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Curious Dialogues

Discussion in 'Dialogue' started by Curious, Oct 21, 2011.

  1. Curious

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    Oct 1, 2011
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    Hello, all! I generally do more rough and nonconsent style dialogues, so if you're looking for something in that vein, hopefully these will appeal. Though I'm not interested in doing dialogues for specific characters (from TV shows, anime and what have you) suggestions and requests for themes and ideas are welcomed! And as a quick disclaimer, obviously, despite whatever I might write, rape isn't okay. Keep it fantasy. Hate to sound preachy and ruin an erection, but I think it's important to say.

    Boring stuff aside, here are the dialogues. Thanks and enjoy!

    EDIT: New dialogue, with an accompanying character code/background. I've never provided a BG/code before, but since it was suggested I thought I should at least try and see if it works well with the dialogue. Hope y'all enjoy it!

    Dialogue: Witch's Execution

    I mentioned earlier an idea based around execution, but it took on a bit of a different spin. An innocent woman, accused to be a witch by a travelling witchhunter she refused to sleep with, is forced to service the witchunter himself and (implied) all of the village's men so they can expel the sinful desires she supposedly filled them with before she hangs at dawn. Very much has a religious bent. It's essential here that the girl is gagged, as onlooking villagers both male and female will make comments. The girl's dialogue is entirely thought - the villagers and witchhunter fill the speaking role. It's not as complicated as my last one, but I think I actually like it better anyway.

    (Also, as a side note - I had to search high and low for a suitable background, and unfortunately this was the best I could do. If anyone stumbles upon a BG that would work better, please send me a mail and win my everlasting appreciation! C:)
    Excerpt - Witch's Execution

    intro:"The prisoner shall be punished for her crime of witchcraft;[CLOSE_EYES] for trying to corrupt the people of this village with unholy thoughts,[ADD_TEARS] and for tempting the righteous to her lustful ways.[intro1]"{"style":"Him"}
    intro1:"[OPEN_EYES]I'm innocent! I was framed![LOOK_UP] Please, God, I am no witch![intro2]"{"style":"Thought"}
    intro2:"The men of this village will each come to the prisoner and use her to purge the sinful desires she conjured in them. This will continue until dawn[LOOK_UP][SHOCK] - when she shall be hanged.[WINCE]"{"style":"Him"}

    first_dt:"[SHOCK]The witch swallowed it all - she must be guilty! No innocent woman would allow it![first_dt4]"{"style":"Him"}
    first_dt4:"She is guilty indeed.[LOOK_UP] You see, good people, how greedily she swallows and sucks? Her sinful instincts possess her.[FACE_FUCK_STYLE][CLOSE_EYES][first_dt5]"{"style":"Him"}
    first_dt5:"She only wishes it were the devil's cock, the slut![OPEN_EYES][SHOCK]"

    general:"[LOOK_UP]What sin have I committed to deserve this?"{"style":"Thought"}
    general:"The mob - they look at me with such hatred.[WINCE][CLOSE_EYES] They were once my neighbours, my friends, but now[OPEN_EYES] ..."{"style":"Thought"}
    general:"[WINCE][LOOK_UP]Will I not be allowed to even have my dignity, in my last hours?"{"style":"Thought"}

    Dialogue: Cheater 2.0
    As I said, an update or expansion upon the original Cheater concept, reusing some of the old dialogue and adding quite a few new lines. Here, the cheating girlfriend attempted to cheat behind the player's back with his best friend, who told him about it. They team up and abuse her while she begs for forgiveness, the dialogue going back and forth between them and the girl. I should note; this one is probably the roughest yet.

    Now, the the technicalities. Dante's awesome threesome/orgy mod - specifically, the Reverse Cowgirl one - is essential. You can find the link to his thread, where the mod is, in the excerpt. I like having her resistance fairly high so as to see more of the dialogue. After enough abuse, she'll go Ahegao. Finally, this is also the most complex dialogue I've made yet in terms of mechanics (though it doesn't come close to some of the other works around) so there may be technical issues. Please let me know about any glitches and I'll do my best to fix 'em! Finally, the excerpt of the dialogue itself.
    Excerpt - Cheater 2.0

    Dante's Orgy mods - http://superdeepthroat.ryonani.com/index.php?topic=2898.0

    introlie:"I wasn't enough for you, huh, slut?[WINCE] You needed more. Lucky he caught you before you fucked every man in the city."{"style":"him","next":"introlie2"}
    introlie2:"Don't worry, bitch - you'll be walking out of here with crutches when I'm done with you.[SHOCK]"{"style":"him","next":"introlie3"}
    introlie3:"And I'm going to fuck your throat raw - perfect punishment for a lying little whore like you."{"style":"him"}

    introwallet:"[LOOK_UP]Please, I can make it up to you both! I'll do whatever you want![ADD_TEARS]"{"next":"introwallet2"}
    introwallet2:"Bullshit. You just want my cock and wallet, lying whore."{"style":"him","next":"introwallet3"}
    introwallet3:"No! I just wanted to make you both happy - please, let me make it up to you [LOOK_DOWN]..."

