1. CreamforPussy.png


    Quite a bit of "production" value in this one, if you catch my drift~ This time I used Sketchbook to draw on the collar and the tail ribbon, as well as adding a bunch of shadows here and there. Oh, and the cum. Can't forget the cum.
  2. CoedLessonsTextless.png


    The same image without text. Which do you prefer?
  3. CoedLessons.png


    Teacher gives some encouragement to her college students before the big game. Trying some more posing. The text is made in Shotcut and then another copy of it is smooshed underneath to give the glow effect.
  4. BikiniSessions2.png


    My favorite is... all of them! At the same time. Both ends. Trying this scene again, now with some touchups using Sketchbook.
  5. OralExam.png


    Oh that reminds me, I gotta schedule my next appointment. This time I tried using the airbrush tool in Sketchbook to paint the cum.
  6. BikiniSessions.png


    Oh the one with the red bikini? Yeah that one's a classic. Messing around again in Shotcut and MSPaint to make screenshots. It's kinda tricky to line up all the limbs correctly.
  7. VIPBunnies.png


    Not Photoshop, just messing around with Shotcut and MSPaint. It's a bit much to try and animate but screencaps like these have their own charm, don't you think? Do remember though, these bunny ladies charge loads...
  8. TakingTurns.mp4


    A little quick movements here and there, and voila! She can turn her head! Kinda...
  9. S

    Animtools Positions

    I am experiencing issues with some positions where "her" will get stuck and not be able to move or pull off of the penis. This seems to be different from a standard hold, as it also occurs in "self" auto mode. When not using auto mode, the position works fine. Any ideas on what could be causing...
  10. FiveonFive.mp4


    Trying out some fullbody positions as well as putting them all side-by-side. Wish I had some feet rotators!
  11. Six Anal Doggystyle Positions

    Six Anal Doggystyle Positions 1

    Anal Positions
  12. CumminThrough.mp4


    Trying out some more concepts with fabric. This time she remembered to bring some lube.
  13. GymBeats.mp4


    I hear this is a lot easier to do in Adobe but I only got ShotCut. So... here's my attempt at putting together one of these things with MSPaint and Shotcut
  14. GhostlyVisit.mp4


    While messing around in Shotcut I found an interesting interaction using the Chroma Key and Glow functions. Be careful not to get too much ectoplasm on you!
  15. SelfService.mp4


    I made a little picture of his hand to move around in video editing. This time she'll watch you put in the work for a change...
  16. DoubleTeamed.mp4


    One from the front and one from the back. I had to line up the pixels on one scene to get it to work.
  17. TightFit.mp4


    Trying out some positions inside a confined space. The lighting is a gradient overlay using a basic image and add-on scripting available in sby's default pack. It's always nice to have some privacy...
  18. PumpIt.mp4


    Having a lil fun around this concept. Maybe someone can make a mod of it?
  19. D

    Animtool Posture Lines

    I just downloaded animtool and was wondering how to make the body posture lines/position lines invisible Pic to point out what I am having trouble with:-
  20. LockerCam.mp4


    Using various filters in ShotCut to create this scenario. Also messing a little with the audio tools. Wait a minute, who put these cameras here?

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