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  1. D

    How to install on Android

    So how do I download SDT on Android
  2. C

    How to create clothes ? (SDT)

    Hi I'm new here and I want to know how to make clothes, from A to Z. Thanks in advance.
  3. F

    how to load mods on the game

    how can i load mods in the game
  4. T

    how to guide Dialogue

    Is there a how-to guide for creating Dialogue?
  5. D

    How to send private messages?

    Is there an option to send private messages? I want to send my email adress to one of the users and I don't want it to be public, but I can't find such option, only writing on his profile (which I guess will make message visible). Sorry, I know that probably solution is simple, I am just tto...
  6. E

    how to add flas

    how to add flas
  7. M

    how to run SDT on linux / steam deck

    Hi I just got an Steam Deck and I'm thinking about installing SDT to play it. But I have no ideia how to. I tried emulating the windows version but is asking for some pc software and I know it can run from flash's linux version, but I have no clue how to use linux and install it. Can you help me?
  8. M

    How do you adjust game settings to allow a flexible penis when it's longer?

    So I've tried messing with the 'penisrange' notes/script for penisrangeV8 mod... just the simple changing 1's to 0's and so on, following the instructions most notes include... and can't seem to replicate the flexibility/bending in the penis in the actual game as shown in the gif attached...
  9. M

    Help PLZ... How do you adjust game settings to allow a flexible penis when is longer?

    So I've tried messing with the 'penisrange' notes/script... just the simple changing 1's to 0's and so on, following the instructions most notes include... and can't seem to replicate this in the game. Some guidance/help would be greatly appreciated 🙏
  10. D

    What Skills Do I Need To Develop To Be Able To Write Advanced Dialogues?

    long time lurker here; recently i started trying my hand at writing dialogues, but i realized very quickly that the "writing" aspect is the only part of it i understand. i have a wealth of ideas but no way to translate them into high quality dialogues because i don't understand how the game...
  11. A

    how to replace cock?

    how to replace cock?
  12. H

    How to fix left arm when grabbing her head with both hands?

    I like to have both hands on her head with a lot of the positions I use, I do this by selecting the position I want, then I go to the loader tab and press the button that says 'Arm'. The problem is sometimes when I select the arm button depending on the position I choose it hides the left arm...
  13. S

    how to add new clothings to sdt

    Can someone please explain me how to add clothes in the game ?
  14. L

    How to cum in throat

    When you finish in the game, you always cum on her face. I want the man to cum inside her throat without pulling out. I also want both his hands to be holding her head
  15. F

    How to get intro dialogue to play multiple times?

    This may be a dumb question, but recently I downloaded a dialogue that I've been wanting to replay through. However, for some reason the intro dialogue never triggers. I know the dialogue is working, because the wildcards work, but not the intro. I'm just using the basic download (SDT_v1.21.1b)...
  16. P

    How to upload my text mod for SDT

    i made a dialog mod for SDT and i don't know how to upload it
  17. Femtrooper

    How to make a second album

    Hi, sorry if this is obvious but I cant see how to do it. I want to make a second image album as I made a sequential story that would bury my old images if I posted them to my existing album. When I try and upload the only options it gives me the option of choosing an existing album (I only have...
  18. R

    How to contact ryona video maker eryonanist?

    I hope to contact famous ryona video maker eryonanist. But I cannot find his twitter. Besides, niconico and pixiv don't allow messages sending to uploaders. Could anyone tell me how to contact him?
  19. S

    How to use ModDataLoader switchKey?

    I apologize if the answer is somewhere on the forum, for I have looked and couldn't find it at all. I don't even understand how this works, and the switchKey thing doesn't work. I'm SURE I'm doing something wrong, but I dunno what that is. Please if there's a tutorial or something about this...
  20. Doa

    Feets4heels changing the colors of the legs every seconds how to fiy it ?

    i use the last version of sby_loader_pack 14_545d and when i load the feet4heels the legs keep changing colors i try but i don't know what to do ? Maybe it's very simple but i'm still a newbie I hope someone can help me

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