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Teacher versus Student

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by catfightforums, Jan 21, 2014.

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    "Why did I think this was a good idea?"
    This was one of the only complete thoughts going through 18 year-old Kayleigh's head as she leaned back against the ropes of the ring, tanned and clad in a sky-blue bikini and knee-high wrestling boots, long blonde hair in a ponytail, her mind clouded by pain and exhaustion. These disadvantageous effects had been brought to her by none othe than the woman standing across from her that she had foolishly challenged to a fight: Ms. G.
    Ms. G was an alumni and current instructor at Fem Fight College, the all-girl MMA/boxing/wrestling/sexfighting academy Kayleigh attended. During a class in no-holds-barred (NHB) combat G was teaching, Kayleigh had mouthed off to her to impress the class, suggesting that she should be the one teaching the class because Ms. G's own NHB skills were "less than stellar". She was extremely jealous of the 25 year-old and her perfect, slim physique, defined hip bones with long legs, toned stomach, perky medium-sized breasts, shoulder-length, stunning blonde hair and supermodel visage.
    A gasp was emitted by her classmates as Ms. G stood there, looking taken aback for a moment before cracking a smile.
    "You really that sure of yourself, sweetheart?" she coyly asked Kayleigh.
    "Sure enough to meet you in the ring to prove it", the upstart pupil replied. "I challenge you to a match in the gym ring this Saturday, NHB fighting, K.O. or pinfall win conditions."
    "Fine, missy!" G eagerly replied as the class began to murmur, shutting them up. "It's a date."
    And so they had met in front of an excited crowd of students, Ms. G in a preppy white halter top that could barely contain her pushed-together tits. Her bare, chisled midriff caught light as the spotlights above hit it. A pair of black, dressy spandex shorts left little to the imagination as her long legs straddled the ropes entering the battlefield, high-heeled pointed leather boots touching the surface.
    Kayleigh had been so brash and sure of herself: she was going to show that the pupil had surpassed the master.
    How wrong she was.
    It had been 5 minutes of pure hell for Kay by the time she had her back against the ropes. Her opponent had demolished her every defensive attempt and blocked or countered every move or strike she had thrown at her. It was a nightmare, being humiliated in front of her friends and peers like this.
    Ms. G obviously found it hilarious. She was rolling her eyes at her supporters and eliciting giggles from the crowd. Her awe-inspiring bod wasn't the only thing inspiring rapt attention from the onlookers during this match.
    Kayleigh looked up with blurry vision just in time to see her enemy sashaying towards her and hip-checking her in her exposed gut.
    Kayleigh grunted and doubled-over, arms still locked with the taut tendrils that encircled the ring. Air rushed out of her as she realized that defeat was inevitable
    "I talked so much trash", she thought to herself solemnly, "but I couldn't back it up..."
    This regret lingered in her mind as G gingerly lifted her chin up, made a kissy-face to taunt her, and then swung at her with a quick left-right combo. She ended it by stepping back and then striking out her pointed boot, nailing Kayleigh just above her belly-button with the tip.
    Kayleigh felt the critical blow land and immeadiately felt like she had been shot. That was one of Ms. G most powerful techniques, the Bullet Boot Kick. As she slumped to the floor, tight buns in the air as she gripped her abs in pain.
    Much to the amusement of the audience, G walked around and slapped her victim in the ass. She even bent over (giving people on that side of the ring quite a lovely view) and whispered to her, "You should have paid more attention in class, sweetheart", before lifting her to her feet by gripping and pulling her ponytail.
    Kayleigh let out a nearly comical scream as her hair was tugged at mercilessly. Ms. G held her in place while motioning for applause from the crowd. She then grabbed her by the throat.
    "HURK!", Kayleigh grunted as the tight grip wrapped around the front of her throat and lifted her a few inches off the ground.
    Kayleigh's back hit the mat hard. She wasn't sure whether to clutch her now bruised neck or caress her injured back. She looked like a real mess trying to do both.
    Gil didn't let up, determined to go for a knockout rather than a pin (which, she thought to herself, she could have easily accomplished seconds into the fight). She picked up Kayleigh's legs, spread them, and stomped her barely-clad crotch.
    Kayleigh cried out in pain but was quickly silenced by her professor's ass as she peformed a ground pound of sorts, positioning herself over Kayleigh's face and falling onto it. She teased a face smother as Kayleigh's muffled cries met spandex-clad pussy, but got up after several seconds.
    "Tsk tsk, too easy!" she chortled as she rose up and wagged a finger in the outmatched Kayleigh's face.
