1. N

    Revised Bully Dialogue (UknownChaos10111010) 1.0

    Just having gotten into the modding scene for SDT, I came across this dialogue: https://www.undertow.club/downloads/bully-dialogue.5810/ by UknownChaos10111010, but like the reviews say, it seems to have broken during some update or another. I just decided to take a couple of minutes and...
  2. cypher371

    Cypher's Sweet Tweaks: Supergirl and the Kryptonite Statue 2017

    Cypher's Sweet Tweaks: Supergirl and the Kryptonite Statue Dialogue Bundle (2017) by cypher371 Dialogue History: 1a Clara Loft WIP by T0mcat 1b Clara Loft Revision (of 1a) by Chikai 2a Clara Loft Remake and FanFiction by Antimatter42 2b Clara Cloft Revision in Sweat Treats Loader Bundle by...
  3. V

    NTR simulation (Unfinished) 2017

    NTR simulation Loader Dialogue Bundle (Unfinished) by VengeanceXxx Notes from Author / Bundler: 2016-07-30: How To Play: F.A.Q: 2017-02-17: A few that mostly didn't work: What this version adds: for guides, well... [/spoiler] External Link here: Notes from Mods: Bundle includes...
  4. T

    Rias dialogue request

    Could someone make a dialogue for Rias Gremory from High school DxD. As I can't seem to find any.
  5. T0mcat

    Clara Loft and the Curse of the Jade Statue WIP 1a

    Clara Loft and the Curse of the Jade Statue (WIP dialogue, Char Code and Him Code) by T0mcat BG and Static Hair by Unknowns Revisions of Dialogue, Male Replacer Mod and Related Resources listed on FAQ. Notes from the Author: Char Data: Data/Description for Him: and of course he doesn't...
  6. F

    Pony Loader Bundle v1.2

    Pony (MLP) Loader Bundle (Dialogue and Character Pack) v1.2 by Fleack Related Resources on FAQ
  7. E

    Power Girl Overpowered (Dialogue and Char Code) v2014-12-19

    Power Girl Overpowered (Dialogue and Char Code) by every7mins Related Resources on FAQ
  8. D

    Dialogue requests

    Hey wondering if anyone has or can make one of the following dialogues: Slutty Goth GF (Kind of a rude bitchy type deal) Naoto Shirogane from Persona 4 dialogue Majin Android 21 from Dragon ball fighterZ dialogue Mizore from Rosario + Vampire dialogue Tharja from Fire emblem dialogue If...
  9. Scratty

    A Oral Vaginal Anal with daughter dialog

    Well. Here it is! My Best atempt to make a dialog that you can use for both vaginal and oral and anal sex! Yes it´s kinky and incestius! But it´s really easy to just change the words if you want some other dialog! Also you will need SBYs loaderpack for this to work! Let me know if you find any...
  10. chainsawplayin

    My Male Best Friend is a Succubus - Dialogue 2021-04-05

    Fairly short dialogue that changes after cumming, can be failed with enough effort Aniki in Japanese means big brother, one's superior Requires dialogueactions, moretriggers
  11. altairx57

    Camilla FE

    hello everyone, so I wanted to share with you guys a dialogue that I've been using to practice dialogues, the character is Camilla from the fire emblem series and she's caring big sister who loves her younger brother way too much, i still don't know how the triggers work but they kinda work...
  12. CrazyPanda2121

    My Dialogue Thread

    I am taking requests. If you have any, just reply below and I'll see what I can do if it's reasonable. Remember, I only do basic dialogues. No loaders. Note: I deleted the old zombie dialogue and replaced it with the new one. Fixed some minor issues and added a couple of more lines to it...
  13. F

    need help with dialogue (Animtools position based lines)

    i am working on a dialogue for my first time after hours of being unable to find one that i like how do i set lines to only trigger in certain positions all the lines ive written so far i only want to trigger in the default position as it doesnt make sense to say an oral like during anal. any...
  14. L

    Does anyone have the default dialogues?

    Not sure how but I cant find the default Ahegao text, it's just completley blank. I have normal, angry, and happy, just missing Ahegao. If anyone can give me the txt.file for it i'd be very thankful
  15. Antimatter42

    Pro Boner - Now Voiced!

    Hey, guys! This is on a somewhat related note, but two weeks ago, I adapted my Pro Boner dialogue into an audio script and posted it on Reddit. It is now officially voiced, and you can find it right here.
  16. R

    Deep Throat Practice

    Hello Everybody! this is a dialogue / mini-game called "Deep Throat Practice". Help Vivian to improve her blowjob skills. The download is available via the resource manager: https://www.undertow.club/downloads/deep-throat-practice.6374/ This is an alpha version which probably still has a...
  17. R

    Deep Throat Practice 1.0-alpha-2

    A character folder containing a dialogue-based mini-game. Setup should be easy enough. Please read the README file in the archive for instructions. You might also want to check out the corresponding thread in the dialogue forum for additional information...
  18. C

    Break her 1.3

    Warning: this is my first dialogue. Background: After discovering a secret plot a young woman is capture by a corrupt king and brought to his dungeon. Note: mods are encouraged sorry for any typos or misspelled words dungeon backgrounds are recommended I hope you enjoy :smile:
  19. Hank East

    The Love Goddess' Priestess (SDT Dialogue) 2020-10-15

    I based this on how some ancient civilizations had 'temple whores', prostitutes who saw their services as a divine duty. As such, this stars a young, inexperienced, naïve and innocent such priestess, isolated since an early age, performing her sacred duties for the first time to a 'pious'...
  20. sorrowww

    Sorrowww's Sin City & Sex Positions

    Welcome to =-=-=Sorrowww's Kama Sutra!!=-=-= My archived collection of works, most if not all of which can be found in my game "Sin City". They are organized based on their location as well as position types. Note: the game itself has many many more positions than listed here but I selected...