    resass:"[RELEASE][CLOSE_EYES][HOLD][RELEASE][WINCE][ANGRY_MOOD][OPEN_EYES][LOOK_UP][SHOCK][ADD_TEARS][NORMAL_MOOD] Let me in, bitch."{"style":"him","next":"resass2"}
    resass2:"Maybe I should fuck her ass, see if she's be a little more cooperative then?[SHOCK]"{"style":"him","next":"resass3"}
    resass3:"You want that, slut?[WINCE] No? Then let my cock into your throat."{"style":"him"}

    firstdttears:"[HOLD]Ughn ... look at me, slut.[LOOK_UP] I want to see you begging. Those tears are real now, huh?"{"style":"him","next":"firstdttear2"}
    firstdttears2:"Christ, she keeps squirming - that's it, bitch, keep working those hips ..."{"style":"him","next":"firstdttears3"}
    firstdttears3:"You should try her throat. She keeps trying to get air, getting nice and tight - you think you deserve to breathe yet, cunt?[RELEASE] There. Get back to sucking."{"style":"him}

    Dialogue: Defiance
    As I said, an expansion of my first dialogue. I'd definitely recommend using a collar since the male directly references it, and I find a higher resistance makes it flow better. You have to fuck her to coming a few times to make her turn from resistant, to begging, to ahegao. This dialogue also make use of Slingerbuilt's great 'slapping' dialogue idea.
    Excerpt - Defiance
    intro:"I won't lie, my dear - I am going to enjoy breaking you."{"style":"Him"}
    intro:"I'll never be your slut. Let go of me! [CLENCH_TEETH]"
    intro:"This is to be your punishment. You won't be able to speak, nonetheless curse, when I'm through with you."{"style":"Him"}
    general:"[COUGH][CLENCH_TEETH] For all your bravado, you'll still be my cocksucking little whore by the end of this."{"style":"Him","mood":"Angry"}
    general:"[NORMAL_MOOD]M-maybe I should just...[ANGRY_MOOD] No! I have to fight it!"{"style":"Thought","mood":"Angry"}
    general:"I much prefer you like this. On your knees, lips wrapped around my cock like the servile slut you are. [ADD_TEARS]"{"style":"Him"}
    vigorous:"This is where you belong, isn't it, slut? Half-conscious, lips and cunt dripping, begging for more..."{"style":"Him","mood":"Ahegao"}
    vigorous:"[ADD_TEARS] Tears? I thought you were stronger than that. [CLENCH_TEETH] *laughs* I'll break you yet, slut."{"style":"Him","mood":"Angry"}
    vigorous:"Please! Enough! [COUGH] I've had enough! I've learned my lesson!"{"mood":"Normal"}
    finish1:"You fucker... ugh..."
    finish2:"Fuck you! I won't... l-let you..."
    finish3:"[NORMAL_MOOD]A-again? Please... I c-can't..."

    Dialogue: Cheater
    A rougher one, centered on a girl who's willing to do anything to get her boyfriend back, and her boyfriend who is slow to forgive and seeking to give her comeuppance. She'll beg and plead while he abuses, threatens and berates her.
    Excerpt - Cheater
    intro:"Crawling back to me? Pathetic. "{"style":"Him"}
    intro:"I love you! Please, don't leave me! [ADD_TEARS]"
    intro:"I'll let you make it up to me, bitch..."{"style":"Him"}
    general:"I know, I was wrong to go behind your back..."
    general:"I swear, I'll never cheat again! [ADD_TEARS]"
    general:"That's right, bitch, on your knees like the whore you
    vigorous:"Oh, god! I c-can't take this, but I need him..."{"style":"Thought"}
    vigorous:"P-please, I don't deserve this, I'm not a whore..."{"style":"Thought"}
    vigorous:"You feel pretty, slut? My cock fucking your throat raw, my come dripping off your lips? [ADD_TEARS]"{"style":"Him"}
    finish1:"You think we're done, slut? Again."{"style":"Him"}
    finish2:"Please... haven't I done enough?"
    finish3:"Again, cunt. I want to make sure you remember this.

