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Aug 18, 2017
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Hello Everyone, its been a while since I've done anything with this Thread... :oops::oops::oops:
I've been busy with stuff so there hasn't been anything other than some base ideas for dialogues (Specifically modded ones like dialogueactions, moretriggers, etc ). If you're interested and would like to help out
PM me for more deets!

So, here are some of the ideas...

Alleyway Dialogue
A beautiful woman decides to call it a night, after having a little too much to drink at the club. As she stumbles out into a nearby alleyway to go home she spots you, an employee just taking out the trash. As she wobbles towards you in her drunken state, she mistakes you as her ex-boyfriend, creating an awkward yet highly sexual tension between the two of you...

Strip Club Dialogue
Before you tie the knot with your long-time girlfriend, you and the best mates decide to head out to a local strip club for one last hurrah! Little did you know, that you're soon to be bride is working there at the strip club! With flashing lights and loud music, it's hard to get her to notice you; so in a desperate attempt, you decide to pull out whatever money you have on you to try and get her attention...

Jobs Dialogue
After leaving work early, you decide to visit your girlfriend at one of her many jobs. Are you there to say hello and hangout, or are you there to be a little nuisance its up to you ... as it may or may not result in the event that the two of you lose your apartment, have a break up, and or even be in-debt to the local mafia waht...

Slave Dialogue
There was an assassination attempt against you, and the wannabe killer has been captured. As she is taken away to her cell, a thought occurred to you. With no heir to the throne, and all nearby queens/princesses having seemingly been married away, who is left to bare your child that will rule in you're absent. So with a smirk on your face, you decide to visit your new prisoner, to give out the punishment that they deserved...

Porn Shoot Dialogue
The male model misses the shoot after becoming ill from an apparent Ligma disease, leaving a well-known and loved pornstar void of anyone to work with. Surprisingly (at the last second...), the director decided to choose you to be in front of the cameras this time! Although inexperienced as you are, you'll have to find a way to last long enough for her work her magic, and maybe... even show off a little of your own...

Workout Dialogue
You're a yoga instructor trying to help one of your yogis after class. As she learns new ways to bend she'd never knew possible, things go gone wrong... gone sexual... whoops you slipped on a banana...

Detention Dialogue
You were the top student of your school before being caught having a scandalous affair with the principals' head cheer-leading daughter. As you sit there in detention awaiting your punishment, the thought of expulsion loomed over you. However, you were surprised to find that you weren't going to be expelled, or receive and punishment. Except... you'd have to prove yourself. Prove to the principal why you're the top student of her school...

Escort Dialogue
An escort is paid to do a job at a nearby luxury hotel. She knew these kinds of clients all too well; fat, rich, only five-minute men, this would've been easy money. However, as experienced as she was, it did not prepare her for the short surprise that awaited her...

Lifeguard Dialogue
You were chilling out at the beach with your oversized arm floaties, when you somehow... managed to drown yourself. Luckily for you, a lifeguard nearby noticed your sorry condition and came to the rescue. Eventually, you wake up in a nearby tent, where you find her giving a closer inspection of you...

Other than that.... Not much else except for this link to my other thread here.

Till then, see ya!
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Aug 18, 2017
So, Its been a while since I've updated this thread... and I'd like some help!
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