1. edgelord 3000

    Daughter training 2019-03-15

    In this dialog, you play the part of the dad, a man with only one daughter which he cares a lot for. So much, he feels like he must teach her all the skills a girl needs in the real world. Including blowjobs. The daughter is pretty used to her dad teaching her different stuff, and have no...
  2. edgelord 3000

    Edgelord 3000's dialogues

    WARNING Most of these dialogs features underage girls (exceptions will be noted with the "not lolicon" tag). Their ages are never stated, but from the way they talk or act, there's no denying that they're very much underage (or, at best, adults engaging in ageplay). If that's not your thing, you...
  3. F

    Dialogue suggestions

    I don't think i will be able to finish the translation of the "A Girl's submission"dialogue by VincentL this evening. and I'm still catching up with the posts i missed but it seems (at least for me) there are still some dialogue topics that i couldn't find yet. Since i lack the talent and the...
  4. F

    wieder im Spiel/at it again

    Nach langer Zeit versuche ich mich mal wieder am Übersetzen ins deutsche. Hier die ersten drei Versuche. Leider habe finde ich den Original Autor nicht mehr doch ich hoffe man wird ihm auch so den gehörigen Respekt zollen After a long time i feel like translating Englisch Dialogues into german...
  5. kjon

    Demon King's Daughter's Gift V3.2 Added

    This is my first time making a dialogue. Credits to Dante, for his great job making the mods and thanks for his help through this process. Also credits to the original artists of the backgrounds. (I'm sorry, I don't remember who are they :-\) And thanks to AaRL and f93 for his help with the...
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