senran kagura

  1. Perdition

    Katsuragi Shoes 2018-04-01

    Based on @Ah P's mod 'Katsuragi Costume', this mod isolates the shoes and makes them RGB adjustable.
  2. O

    Senra Kagura Peach Beach Splash Nude Mod?

    I’m sure it’ll exist eventually since the others got one, but I’d like to know is anyone working on this? I realize is just got released on pc, but I’m curious.
  3. Hexateuch

    Senran Kagura SHINOVI VERSUS - Ecchi Portraits Mod -

    Hey, Guys [ UPDATE v1.2!!! ] Nearly all girls are now edited and visible in-game. Will finish last few in the near future. This is a mod that adds nipples and nipple bumps to the girls' in-game portraits for character select and the like. Heavily inspired by BattleJesus's "Nipples Exist...
  4. Kohirint

    Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus - 49 Body Presets - (Small-Huge&Flat w/o Physics)

    Attention!! If you downloaded before 6/12/2016 you need to redownload. All files are now fixed as of 6/12/2016 and New additions added 6/13/2016. (32 New Sets Total: 49 Sets) Just taking what I have learned from other people on other forums on hex editing and getting it out there! I have...
  5. A

    Senran Kagura Ryona

    I noticed there were a few Senran Kagura hairs, but no matter how hard I look I can't find any for Ryona. I might be entirely wrong, and if I am please point me in the right direction, but if I'm not then I'd like to request this masochistic beauty get a hair.
  6. Ah P

    Yomi Costume 1.0

  7. Ah P

    Yomi Dynamic Hair 1.0

  8. Ah P

    Yagyuu Costume 1.0

  9. Ah P

    Yagyuu Dynamic Hair 1.0

  10. Ah P

    Katsuragi Costume 1.0

  11. Ah P

    Katsuragi Dynamic Hairstyle 1.0

  12. Ah P

    Ikaruga Costume 1.0

  13. Ah P

    Ikaruga Dynamic Hair 1.0

  14. Ah P

    Homura Costume 1.0

  15. Ah P

    Homura Dynamic Hair 1.0

  16. Ah P

    Hibari Costume 1.0

  17. Ah P

    Hibari Dynamic Hair 1.0

  18. Ah P

    Haruka Outfit 1.0

  19. Ah P

    Haruka Dynamic Hair 1.0

  20. Ah P

    Asuka Costume 1.0