1. B

    Breadmans Dialogue Pack V1.1

    Over 9 months of work, I'm happy to finally share this with the SDT community. This is a SuperDeepthroat Dialogue pack that all has 5 new unique mods. Most of the mods use stuntcocks Breath Hack V1.1, Better Feet and ThroatBulgeRangeIncrease. THERE IS A README.TXT IN THE FOLDER! MAKE SURE YOU...
  2. Deltavoid

    DAPRA - Pregnancy Dialogue Minigame Package V1.1.0a

    Welcome to the Delta Adoption and Pregnancy Research Agency (DAPRA) Glad to have you on our research team. Department:Research Division:Pregnancy Subdivision:Intimacy Assignment:PROJECT MOTHERMAKER PROJECT MOTHERMAKER Fuck the subject vaginally until she gets pregnant then continue to fuck her...
  3. Deltavoid

    [Poll] DAPRA - Pregnancy Minigame Dialogue (alpha v1.1.0a resource bugfix)

    V1.1.0 - resource pack release (Approved August 2, 2018) now split up into 3 Dialogue "modules" Dialogue.txt: (the main module) contains the main portion of the dialogue DAPRA_Settings.txt: (the settings module) I moved the settings from the top of the main module to its own file. it gets...
  4. sby

    dialogdisplayedit V6

    dialogdisplayeditV1 modifies alpha and text and background of the dialog box. delays box from showing until actual text (spaces are text). used when actions before dialog would've popped up blank window settings adjust colors and alphas includes persist option to act like a module that stays...
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