1. S

    Game Settings?

    I've looked and haven't found anything that tells you what the different settings do. Like what does the normal, soft, hard, self setting do, how does the resistance setting work stuff I haven't been able to find a guide that tells you what they do and stuff.
  2. D


  3. Z

    Ryona/Snuff game development

    Hey! I am currently starting to develop a game described below. Looking for skilled 2d artist who shares the passion. I already posted this on f95 forums, which happens to be more about different games and development overall, but found no people interested in such things. If you are, please...
  4. R

    can someone help me install and play the game ?

    how do you even activate the game ? the last posts i see of this is like 2016 and idk how the hell to use adobi, so someone please help.
  5. slayer

    Added game GUI on Zakos

    Greetings! Are you interested into having gaming style GUI inserted onto zako footage?
  6. M

    How do you adjust game settings to allow a flexible penis when it's longer?

    So I've tried messing with the 'penisrange' notes/script for penisrangeV8 mod... just the simple changing 1's to 0's and so on, following the instructions most notes include... and can't seem to replicate the flexibility/bending in the penis in the actual game as shown in the gif attached...
  7. M

    Help PLZ... How do you adjust game settings to allow a flexible penis when is longer?

    So I've tried messing with the 'penisrange' notes/script... just the simple changing 1's to 0's and so on, following the instructions most notes include... and can't seem to replicate this in the game. Some guidance/help would be greatly appreciated 🙏
  8. S

    Amateur 3D artist and video game maker

    Hi everyone, can I post my game here? I created some 3D interracial porn visual novels you might be interested in. feel free to support my patreon to download all 6 games : EDIT by moderator: Link to Patreon removed. If you want to see my other galleries you can visit my Pixiv ...
  9. P

    Any Friday the 13th: The Game nude ryona ?

    I'm searching Friday the 13th: The Game nude kills.
  10. T

    What Skills Do I Need To Develop To Be Able To Write Advanced Dialogues?

    long time lurker here; recently i started trying my hand at writing dialogues, but i realized very quickly that the "writing" aspect is the only part of it i understand. i have a wealth of ideas but no way to translate them into high quality dialogues because i don't understand how the game...
  11. Fylokon Games

    [PC] [RPG Maker] Harem RPG Remastered

    Overview: Harem is a story-driven adult RPG. You are a traveler from a distant, unknown land on a desperate quest to save your homeland. A cabal of mages cast a curse on your people, making the women of your land barren and promising to end your country in a single generation. Shipwrecked in a...
  12. galvatron88

    The Price of Gluttony ( humiliating male fighting game characters)

    king was one of if not the greatest wrestler of all time. He had a great physique, and one of the top Tekken fighters. but...After going into retirement king gos into a transformation that will prove to be his undoing. He stops training for a while and developed a love for the sweets. after...
  13. M

    (Static hair request!) Kokorogi Yutori (Tomodachi Game) FILLED

    I'm honestly surprised no characters from this anime/manga have been asked for before but id like to put in a request for this girl cause why not shes hot lol
  14. H

    SWF & clothing mods no longer loading when I open sdt

    For some reason my mods are no longer loading when I start up the game, I am not sure why and I need help None of my clothing mods, character mods etc. load on startup and they do not appear in the game either, and unlike before when I try to save a character using a character or clothing mod it...
  15. Y

    Sandbox sex game?

    When i search forngood X game i can always see visual novels, rpg or fighting, but i want to know what sandbox games are there, i dont wanna spent time on sotry or grinding, i want to open the game and jump straight to the goodies, so far i've seen it only with Honey pick Libido, what other X...
  16. matpneumatos

    [PC] [Unity][Patreon] Road of a Goddess, 3D Hentai game

    Road of a goddess is a 3D action hentai game. This game follows the adventures of Jacquelyn, Montse and Ángela. A group of girls and apprentices of the Art of the Goddess, an ancient combat technique. In this context a Goddess refers to a female warrior that uses her sexual energy to boost her...
  17. slayer

    Request: sounds for a beat 'em up game

    I'm creating a Beats of Rage all female enemy mod: Beat em Up experiment But I'm running out of sounds (I want every enemy to sound unique). Any contribution in that regard would be more than welcome. Thanks!
  18. slayer

    Streets of Girls: Beat em Up using AI Shoujo characters

    Download the current version (0.23) to play For some time I've been wondering about the potential to be tapped out of software such as AI Shoujo in order to create beat 'em up characters. So, today I spent a while and imported a character created there into the classic Beats of Rage. Since I...
  19. slayer

    Cheerleader Zako Girls among videogames

    Greetings! I thought it would be interesting to gather resources of cheerleader zako girls in videogames. I shall start: Redneck Rampage These alien possessed girls attack the player in the 1997 PC game "Redneck Rampage": River City Girls Cheerleader enemies from the renowned retro beat...
  20. C

    Hi, if I download a game, is it saved to my computer

    If I download a game is it downloaded to my camputer

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