    Between gritted teeth, clenched eyes and her hand clinging to her sore vagina, Kayleigh was out of witty retorts. Ms. G was quick to capitalize on this excellent chance for humiliation.
    "My dear, what are you doing?!", she said with a very theatrical look of movk surprise on her gorgeous face.
    "Absolutely no touching yourself in class! I should send you to detention!"
    Laughs were heard scattered throughout the gym, but none from the now embarassed preppy friends of Kayleigh that had come to cheer her on. The "Mean Girls" knockoffs were ashamed they had put so much faith into their girlfriend's fighting abilities.
    They'd never hear the end of this one.
    Ms. G had barely broke a sweat during this match, and was on her way to completing it totally unscathed. She decided to wear down Kayleigh some more before the finishing blow.
    The next 5 minutes were the most excruciating of Kayleigh's life: her young, nubile body was put in a over-the-shoulder backbreaker, G's tits bouncing up and down as she bent Kayeligh rapidly over her fit shoulderblades. Next was a ceiling hold, placing Kayleigh's defenseless body in the air as her boobs jutted towards the heavens. Third was a painful armbar that had the victim's arm between G's thighs. She grinned a cruel grin as she pulled on her pupil's arm, stopping slowly and easing back right before it dislocated each time. The crowd roared with jeers and cheers alike as Ms. G demolished little Kayleigh's body.
    G gracefully rolled to her feet after throwing Kayleigh's limp arm aside. As she stood to her feet, she noticed her humiliated prey attempting a late-game comeback. She was slowly but surely managing to stand after taking the beating of a lifetime. G looked on with her hands on her petite hips, waiting for her to regain her footing.
    What a sorry mess Kayleigh was, Ms . G observed as she looked over her handiwork. Her cute, young face bore a black eye and a slight trickle of blood was coming from her mouth. There were fingerprint sized bruises on her neck and more adorning the top part of her boobs and her fit stomach. One arm hung limply to the side while she comforted it with the other, her bikini soaked in sweat and smudged with dirt from the mat.
    "The little bitch shouldn't have opened her mouth", thought Ms. G.
    Someone from the sidelines of the match shouted "FINISH HER OFF!" and a now bored Ms. G decided to heed the voice's command.
    "No, n-n-no please, I g-give up-" stammered a defeated Kayleigh as her teacher came towards her. "Y-you're a better fighter, y-your the buh-better woman, I -"
    Her pathetic plea for mercy was cut short as Ms. Gil delivered a roundhouse kick to her face, causing spit to fly from between her lips. A roundhouse kick from the other direction sent her head back in the direction it just flew in from, knocking her silly. G proceeded to strike Kayleigh with nearly every style of blow imaginable at impressive speed. Half the crowd went crazy with glee while the other looked on in disappointment as G's feet, fists, knees and elbows connected with various parts of poor Kayleigh's anatomy: belly punches, knees straight into her pussy and navel, elbows clipping her head, left and right hooks to her face; there was no end in sight. After what seemed like hours (and probably centuries to the badly-beaten Kayleigh) Gil let up, only to crouch down into position for an uppercut.
    It seemed like time slowed down as the final blow was delivered to the weakling trash-talker's chin. Her body lifted into the air. Spit mixed with blood sprayed from her mouth, leaving a fine mist that dusted her upper body as it disappated. Her eyes rolled back into her head as she lost all control of her broken body. Cell phone cameras flashed, freezing in time her defeat, illuminating her sexy, bruised body's curves and form. It seemed like forever before she finally hit the mat with a sickening thud, blonde ponytail resting on the floor, eyes closed for a good while. Her slack-jawed expression was as embarassing as the loss she just experienced. Her eyes fluttered once, just enough time to see and feel her conquerer's boot on her chest, between her bruised tits.
    Then, everything went black.
    Ms. G blew kisses to the crowd and waved as she posed using the pathetic Kayleigh's motionless self. She even asked for a permanant marker from an audience member so she could write on her.
    "You get an 'F'." She stated as she drew one on Kayleigh's forehead. For an extra dose of humiliation she signed her name on Kayleigh's exposed hip, just above her bikini line.
    "Someone take this trash out for me, please", a barely even winded, untouched and victorious Ms. G asked as she left the gym.
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  2. meinteil

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    that was absolutly awesome
  3. Psythe

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    Aug 20, 2013
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    It was indeed a great story. I especially loved the extra humiliation at the end, and Kayleigh's begging and admitting her inferiority. Just my style.

    Also, the moment you describe with the climactic uppercut and the cellphone cameras flashing; I can see it vividly. Nicely done :)