1. Synonymous

    Jill (RE) Outfit + Isolated Boots, Top, Shorts 2012

    Jill (RE) Outfit + Isolated Boots, Top, Shorts by Synonymous
  2. darkside 967

    bianca abecrombie hair

    hi darkside 967 hier is my first creation hope your guy like it
  3. Kyruel

    Ajna from Indivisible rpg

  4. S

    Elaina Static Hair 1.0

    Hope you enjoy. This is my very first creation
  5. T

    Genshin Impact character's hair import (mod folder)

    This is my mod folder of genshin Impact character, it's almost not mine. This folder is in Loader\Mods\ Sorry my english is so bad.
  6. kbtittakuya

    Azur Lane Shinano 2021-09-27

  7. Will most likely forget

    Rally Vincent static hair 2021-09-13

    Rally Vincent from Gunsmith Cats still remains one of my favorite anime characters of all time. A gun wielding, Shelby driving, busty anime chick. Honestly the best combination in history.
  8. Kyruel

    Zoroark hair test

    my first try
  9. Bigbadonkadonks

    Mary Jane Watson Static Hair [Spiderman Comics] 1

    Static hair mod [Non RGB adjustable] + It's a bit messy This is the first mod I've ever made, so it's a bit botchy. However I think I did an okay job in terms of the art; Here's a preview of what it looks like, In-game. :
  10. Will most likely forget

    Dragon Maid Elma (no horn) 2021-08-23

    Recently I made a static hair of my favorite character in Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, Elma. Two major pieces of feedback I got were that I should make one without the horn and fix the ear. I decided to make this one even better than what I made before.
  11. Will most likely forget

    Dragon Maid Elma static hair 2021-08-23

    Fans of Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid may know Elma as the woman who is constantly hungry and eating anything. Now she's hungry for a dick. I will be sure to release one without the horn (and a little sharper looking)
  12. Will most likely forget

    Maki Nishikino static hair 2021-08-06

    Let me know if you have any issues
  13. Will most likely forget

    Kasane Teto static hair 2021-08-04

    It's a little blurry at the moment. I'll make sure to give her some touchups in the future.
  14. Will most likely forget

    Oozora Subaru static hair 2021-08-03

  15. Will most likely forget

    Mami Nanami Rent a GF static hair 2021-08-03

    Its the worst girl in Rent a GF and now she finally gets what's coming to her!
  16. Will most likely forget

    Uruha Rushia Hololive static hair 2021-08-02

    Theres not enough Hololive content for SDT
  17. Will most likely forget

    Gawr Gura static hair 2021-08-02

    Its everybody's favorite shark coming straight to SDT for you horny fucks to enjoy! I will give it a few touchups as time goes on.
  18. kbtittakuya

    Azur Lane Bremerton 2021-07-25

    I created the hairs of Bremerton, the character of Azur Lane. you can download it if you like it.
  19. kbtittakuya

    Azur Lane Bremerton

    I created the hairs of Bremerton, the character of Azur Lane. you can download it if you like it.
  20. Hornymaster

    Princess Snake DBZ static hair 2021-07-24


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