1. Deltavoid

    DAPRA - Pregnancy Dialogue Minigame Package V1.1.0a

    Welcome to the Delta Adoption and Pregnancy Research Agency (DAPRA) Glad to have you on our research team. Department:Research Division:Pregnancy Subdivision:Intimacy Assignment:PROJECT MOTHERMAKER PROJECT MOTHERMAKER Fuck the subject vaginally until she gets pregnant then continue to fuck her...
  2. Deltavoid

    [Poll] DAPRA - Pregnancy Minigame Dialogue (alpha v1.1.0a resource bugfix)

    V1.1.0 - resource pack release (Approved August 2, 2018) now split up into 3 Dialogue "modules" Dialogue.txt: (the main module) contains the main portion of the dialogue DAPRA_Settings.txt: (the settings module) I moved the settings from the top of the main module to its own file. it gets...
  3. D

    Moving the MoreTriggers 'Loader Hacked Arm'

    Hi everyone. I was recently messing with MoreTriggers and AnimTools and I realized that there's a trigger ([TOGGLE_LOADER_ARM_ON]) that enables an additional Left arm for the male character that holds the girl's head, kind of like the default right arm does. But for what I've seen, this arm...
  4. SkyHeart

    Progress bars | I can't get the wrapper to appear on screen

    So, first off I want to say that the progress bar itself works perfectly. The only problem is the wrapper This is how I made the wrapper: I took @DrZombi 's template (The one with the heart) and made it into this: I deleted the black layer: I clicked "Save-as" and selected the option to save...
  5. Darth Vader

    Dialogue question...

    Is there a dialogue workaround that will cause her to lick balls and continue until triggered to return to penis? Found the answer in CustomAutomation.swf.
  6. 2

    2D-generate Attempts A Dialogue - (D.Va Defiled - animation)

    So recently Iago’s excellent Bathroom Dialogue, which makes great use of DrZombi’s MoreTriggers overlays, inspired me enough to peek out of Lurkerville and finally do some bathroom scenario dialogues I always wanted to do. I cobbled together cobbled together two dialogues starring to...
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