chris says awkwardly: Hey... Shut up you!

    Chapter 2 coming soon.