1. S

    Animtools Position Bug(?)

    I've created a few Blowjob positions on Animtools, and I'm running into an issue where she will get stuck during an Auto movement. Like, she'll be halfway down the penis and get stuck there. It's different than a basic hold, because she will be there until she passes out, and you can tell that...
  2. Blowjob On A Couch (animtools positions)

    Blowjob On A Couch (animtools positions) 1.0

    15 timeline-based positions
  3. Music Video

    Music Video

    Making another music video using different video editing filters and direction. Enjoy.
  4. W

    Default Animtools "Voices" NOT working?

    I can't seem to find any thread that describes this specific issue, been searching for a few hours as well as tinkering with some settings, so I guess it's time to throw a thread out... Issue: When using STD, the "Char Voices Enabled/Disabled" button doesn't seem to do anything (Dialogue box is...
  5. Him Sitting Animtools Positions

    Him Sitting Animtools Positions Him Sitting Positions V2

    Him Sitting Animtool Positions
  6. SparringPack

    SparringPack 1.0

    A faster-paced pack with branching options
  7. K

    Animtools save always miss

    I'm trying the famous Animtools now. When I tested a position with pulling her arms backward and saved, the arm's animation movement disappeared suddenly. At a glance there's no change but her arms was fixed to the end of the animation (on her breast) position and don't moves anymore. The...
  8. SaunaPack

    SaunaPack 1.1

    A Short Demo of Various Positions
  9. 456

    animtools is being weird

    why? it places the guy there no matter the position is there some type of him lock? i just switched loaders
  10. I

    [animtools] is there a way to straighten her legs all the way?

    I'm working in the Animtools Editmode tool, attempting to make a strappado pose similar to [links], but I can't seem to make her legs straighten out. I don't know if this was just never anticipated by the tool's creator, but I feel like it should be possible, since I've seen the game...
  11. S

    [SOLVED] Animtools "Doggystyle" clipping

    I'm getting a bug in Animtools v35 that only occurs when I'm using a "doggystyle" position, be it pussy (pos2) or ass (pos3). The penis seems to pass through or layer above the womens body, only disappearing when it reaches the "torso" layer. However, "missionary" positions seem to work fine, as...
  12. AOT Titan dialogue

    AOT Titan dialogue 1.0

    A female character from AOT is captured and thrown in a cell with a special titan.
  13. Resource icon

    Ai Hayasaka dialogue 2.0

    Ai Hayasaka sucks off a Shinomiya
  14. Wet Penetration

    Wet Penetration 1.1

    Makes his penis look wet during vaginal/anal sex
  15. G

    Dominant Animtools option

    What exactly the use of dominant option in Animtools? Can be use to a dialog - triggers lines depends on its selection? And how? Thanks :)
  16. Bunnies Loader Pack

    Bunnies Loader Pack 1.0

    Four characters with a short set of scripts to try out
  17. L

    Animtools buggy

    Uhm I had a question about the mod ''AnimtoolsV35'', whenever I use some oral positions it works. But whenever I try to use certain ones or mostly vaginal or anal positions both characters are buggy and aren't where they are supposed to be. Either the man is floating or the girl is collapse on...
  18. D


    So I'm writing a dialogue and I'm using the function [ANIMTOOLS_$POSITIONFILENAME]. I call a position in the settings folder in the intro, but later when I call a different position ALSO in the settings folder, I get a file not found error. Am I mistaken about which directory this function pulls...
  19. Resource icon

    Cowgirl holding hand 1.0

    She holds his hand while riding
  20. fiendy

    Animtools Positions

    Is there a way to add a big list of animtools positions to ingame Loader section? I know there was a way to add them one by one, but it seems to be like a job for 1.5+ hours...


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