1. Captain Cartogram

    Helltaker Beelzebub Static Hair 1.0

    This one could definitely use some work so I might update it later. charName:SD...
  2. Captain Cartogram

    Helltaker Pandemonica Static Hair 1.0

    I'm pretty happy with how this turned out. I had trouble getting the right skin tone so adjust it if you'd like. charName:SD...
  3. Captain Cartogram

    Teen Bulma Briefs Static Hair 1.0

    This turned out way better than my last static hair. charName:SD...
  4. Captain Cartogram

    Kanna Kamui Static Hair 1.1

    This is my first (maybe last) static hair for SDT so don't expect too much. It's not the worst but it's FAR from perfect and a little low quality. If I get better at photoshop I might update this. You'll need this mod to be accurate to her size and for the hair to look a little less terrible...
  5. Jynext

    Terrorist static hair v1

    Hello there! I'm new in this type of content, and I decided to create one simple static hair with the strange thematic: CSGO Separatist (inspired in the real terrorist group "ETA"). This hair is so simple, and have a bad quality...
  6. GrimUrsine

    Alien Girl 1

    Please read the notes! Ok, so, to avoid any confusion, this is just the hair mod, not the entire body. Mostly because I'm still experimenting around with modding this game, and partially because I didn't know how well it will be received and I didn't want to waste too much time on this. On...
  7. GrimUrsine

    Warframe Operator hair 2020-05-12

    Just the hair of my Warframe Operator, since I wanted to re-create her in SDT. Includes the ear piece and cheek decoration.
  8. R

    Play as my Nico Robin (ryona/abuse + hair fetish/hairplay) (KIK or PM)

    Hello! I seek any person who is willing to play as Nico Robin for this roleplay! Before we go further I must say I have hair fetish so licking, flipping, sucking, pulling, draping or simply describing hair in the RP is a turn on. My other kinks - abuse, ryona, hatefuck, BDSM, bullying...
  9. Apollion

    Where i need to go for put a hair mod

    Hello ! im new and i want to know where i need to go for post a hair mod thank you in advance
  10. U

    Black Desert Online UVanimations Hair Fur Animation

    This is the way. Make hair fur or maybe another thing to curl move flow and other. like this strikers hair. 1. You need file that called UVanimation its inside bdo paz in same folder with partcutdesc. For those who doesnt have unpacked paz i will upload clean uvanimation. 2. Put that file in...
  11. U

    BDO combined hairstyles.

    Dont know where i can ask my question. Is it even posible to put hair model on piersing or glasses for make combined hairstyle? I replase model but its not use actual haircolor its just white. Does anyone know how make colorable custom hair? Because even in white it looks amazing. P.S. Making...
  12. L

    ME!ME!ME!-CHAN hair request.

    hey guys can someone make mememe-chan hair? id appreciate it if its dynamic rather than static. i would really really appreciate it if someone makes it for me.
  13. Doolie

    Feather Cut Hair 1.0

    Feather Cut Haircut worn by British skinhead women in the 70s Works well with HSL and you can cum on it pretty seamlessly. Supports all skin tones as the shaved part in the back is a bit transparent. EnjOi. Love, Doolie. Until now I only made original clothes / hair, this is my first one...
  14. Doolie

    Overgrown Bangs 1.1

    Overgrown Bangs An idea I had. Thought it's interesting. Enjoy. Love, Doolie Oh, yeah and check out my other... things
  15. S


    Pennywise hair I made. charName:SD...
  16. Perdition

    Folded Ponytail 1.1

    Static hair mod with a folded ponytail.
  17. Perdition

    Dahlia Hair 2020-01-12

    Static hair mod of Dahlia/Tsuki from Xenoblade Chronicles 2.
  18. UknownChaos10111010

    Murano Satomi hair v1

    Working on getting better with the software. Sorry if it looks a little off.
  19. Perdition

    Hilda Static Hair Hatless 2019-12-18

    Based on @Chance's 'Hilda Static Hairstyle' mod, this is an alteration of it without the hat.
  20. DigitalSmutExports

    Nadia Rizavi (Voltron: Legendary Defender) Dynamic Hair 1.0

    By request from @intruder007 The strands are animated but the ponytail isn't.
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