1. N1lla

    Can't find Ryona game, used to be on youtube..

    I think the video was called sister and ghost, the graphics reminded me of MMD and I can actually pull a thumbnail from google, but the video was taken down and I have no idea where the game is. I believe one of the final bosses were this big, blue wolf that basically scratched her in the game...
  2. R

    Deep Throat Practice

    Hello Everybody! this is a dialogue / mini-game called "Deep Throat Practice". Help Vivian to improve her blowjob skills. The download is available via the resource manager: This is an alpha version which probably still has a...
  3. R

    Deep Throat Practice 1.0-alpha-2

    A character folder containing a dialogue-based mini-game. Setup should be easy enough. Please read the README file in the archive for instructions. You might also want to check out the corresponding thread in the dialogue forum for additional information...
  4. Strix

    Capital City Wars: A Zako Management Game (Please PM/DM Applications)

    Premise: The goal of Capital City Wars is to carve out your zako organization’s name into the annuls of Capital City. You manage one zako organization of your choosing its over all goals and developing it into a powerhouse that even the government would think twice of messing with. Setting...
  5. Kojinzx

    Sentimental K NSFW NUDE MOD

    Hi all My Dears!!! Meet My new MOD for Sentimental K game, Nice intresting roguelike with artifacts & different skills, thats feels like "tactical slasher", actually you are manually deside what skills you are want and manage your combo. I quite liked this game and complete it more than 20...
  6. Hooligart

    [Flash/Browser] New hot browser game - Cunt Empire (18+)

    Cunt Empire - Build your porn Empire with hot models! Welcome to the depraved world of hot and passionate adult shows. Your task is to turn your studio with models into the largest empire in the world! Browse every inch of the city for desperate babes crazy enough to experience an orgasm in...
  7. slayer

    Dark Judgement Shooter

    KeiBree created some interesting zako artwork, I just compiled them into a small shooting gallery: Press 1-5 to spawn additional girls.
  8. slayer

    Flower Children Shooter

    Here I attached jettmanas' Flower Children shooter minigame. Press 1-5 to spawn additional girls.
  9. slayer

    Dynamite Cop Shooter

    jettmanas created some interesting Dynamite Cop zako art, so I suggested him creating a shootinig gallery with the characters: I hope that you enjoy it! EDIT: Press 1-5 to spawn additional girls.
  10. Kojinzx

    Street of Rage 4 NSFW Mod!!!

    Hi all!!! Meet the NSFW mod for Street of Rage 4! And ms.Blaze now exposed to you! I've edited near 195 sprites to make her moveset complete!! This it was a long & hard way to do but it end today as mod release! :wink: 20 years delay before SOR4 is come and i am happy about possibility to mod...
  11. slayer

    Honey Select and AI Shoujo minigames tests thread

    Greetings, I've opened this thread for everyone attempting to create minigames using Honey Select sprites to share their experiences and results. Here is a small experiment I made using AI Shoujo and Clickteam's Fusion: Press space to throw a punch, click on a girl to hit her, press enter...
  12. Kojinzx


    Hi all !!! Now i released some mods for Earth's Dawn game, i found this game is very much fun, and created some sexy stuff for it, like you can see in preview! I will Hope you like it! :) In process of modding i explored 863 files to find rights files for edits, and that maked me bit of a sick...
  13. Kojinzx

    Max Gentlemen Sexy Business! NSFW Nude MOD!!!

    Hi all !!! New mod for new game! I improved native Uncensored DLC and also edit costumes as you see from preview image Max Gentlemen Sexy Business! - The premiere Victorian Business Tycoon & Dating Simulator. Your family business has been stolen from you! Forge sexy partnerships in the...
  14. Kojinzx

    Battle Chasers Nightwar: NSFW Nude mod for PC + Android version

    Hi all! I want represent Battle Chasers Nightwar NSFW mod for PC version and also for Android version of the game! I got request for Battle Chasers Nightwar ANDROID mod. Since i already have fully working Mod for PC version i decided to try make mod for ANDROID game version. Some time...
  15. Kojinzx

    Devil Slayer - Raksasi 斩妖Raksasi NSFW Nude Mod!!!

    Hi all !!! Now i want represent the Devil Slayer - Raksasi NSFW Nude Mod!!! :wink: Devil Slayer - Raksasi is a top-Down action game with procedurally generated dungeons, profound roguelike elements, and intuitive soul-like fighting. It's a fair and challenging game, dodging, timing, striking...
  16. Kojinzx

    Vampire's Fall: Origins NSFW Nude Mod

    Hi All & Happy Valentine’s Day !!! I was Released new NSFW mod for Vampire's Fall Origins game!!! For countless years the villagers of Vamp’Ire have enjoyed a life of peace and happiness. But now, rumors are spreading about a wielder of dark magic - a Witchmaster. Fearing the rumors to be...
  17. Kojinzx

    Blood Card NSFW Nude Mod

    Hi all!!! Catch the new NSFW mod for Blood Card game! :smile: This card game combines the elements of roguelike. During the game, you shall keep going ahead to get unique decks to defeat the enemies getting in the way. You will choose to escape or defeat the Death who is there to take your...
  18. Kojinzx

    The Coma 2 Vicious Sisters NSFW Nude Mod

    Hi all !!! Catch the Coma 2 Vicious Sisters NSFW Nude Mod! :smile: Coma 2 Vicious Sisters is a 2d Korean survival horror-adventure. Venture from your deserted school to survive the horrors of the night. Actually i not much play the game(i spend all time to create mod and test it in this...
  19. Kojinzx

    Battlerite NSFW Nude mod pack!!!

    Hi all!! i want represent my NSFW Nude mod for Battlerite game!! :smile: This game is are part of my Road Map and i finnaly finish guide for it :) 8 edited skins for girls will await for you action to kickass your enemy! In near future you can expect much more mods for different skins to that...
  20. Kojinzx

    Overfall NSFW Nude Mod

    Hi all!!! Meet with Overfall NSFW Nude Mod! :smile: This is an awesome roguelike game that i love very much , customizable difficulty, great replayability lot of unblockable stuff, different tactics, funny quests and unique visual style with intresting buffs/debuffs make my time Burn in this...