1. jiwao

    What crossover would you like to see?

    With a few crossover games coming out this year , like Blazblue Cross Tag Battle, and some upcoming like Jump Force (which looks pretty weird graphically imo), and some games having guest stars from other games, like Negan & Noctis joining Tekken 7, what games would you like to see next collab...
  2. jiwao

    Has anyone in your family accidentally found out about your fetish?

    Maybe this will bring back some cringe worthy flashback for some of you, and if that is the case then I'm sorry. It was just a thread idea that popped up in my head while making breakfast. My story isn't anything special, really. I remember having pulled off an all-nighter on MMO, and when I...
  3. NiteGuardian

    Who is a Loli? and why? (Lolicon Discussion)

    Ok so I have wanted a healthy and adult chat on what or who is a Loli and why they qualify as one with people for a while now, if you have thoughts on Shota (aka Shotacon) you are also welcome to post here. Please obey the Site Rules and be respectful even if you do not like Loli's yourself...
  4. underwear fetish

    Which ryona do you like seeing best? Images or videos?

    An image is worth a thousand words. A video is worth ten thousand still images. Personally, I prefer seeing ryona in action. Especially in slow motion. E.g. Chun Li getting hit by Ryu's hadouken in SF2, Claire getting eaten by a group of zombies in RE2, etc.
  5. Sausage&Eggs

    Upcoming Games

    Made a post in the old GVZ that had a small bit of discussion about up coming games to look forward to. That thread is gone but I thought I'd start it again here and hopefully we get more participants as well. New releases, re-releases or upcoming games. Pics, trailers, info are encouraged. A...
  6. Trigon

    Female MMA

    I was not sure where to post this since there is no MMA sub forum. Wrestling seems to be the closest (and there are some boxing threads here in the wrestling forum), so this seems to be a good place for MMA material (images, video, etc.) for now. A fitting start to this thread is of course the...
  7. Trigon

    General ryona image thread

    As far as I can tell, the old Images forum from Ryonani did not survive the transition. One of the threads in that forum was the general image thread, where people could post whatever ryona images they wanted. The gyaku forum still has its general image threads. I figured it was time to...
  8. Ryonastories

    Top 10 favorite ryona victims (Girls/Guys) in non-ryona video games

    I'm new and wanted to break the ice. I used non-ryona games because these are the tools I use for ryona myself. - - - Updated - - - Okay I'll start 1. Asuka Kazama 2. Leifang 3. Xianghua 4. Anna Williams 5. Lisa (doa) 6. Kasumi (doa) 7. Sophitia/Cassandra 8. Sonya blade 9. Chun-li 10...
  9. Cnby

    Mortal Kombat X

    Ed Boon has been teasing a new game announcement for a while now, with a cryptic countdown ending at E3. Many believe it's going to be a new Mortal Kombat game and attached is a supposed teaser poster for it that surfaced today. I'm excited but there really isn't much else to say until more...
  10. R

    Classic Resident Evil

    For anyone who wants to see Ada Wong getting the ryona treatment in RE4 in ultra graphic , ultra resolution and Smooth 60 FPS or Or interested in general to replay this Masterpiece then this game is highly recommended for any Resident Evil Fan . Capcom has announced that a new version of...
  11. Raden

    When did you realize you were interested in ryona?

    Just thought it might be interesting to ask how people realized "Damn, I really like that" in relation to this... so I guess I need to start then, don't I? I was young, about 10 or so, when I was going upstairs to my room, and there was a movie on TV. I stopped to watch a bit, and there were...
  12. pirajacinto

    Resident Evil Revelations

    Resident Evil Revelations - Extended Trailer VF (TGS 2011) - YouTube A friend of mines just sent me this clip, and I have to say...I think it's AWESOME for us. Seeing a tight suited girl struggling and screaming around. Which I'm glad we'll getting even more of with Jill because of her outfit...