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    himLegLayerMove 1.0

    Brings his left leg to the front layer
  2. Choker Snapping

    Choker Snapping 1.4

    Simulates choker/collar snapping
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    maxframerateV1 V1

    adjust target framerate according to settings file
  4. Scion Adventurer Outfit [EMH]

    Scion Adventurer Outfit [EMH] 2023-11-30

    The outfit given by the FFXIV MSQ to the player
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    disablehelddialogline V1

    disables the 'held' dialog line triggering on holding her down
  6. F

    Him Hair PNG mod?

    Hey guys, I've tried looking for this and can't seem to find it. With her hair mods, you can simply edit an image in photoshop and hey presto, you have custom hair. Customising his hair isn't so simple, however. It would be great if there was a mod that allowed for a simple hair import rather...
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    SpankAnywhereForked 2.2

    Modified version of sclover13's dope SpankAnywhere mod
  8. xlstaticbgload

    xlstaticbgload V1

    changes the static BG loading to support wider backgrounds
  9. extendedzoom

    extendedzoom V1

    increases the amount you are allowed to zoom out by when using the mouse wheel and zoom slider
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    pleasureFactorCode 2.0

    Allows modifying pleasure rate with charCodes
  11. Slumber Party Strap-On: Custom Message List

    Slumber Party Strap-On: Custom Message List ver. 1.0

    Part of a dialogue I'm currently working on; it's exactly as the title says.
  12. hairRGB

    hairRGB V3 reupload

    added supplemental RGB pickers next to hair HSL for mods to make use of
  13. Anti's Custom Message List

    Anti's Custom Message List ver. 1.5

    A list of customized messages created by me for the CamGurl Live Chat Overlay mod.
  14. RGB Him Swimsuit

    RGB Him Swimsuit 2022-12-07

    An RGB re-skin of my "Brilliant Summer" Swimsuit mod.
  15. "Brilliant Summer" Swimsuit

    "Brilliant Summer" Swimsuit 2022-12-07

    The first male player swimsuit released in Fate/Grand Order.
  16. Mystic Code Chaldea Outfit

    Mystic Code Chaldea Outfit 2022-12-07

    The default male outfit from Fate/Grand Order.
  17. ExtraModHim [Core and Mod Template]

    ExtraModHim [Core and Mod Template] v1.12, Template v1.4

    Expanding your HIM universe
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    togglecumflashing V1 reupload

    toggles the white halo cum flashing effect
  19. eyeMakeup

    eyeMakeup V1 hotfix1

    combined various eyemakeup related mods into a convenient init mod
  20. chokercollarresistance

    chokercollarresistance V3

    collars cause a thick penis getting blocked from going further down into her throat or get stretched

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