1. Hank East

    Animtools Position - Caretaker Handjob 2020-09-12

  2. Hank East

    Animtools Position - Double decker 2020-09-04

    Edited version of a position by Tickles.
  3. Hank East

    Animtools Position - Head on Pole Facefuck 2020-09-04

    Edited and improved version of one of the default positions from latest animtools release.
  4. Hank East

    Animtools Position - Facefuck 2020-09-04

  5. sorrowww

    Sorrowww's Sin City && Sex Positions

    Welcome to =-=-=Sorrowww's Kama Sutra!!=-=-= My archived collection of works, most if not all of which can be found in my game "Sin City". They are organized based on their location as well as position types. Note: the game itself has many many more positions than listed here but I selected...
  6. Hank East

    Animtools Position - Molesting 2020-08-13

    Technically there isn't supposed to be any actual penetration, but whether or not you think there is is up to you
  7. Hank East

    Animtools Position - Prone Bone 2020-08-12

    Edited version of tickle's prone bone position. For those who'd like to replicate the character in the screenshot, check the description of my bed end position.
  8. Hank East

    Animtools Positions - Bed End Facefuck 1

    For those who'd like to know how to replicate the character in the screenshot:
  9. R

    Animtools editmode keys and loading?

    Could someone please inform me on how to activate editmode for animtools as i cant use the hotkeys to change position. I would also like to know how to load postions in the loader tab in the menu of the game, i read the guide but still couldnt quite understand. Thx a million.
  10. S

    A Few Things...

    I've been having a few issues, and while they're ways around them it's tedious and would be much easier if I asked for expert help so they won't happen anymore. 1. Sometimes the Loader won't load any of the mods and will say "Mod Loading Failed" on startup. This sometimes happens after long...
  11. L

    Increase pleasure by contact with breast in animtools?

    Hi all, I'm attempting to make a custom position in animtools, and I've got it all set up to work the way I want except for one problem: I can't figure out how to increase pleasure when the penis makes contact with the breasts. I've tried enabling "pleasure from bodycontact" and increasing the...
  12. Hank East

    Animtools Position - Reverse chair sex 2020-06-30

  13. Hank East

    Animtools Position - Forced Facefuck 2020-06-27

    This position is a little buggy and most bottoms mods will look off, but that can't be helped.
  14. Hank East

    Animtools Position - Laydown Paizuri 2020-06-13

    Edited this from someone else's animation, but I can't remember which, sorry :/
  15. Hank East

    Animtools Position - Angled Facefuck 2020-06-13

  16. T

    I need help getting mods to work.

    I have the loader and the base game and they both appear to be working fine, so I'm currently attempting to get animtools working since it seemed to be the best explained installation process. As far as I can tell I have all the files it the place the video guide told me to put them, but when...
  17. J

    How to Change Animtool Voice

    After making the title the same , I changed the file in the 'Dirty audio' folder with the mp3 file I had. But it doesn't work. If you know how to change Animtool voice, then let me know.
  18. B

    Keep hunnie pop sound when loading custom characters

    Hello - the issue I am facing is that when I start the loader, the hunnie pop sounds that play are as according to my animtoolsettings (set to =3, beli). However, whenever I load a custom character through the loader's menu, the sounds default back to 1, aiko. Is this something that needs to be...
  19. L

    How to remove animtools voices?

    I'm not really a fan of the included voices in the pack, is there any way I can remove them? I've tried deleting all the mp3 files but I use sby's loaderpack so I might not have deleted the right thing.
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