1. Resource icon

    Sarcastic, Bored Girl Audio Dialogue 1.0

    Audio dialogue + SFX of an sarcastic, bored girl giving head.
  2. Cock Before the Storm

    Cock Before the Storm ver. 2.0

    A MILF insists that her college step-son ejaculate before they evacuate.
  3. T

    how to guide Dialogue

    Is there a how-to guide for creating Dialogue?
  4. Resource icon

    Labrat Oral Dialogue 1,0,0

    A scientist "volunteers" to participate in an experiment involving a brutish creature.
  5. The Cuck

    The Cuck ver. 1.0

    A smug boyfriend watches his girlfriend give him the show he's been waiting for all year.
  6. Resource icon

    Her fantasizing on her bed. (Loader + stuff required) 2023-10-11

    A dialogue about a student with a crush on her teacher.
  7. S

    Her fantasizing on her bed. (first posted dialogue, Loader + stuff required)

    EDIT: I either screwed up uploading the dialogue's text file or the fault lies elsewhere, because attaching doesn't seem to work. Nevermind, I've made it into a resource (zip file that includes the custom position) that can be found here. I'm posting this little dialogue of mine, which I...
  8. Insecure Girl Trying Her Hardest

    Insecure Girl Trying Her Hardest 2.0

    Audio dialogue + SFX of an insecure, inexperienced girl trying hard to please.
  9. Angry, Reluctant Amateur Pornstar

    Angry, Reluctant Amateur Pornstar 2.0

    Audio dialogue + SFX of a porn scene, she gets progressively angry.
  10. Z

    It should be possible to utilize Large Language Models (LLMs/AI) locally to enhance dialogue in SDT.

    https://github.com/oobabooga/text-generation-webui https://github.com/SillyTavern/SillyTavern You can run LLMs locally (such as Pygmalion or a higher-end model) in oobabooga's UI and chat with them via SillyTavern. It is very possible to train a character that knows exactly how to return SDT...
  11. N

    Issue with Dialogue Actions and loading .swf files.

    So first off I'm working with v5.45d of the Loader and v4.08 of DialogueActions. My issue is that on any line where I load a swf mod using da.mod.load, the line will not trigger additional lines. For example, if I set up the following lines: linetype1:"New Dress...
  12. Gender Studies Graduate Dialogue

    Gender Studies Graduate Dialogue 1.0

    Dialogue representing an encounter in an alley with a former schoolmate of yours after university.
  13. H

    Dialogues request; teacher with schoolgirl and her mother

    Hi everyone, here's an idea for three dialogues; The idea revolves around a schoolgirl, her teacher, and her mother. The dialogues would involve both oral and vaginal sex, so it would be needed a sby loaderpack to run it. Dialogue 1 - (Classroom as background) A nerdy girl in her senior year...
  14. Submissive Girl Dialogue

    Submissive Girl Dialogue 1.1

    More than 400 'Him', 'Her' and 'Thought' lines of dialogue with occasional name-calling.
  15. Horimiya Dialogue

    Horimiya Dialogue 1.0

    Hori finally gets Miyamura to indulge her masochistic fantasies
  16. BlueZephyr

    Possible Dialogue Actions Bug

    So I recently updated some major mods and I found my dialogues not working correctly anymore. I updated MoreClothing, Animtools and Dialogue Actions. Unfortunately I reverted Animtools cause it made auto mode go bonkers. Main problem right now tho is the logic DA applies when making variable...
  17. C

    Dialogue intro restarts during play

    The intro of a dialogue (Scratty's A Horny Daughter) I want to play is restarting during play. The intro seems to restart when her mouth is free for like seconds, sometimes instantly. There are other complex dialogues with intros that work fine and I can't tell if there's a trigger I'm just not...
  18. Deepthroat Studios

    Deepthroat Studios 2.0

    Six characters and a dialogue I made.
  19. D

    Dialogue not triggering

    Hi I'm writing a dialogue that uses a number of custom built animtool positions and the custom automation mod. Several of them don't seem to fire off dialogue lines when it is auto moving, mainly on the shallower penetration blowjob moves. Using the MonitorDialog mod the problem seems to be...
  20. Violet Evergarden Dialogue

    Violet Evergarden Dialogue 1.0

    Violet is hired to help write some erotica by someone who takes their accuracy very seriously.

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