1. Super18

    More tears compatibility for DialogueActions?

    I wanted to see some DialogueActions triggers/variables for a combination of stuff already in the loader through Eyemakeupv1.0 and the 'non-stop tears' mod. (If somehow parts of this already exist please ignore those parts) In particular; - a variable for arithmatics to allow for some deficit...
  2. Wither

    "[SPIT]", "[SPLAT]" and "[LICK]" Dialogueaction triggers

    Originally asked DrZombi if they could make this since they did the original More Triggers for Dialogueactions mod, but since they don't appear to be working on that project anymore I figured I'd put this request here to see if it got any bites. Simply put, I'm looking for 3 additional triggers...
  3. L

    DialogueActions and Overtops

    Hi all. I'm working on a dialogue with progressive stripping, but I can't seem to remove a character's overtop using DialogueActions. I've checked the documentation and these forums, but haven't been able to find an answer. Any solutions or suggestions on a workaround would be massively...
  4. SceneMove

    SceneMove 2019-03-20

    Allows scene/camera movement functionality via dialogue triggers
  5. Antimatter42

    Making Loader Packs

    Hey guys, it's me again. My Clara Loft remake is pretty much done now, and now I'm just making the loader pack. The issue I'm having, however, is that dialogueactions can't seem to load the needed mods when [LOAD_MOD] is triggered, even though I put all of my mods in my $INIT$ folder. On the...
  6. tickles

    tickles' Dialogue Depot

    <======= tickles' Dialogue Depot =======> Hello Everyone, its been a while since I've done anything with this Thread... :oops::oops::oops: I've been busy with stuff so there hasn't been anything other than some base ideas for dialogues (Specifically modded ones like dialogueactions...
  7. DAPRA - Pregnancy Dialogue Minigame Package

    DAPRA - Pregnancy Dialogue Minigame Package V1.1.0a

    An Ambitious SDT Pregnancy Dialogue Mini-game.
  8. Antimatter42

    Help With the Dialogueactionsmod

    I'm having an issue with transitions in this mod when writing a dialogue. Basically, this is what happens: intro00:"Lieutenant Fedosya, You have done well over the years I have watched you. I have seen you grow from a frightened little fledgling girl to the strong, young vampiric woman you are...
  9. Deltavoid

    [Poll] DAPRA - Pregnancy Minigame Dialogue (alpha v1.1.0a resource bugfix)

    V1.1.0 - resource pack release (Approved August 2, 2018) now split up into 3 Dialogue "modules" Dialogue.txt: (the main module) contains the main portion of the dialogue DAPRA_Settings.txt: (the settings module) I moved the settings from the top of the main module to its own file. it gets...
  10. D

    Dialog Cheet Sheet

    Seems the dialog guides are a bit outdated, and this is not intended to be comprehensive but a simple update to the others. This is not a complete list, I decided to leave out some of the more complex triggers that you would want to reference the guides or have a full example how to implement...
  11. edgelord 3000

    Edgelord 3000's dialogues

    WARNING Most of these dialogs features underage girls (exceptions will be noted with the "not lolicon" tag). Their ages are never stated, but from the way they talk or act, there's no denying that they're very much underage (or, at best, adults engaging in ageplay). If that's not your thing, you...
  12. The Hacker Known As Snow

    Dialouges with buttons not working with DA v4.09

    I have SDTDialogueActionsv4.08.swf and SDTDialogueActionsv4.09dev3.swf and neither show buttons on any of my dialogues that use buttons. I've attached the files I'm trying to use.
  13. Mother mouth rape Beta

    Mother mouth rape Beta 2017-08-11

    sdt, mother, no clothing support, bound
  14. Darth Vader

    Dialogue question...

    Is there a dialogue workaround that will cause her to lick balls and continue until triggered to return to penis? Found the answer in CustomAutomation.swf.
  15. Step-Sister

    Step-Sister 2017-07-21

  16. A

    AutoMoveV1 (mod)

    Three month ago I started the project to make an upgrade of the Colin's Custom Automation mod. I was so young and innocent. Now I found bugs in my sleep and wake up screaming "NaN!". But AutoMove work. AutoMoveV1 it's mainly: - 8 triggers - 38 parameters - Many sub-parameters - A free syntax -...
  17. Resource icon

    AutoMove V1 2017-06-23

    Move the girl automatically with this DialogueActions extension
  18. Rudgar

    AnimTools position vs. DialogueActions: [ARMS_BREAST]

    Hello, I need some help for I just don't understand what is going on in my situation. After creating a "dialogue position" (type 4) with @sby 's animtools I want to use it in a dialogue. There, I'm using the trigger [ARMS_BREAST] to underline how shocked she is. The result is not what I have...
  19. Dialogue: Grouped Girl Menu

    Dialogue: Grouped Girl Menu 0.3

    A dialogue providing several groups of girls to pick one
  20. HuniePop Audio Triggers

    HuniePop Audio Triggers 1.11

    Adds triggers to DialogueActions which play moaning sounds from the girls of HuniePop

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