1. M

    Barcode tattoo

    A barcode tattoo, representing the serial number for a clone, slave, or android. [USELESS IMAGES REMOVED BY A STAFF MEMBER] Something like that.
  2. Momentum

    Izuku Her Hair - Static

    I am requesting a static hair for Izuku Midorya, I have the hair file. Hair.
  3. Momentum

    Nagisa Shiota Hair from Assasination Classroom

    Hey, I looked for this specific hair, but I could not find it. I have a gallery of references if you need it. Only a few are side views, most are partial. I don't really care what hair style it is done as. References Thanks in advance! EDIT by moderator: Static hair requested.
  4. A

    Nude mod for Lastest version of Star Wars :The Old Republic

    Has someone made nude mod for Star wars TOR? ( both male and female) I sooo like to see those stupid underwears and bra censoring naked body removed..
  5. H

    Request: Female Byleth static hair

    I'm really surprised no one has done her yet sorry in advance I couldn't get very good reference shots, these where all i could find
  6. A

    (Request) Nude mod for Dungeon and Dragons Online ? Its been long, has someone made nude for this game for both gender male and female? This fking undress to underwear only limit needs to die. Why those those Devs doesnt add nudity toggle option like how Mortal Online and Conan...
  7. G

    MHA Midnight Outfit

    Hi, here to request an outfit mod for Nemuri Kayama, aka "Midnight", from My Hero Academia. We've got the hair, and the face/body can be recreated using in-game options, but the outfit is proving difficult to pull off with existing options (at least those that I can find). These are the best...
  8. G

    Request: Female Devaronian Headwear

    I imagine many of us are familiar with this big S.O.B. from The Mandalorian. What a lot of people might not know, is that Devaronians are sexually dimorphic and females don't have horns like the males - they have little black vestigial lumps on their foreheads, usually no more than two or three...
  9. G

    Request: Zabrak Horns Headwear

    Hi, I'm hoping I can help the Star Wars nerds on here (myself included) get some headwear mods to replicate Zabrak horns. I went into the character creator for The Old Republic and screencapped a bunch of the horn options for female Zabraks, the angle isn't exactly ideal but it's the best I...
  10. G

    Request: Hide Ear Mod

    Hi, everyone. I've been trying to find a way to hide the girl's ears without impacting the hair, for use with cat ears or other types of non-standard ears. I managed to make a static hair png that erases her ears, but it leaves her completely bald - at least I got a decently precise shape to lay...
  11. M

    Can some epic gamer make a static hair of senko san?

    i have no idea what the freaky heck im doing so yea. i tried doing it myself and it looked like a pumpkin so yea gamer would be epic.
  12. khalifa

    RGB Torn Stockings Revision

    Hi, i love these Torn Stockings created by Syntaxterror, although i would like them better if they were not torn. Is anyone able to recreate a version of these same stockings without the holes in it? The Length doesn't really matter (can be the same or longer), i just want that RGB color-effect...
  13. A

    TemTem Nude mod (both gender)

    Can someone possible make nude mod for Temtem player characters ? Those stupid underwear and bra needs to be removed to be able to have option to be real Naked like how “Rust” has . So yeah , note me if someone making this ..
  14. He_Who_Faps

    Isolating part of an outfit to make it its own RGB adjustable .swf file

    Hey there, would someone do me a kind favor and make a .swf file of the paw gloves to replace the gloves slot and make them RGB adjustable. Perdition has made paw booties but there seem to be no gloves to match. Screenshot and original .swf here. THANK YOU in advance!
  15. T

    SDT Request: Timestop Mod

    Hey, I just stumbled upon this forum so I'm sorry if I'm unbeknown to some things. I'd like to request a timestop fetish mod, which would be able to freeze all gestures or movements of the female when clicked a button so the male can fuck her as long as he wants to with no reaction outside of...
  16. G

    Mom and teacher Dialogue request - filled

    I have a request for a dialogue where a mom give her son's teacher a blowjob so her son don't repeat a school year (her son is realy dumb). she is not blackmailed or forced to do it, she is willing and she was the one how propose the idea. (sorry if i spelled it wrong, english is not my first...
  17. A

    Chel with better references

    I was hoping someone could create a static hair mod of Chel from Road to El Dorado. I posted pictures with side veiw this time, hope they help. Also, if would appreciate it if you could also give a character code as well.
  18. Perdition

    Taking tattoo requests

    Tattoos are pretty simple mods to make so this likely won't stress me out. So, if you have any requests for tattoos, provide an image you want, tell me where on the body you want it to be, and tell me any other particulars you want with the tattoo. If enough people ask for tattoos then I'll...
  19. I

    Coraline Jones [Coraline] Hair and Outfit Request

    First request, checked the rules so I hope I got everything right, I'd like to request Coraline Jones' hair and costume (Coat/skirt/leggings/boots) references attached here. The hair can be static, and I'd like the costume to be scaleable with the breast slider. I did my best to build her...
  20. N

    Need Frozen 2 Outfits

    Hi everyone ! I totally need Frozen 2 outfits. Because all costumes of the first movie are completely spotted with cum. Have a good night !
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