Is it possible to change backgrounds and positions with keystrokes?

Sep 12, 2018
Hi there SDT community.

Title pretty much sums up my question.

I wonder if anyone is aware of some way you can assign keys on the keyboard to cycle through backgrounds and animtools positions respectively? It's perfectly alright if it involves dialogue code somehow.

Ideally this would be tied to a specific character folder so that it only works when that particular dialogue is loaded.

EDIT: The ABSOLUTE ideal way for my purposes would be if you could make a keystroke change one or more custom variables in a dialogue. What I want this for is a bonus dialogue where you get to enjoy your sex life with this character you met in the main dialogue. If it'd be possible to set a a couple of variables with a keystroke I could have different lines of dialogue depending on what background is being used for instance. That'd be fantastic!
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Apr 17, 2017
I'm not sure about backgrounds, but for animtools, go inside the mod's settings file and scroll down to line 139. There you can asign up to 14 positions to whatever keys you want.

However this is global, so every dialogue will have them.

I remember something about installing a mod to a character folder exclusively? But I couldn't tell you how.. (It could also be impossible and this phrase could complete bs)
Sep 12, 2018
Thanks for answering!

Reason I want it tied to one character is that it's gonna be part of a bundle. In the main story you meet a character and position and BG are dictated by the dialogue but I'd like for the player to be able to switch BG/position in a sort of "bonus dialogue". Yeah, the built in animtools thing works. Hope there's a way to do it for backgrounds as well.
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Jul 24, 2014
assign keys on the keyboard to cycle through backgrounds and animtools positions respectively
I am a complete noob about the Loader, but in this version, numpad 4-5 allows to cycle through characters.
You can put positions, backgrounds, and maybe also many other things like dialogues.

If you want to make a mini-game, it is possible to make a SWF mod with buttons or key to move in the timeline, with different backgrounds at every frame or moving into the same background using a tween.
My XL backgrounds (Bedroom 01, Bedroom 02) use this technique, thanks to sby sby 's code.

WeeWillie WeeWillie 's Slave Bazaar is using the same kind of technique I guess (though I never tested it).

Basicaly, it should be possible to make costume mods with different clothes on different frames, a bit like cycling in the different breast sizes, and this would work for both Vanilla and the Loader.
It should even be possible to merge costume mods, backgrounds and dialogues inside the same SWF, making a whole new game using SDT as a basis.
The problem is once a SWF is published, there is no way to alter it, and Adobe Animate is needed to create it.

Possibilities of SDT are really huge, and even after nearly ten years, I guess that we only scratched the surface of it.
Unluckily, Adobe is going to kill Flash in 2020...
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