1. Antimatter42

    Dialogue Features and Scenarios Survey

    Hey, guys! It's me again. After visiting that request thread @Perdition made regarding clothing mods and other things in order to gauge interests, I got some inspiration and decided to create my own one for dialogues. And so, I ask you the question - what scenarios and/or features do you want to...
  2. P

    Super Deepthroat Characters

    So I managed to find this pic of sejuani in SDT but I could not find the helmet and outfit anywhere ... so does anybody have it? Also if someone made dialogues for themselves with LOL characters and they did not shared them untill now please share them here since I collect them. I also colect...
  3. Antimatter42

    Super Auto-fellatio ver. 1.0

    Certainly the strangest dialogue I've written so far, it's about a girl alone in her room experimenting with her newfound superpower. It's based on the power of Arm-Fall-Off-Boy and a character code below that ds14048 told me about: bodyScale:NaN;skinhsl:0,0,4,4 Bear in mind that if you run...
  4. tickles

    tickles' Dialogue Depot

    <======= tickles' Dialogue Depot =======> Hello Everyone, its been a while since I've done anything with this Thread... :oops::oops::oops: I've been busy with stuff so there hasn't been anything other than some base ideas for dialogues (Specifically modded ones like dialogueactions...
  5. J

    Dialogue Dump

    I am posting my collection of finished & unfinished dialogue. A LOT OF THESE ARE NOT MINE I got most of them awhile ago to use & have edited them a little bit. I apologize I am not able to give credit but like I said, I got them awhile ago. I have only made SOME of them myself from scratch...
  6. N

    Need more Dialogue Bundles to play

    Recently I played the WeeWillie Dialogue Bundle and boy I got so addicted to it. I have also played Sexy Sister Saga and the MLP one, those bundles are awesome too. So I was wondering if there were some more interesting dialogue bundles I should check. Hence if you guys could tell me names of...
  7. Rudgar

    Writing Dialogues: is there a way to read her current resistance while oral sex?

    Ahoy! Long time, no questions from me recently. But now I found some time to continue me SDT project(s) ... and got stuck again. :wink: Seriously: I could need some help - in particular from @sby probably - for I am either too stupid to use search function or because I just found again...
  8. 2

    2D-generate Attempts A Dialogue - (D.Va Defiled - animation)

    So recently Iago’s excellent Bathroom Dialogue, which makes great use of DrZombi’s MoreTriggers overlays, inspired me enough to peek out of Lurkerville and finally do some bathroom scenario dialogues I always wanted to do. I cobbled together cobbled together two dialogues starring to...
  9. W

    Wix's Dialogues! (Fetish Dialogues)

    Hello, all! I thought I'd drop off some of my personal custom fetish dialogues for you. Here's the first one: Daddy's Little Slut! Daddy/little fetish, obviously. Feel free to request!
  10. DrZombi

    MoreTriggers 2.22

    First of all, please note that this mod is an extension of Pim_gd and WeeWillie's DialogueActions. THE MOD WON'T WORK if you do not load DialogueActions before you try to load it. So always make sure you have DA loaded. Personnally, I put the 2 of them in my $INIT$ folder and add them to the...
  11. S

    Stuflames' Dialogues

    I've recently gotten into SDT, and have taken advantage of lots of fantastic mods from Undertow. I like making my own dialogues, and thought I'd share what I have. "Subboy", as its name implies, is a "trap" themed dialogue. It is very basic, but might be okay if someone likes the theme...
  12. N

    Set dialogue font?

    Is there a way to set the dialogue to a certain font and color?
  13. Sykosa

    General questions from a new Dialogue writer

    Greetings all, I have been searching the forums for the following information items, which i have not found documentation of in the various dialogue action mod documents, etc. They are all related to my attempt to make a semi-progressive mod, based on a big rewrite of Feminizing Futa, with more...
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