1. FurryTr@sh

    Star Wars Mirialan race, please?

    One of my favorite parts of this forum is the fact that every Star Wars mod for Super Deepthroat is vanilla and easy to download. Thank you to the truly epic folks who have made such awesome content for us! With that being said, I would like to request a few things be added, that I'm sure other...
  2. K

    Ranko Honjō (Hajimete No gal) Static hair request - filled

    Hi, my first request. Here is the best side view reference i could find thanks for your time. Edit: Request filled, see third post of thread
  3. Perdition

    Taking tattoo requests

    Tattoos are pretty simple mods to make so this likely won't stress me out. So, if you have any requests for tattoos, provide an image you want, tell me where on the body you want it to be, and tell me any other particulars you want with the tattoo. If enough people ask for tattoos then I'll...
  4. V

    Suspenders RGB to Single Color - filled

    Can someone mod these suspenders from RGB to just black? I actually can't find the post where I got them but maybe I can just upload them here. Also can anyone explain to me how I could change colors of existing mods by myself. It doesn't seem like it should be that hard but I don't know where...
  5. Rudgar

    WeeWillie's Slave Bazaar: Bugs, Requests & Solutions

    Ahoy together, as offered and accepted I started this thread to collect bugs and feature requests for @WeeWillie 's Slave Bazaar. Add your bug reports and feature requests and I will copy them into this opening post so WeeWillie has a quick overview and an easy choice of what doing next - in...
  6. I

    Him costume request

    could some make amaimon and mephisto from blue exorcist? I'm attempting to do it myself but i have no idea what I'm doing
  7. sqerdel40

    snake tail (sdt)

    i would like a snake tail based off the reference images shown for a sdt character (dynamic optional)
  8. tickles

    tickles' SDT [CONTENT CREATOR] Request Board

    {=== tickles' SDT [CONTENT CREATOR] Request Board ===} Hello everyone, Welcome to the request board. Here I'll be making community based polls for certain requests (such as clothings, hairstyles, etc.) as well as possibly list people who made things for SDT. Whether it was their handy work in...
  9. V

    Request League of Legends Xayah and her skin

    Hello I'm new sorry if i forgot to mention something. can someone make me xayah's dress? (bcs i only found her hair in PNG) (there were the best pictures about her dress) Also I would be pleased if someone can make the Cosmic dusk xayah skin (hair and dress) Also there is a site you can...
  10. O

    Super Planet Dolan Stuffs

    Hey, I'm an asshole, and I want to see if anyone can make mods of(or might be able to find) -Shima -Melissa -VinHomeless's Superhero Dog If the reference images suck, it's totally my fault, there isnt many of them around ;-; Might update soon. Seeya
  11. Antimatter42

    My Dialogue Thread (requests are closed)

    This is where you'll find all of my dialogues. I shall be updating it every time I create a new dialogue. Enjoy. -Antimatter42 P.S.: Feel free to make any requests you have here. I can use them to keep me occupied and stave off boredom over my summer vacation. Requests are closed. Vanilla...
  12. S

    Fire Emblem girls

    So we have Mia and Lethe, but there are so many other FE girls we should all see on SDT. Personally, I would like to request: Micaiah
  13. Datman

    Guilty Gear Xrd Camera Mod Public Gallery

    (SCREENSHOT AND GIF REQUESTS ARE CLOSED) If anyone with the Cheat engine Camera mod for any version of Guilty Gear Xrd would like to share their screenshots, feel free to here. Anything from the characters attacks to ryona. Pantyshots, cleavage, the works. Post them here. There needs to be a...
  14. K

    Hair request: Yuuki Yuuna is a hero

    Mimori Togo Yuuki Yuuna Fuu Inubozaki Itsuki Inubozaki Karin Miyoshi Sonoko Nogi P.S. the Sonoko one was the only Sonoko side shot i can find since i can't find an older version and also I will be making more requests later
  15. S

    Trap/CD BreastPlate Request

    This is my 1st time requesting something hope I don't break any rules. So pretty much a breastplate are "fake breasts". Prefered breast size: 120. Some reference images: So if I knew how to do it, and I have tried, I would make a horizontal black(shadow) line below the boobs, a vertical one...
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