1. T

    can someone please make a "his head" version of this?

    Sakura Dynamic Hairstyle (Short) I would really appreciate it if you could make a head for him with this hair
  2. R

    Wet Hair 1.0

    Stand-alone hair resource from the "Deep Throat Practice" dialogue / mini-game.
  3. C

    Kogasa Tatara (Touhou) Bun - Static Hair 2020-12-27

    Here's Kogasa Tatara's hair tied into a neat little bun. I traced it off the original artwork (artist credit in the .PNG file) and later coloured and shaded it on my own.
  4. Q

    Request for Him, Katsuki Bakugou (My Hero Academia)

    Hello there! I was wondering if anyone can make Katsuki Bakugou as a mod for Him. Basically a head for him with Static Hair, looking down and if you can also make the body muscular but the latter isn's so important. I will provide links to pics of his hair from the side, eyes and body right...
  5. R

    5 More Colours of Cute Bobs 2020-11-22

    This Mod Contains: Blonde: Dark Blonde: Platinum Blonde: Cherry Blonde: Redhead: Credit: Rod
  6. R

    5 Colours of Cute Bobs 2020-11-22

    This Mod Contains: Amethyst: Blue: Light Blue: Noirette: Bright Red: Credit: Rod
  7. H

    Combine Assassin 2020-11-14

    Second thing i have uploaded, love me some helmets and the combine one works perfect with this :3 might do more if I find good enough pics :3
  8. Iknowhowtousethis

    alleyway rapist positions 1.1

    Got bored and decided to have some fun experimenting with animtools. Currently contains (4) positions as of 11/24/20. Fighting Stance Choke hold Cornered Mouth Covered
  9. H

    Ronin from Rogue Company, Dynamic Hair

    Ronin from Rogue Company video game dynamic hair, or can be used if you like the shoulder length bobcut hairstyle. My first try at making a sdt mod, I apologize if it's a bit rough, I'm not an artist and drew this with my mouse (lol). I would appreciate any advice or constructive criticism...
  10. Apollion

    Mad Mewmew Static hair 2020-10-27

    hoy ! I've wanted to make a hair mod, i've looked for characthers who was not on the forum, i've seen that mad mewmew haven't been made, so i've made it :3 I used the mods from the lasted version of sby loader pack btw if some one want to do mad mewmew's clothes go ahead x), but will be hard...
  11. sorrowww

    Sorrowww's Sin City & Sex Positions

    Welcome to =-=-=Sorrowww's Kama Sutra!!=-=-= My archived collection of works, most if not all of which can be found in my game "Sin City". They are organized based on their location as well as position types. Note: the game itself has many many more positions than listed here but I selected...
  12. P

    Charlie (Hazbin Hotel) - Static Hair 2

    Four different hairstyles for Charlie...
  13. Momentum

    Izuku Her Hair - Static

    I am requesting a static hair for Izuku Midorya, I have the hair file. Hair.
  14. Momentum

    Nagisa Shiota Hair from Assasination Classroom

    Hey, I looked for this specific hair, but I could not find it. I have a gallery of references if you need it. Only a few are side views, most are partial. I don't really care what hair style it is done as. References Thanks in advance! EDIT by moderator: Static hair requested.
  15. P

    Purah Static Hair (The Legend of Zelda) 1.0

    This is my first mod, I hope you like it...
  16. S

    KDA Akali static hair 1.0

    KDA akali static hair made by myself. You might notice some imperfections since it's basically a png cut. Hope you don't bother. I advise you to play it in mirror mode, in order to have the "KDA" letters the right way.
  17. A

    Jaiden from "beyond the shelves", made by Anor3xiA 1

    I wanted a jaiden animations character, but I couldn't find any. I'm not good at drawing at all, so I found some photos I could use. I made some changes to the hair (removed the part next to her eye) here is the page from the comic: - page 6 - "beyond the shelves" made by Anor3xiA...
  18. Captain Cartogram

    Helltaker Beelzebub Static Hair 1.0

    This one could definitely use some work so I might update it later. charName:SD...
  19. Captain Cartogram

    Helltaker Pandemonica Static Hair 1.0

    I'm pretty happy with how this turned out. I had trouble getting the right skin tone so adjust it if you'd like. charName:SD...
  20. Captain Cartogram

    Teen Bulma Briefs Static Hair 1.0

    This turned out way better than my last static hair. charName:SD...
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