    Dialogue: Strap-on
    I saw a request for a dialogue themed on this and thought it would be interesting to try. This involves a lesbian couple, with the girl on her knees missing the experience of sucking a cock. Being a loving girlfriend, the other offers a strap-on substitute, complete with the capability of coming. It's a bit shorter than my others, I think, but unfortunately I don't have much free time. I might expand on it in future, though.
    Excerpt - Strap-On
    intro:"It's been so long since I've had a cock between my lips..."
    intro:"I've never sucked off a strap on before!"
    intro:"I bet you'll use that cock better than any man could."
    general:"It's so supple and smooth it almost slips right in like a real cock."
    general:"It's like you were born with this cock, you use it so well..."
    general:"It's different from licking your cunt - I love it just as much!"
    pull_off:"I wish you could feel my hot, wet throat - it's slick as my pussy."
    pull_off:"Can I play with my cunt while you fuck my throat? It's throbbing..."
    pull_off:"I must look like such a little whore, sucking your thick rubber cock on my knees - is it making you hot?"
    finish1:"Again? I'm glad you like when I suck your big rubber cock..."
    finish2:"Y-you like this more than when I lick your cunt!"
    finish3:"A-again? I missed this, it's true..."

    Dialogue: Curiosity
    After a long disappearance, here's something new! I'm sorry about my absence, and I hope this at least partially makes up for it. It involves a girl who's only experience in cocksucking is watching porn and is very curious about trying it for herself. She's eager and willing to try new things, as well as a bit naive about what's normal and what's not. This is still sort of in the making, a bit shorter since I wanted to get something here to apologize and I'm having trouble thinking up lines to add, so suggestions are welcome!
    Excerpt - Curiosity
    intro:"Oh, come on! Let me just play with it a little!"
    intro:"A little 'hands-on' exploring will be fun..."
    intro:"Don't be a pussy - show me your cock!"
    general:"Hehee! It feels good, doesn't it?"
    general:"Mmm, it's so silky on my lips."
    general:"I bet you regret making me wait this long to play with it..."
    vigorous:"H-hey! First-timer, remember?"
    vigorous:"H-having fun?"
    vigorous:"G-god, slow down! I'm still learning!"
    finish1:"Hehe, that was a fun game! Did I do it good?"
    finish2:"W-wow, twice in a row! Is that normal?"
    finish3:"I'll be an expert cocksucker at this rate!"

    Dialogue: After a Rough Fuck
    I'm pretty pleased with this one. In this, despite having rough sex until she's aching, the girl in this dialogue hasn't been able to make you come. Exhausted, she suggests trying another method - a blowjob. She hopes she'll get a break this way, but you can choose to fuck her throat as roughly as you did her cunt.
    Excerpt - After Sex
    intro:"Mm, my little pussy is so sore. How about a blowjob?"
    intro:"Ohh, I don't think I can take another fucking. Can't I just suck your cock?"
    intro:"Please, let's do something more gentle for a while, my cunt is already so sore."
    general:"Nice and gentle until I feel your come in my mouth..."
    general:"What if I tease this spot here, with my tongue? Do you like that?"
    general:"I bet I can make you come after just a few kisses!"
    first_dt:"Now my throat aches more than my cunt..."
    first_dt:"Your whole cock went down my throat..."
    first_dt:"S-stop it! I thought you'd be done by now!"
    finish1:"Wh-what? Again? N-no, please!"
    finish2:"Th-this is insane! How can you still be hard!?"
    finish3:"You came three times! Isn't th-that enough!?"

    Dialogue: Humanoid Girl
    This was an unusual one for me, written at the request of a friend. it isn't as long as the others because I wasn't quite sure where to take it, but hopefully it'll satisfy those looking for this sort of thing. It features a girl - or rather, a humanoid - who is curious about you and eager to please. She affectionately refers to you as 'dear human' and tries her hardest to match up to what a 'human girl' can do. What exactly makes her non-human - alien, mermaid, whatever you fancy - is up to you.

    Excerpt - Humanoid
    intro:"A 'cock', you called it? It looks so different..."
    intro:"It's so big and hot - may I taste it?"
    intro:"I'll be very gentle with it if you let me touch it - please?"
    general:"Mmm, it tastes salty, but sweet."
    general:"It's getting bigger and harder by the moment!"
    general:"This is how humans procreate? Or is this just for pleasure?"
    first_dt:"Y-you want to 'fuck' my throat? Forgive me, your language is so strange and I have much to learn!"
    first_dt:"Am I doing well, m-my human friend? I want to make you feel good..."
    first_dt:"Your 'cock' slid so far down my throat. What happens now?"
    finish1:"Y-you wish to play again, my human? Please, let's!"
    finish2:"A-again? Your endurance is astounding! I will try."
    finish3:"O-oh, I don't know if I can - but I will do my best, dear human."

    Dialogue: Reluctant, Foul-Mouthed Slave
    This is an older dialogue I've revamped and updated. In this, a slave girl has been cursing at you, so you put her mouth to a more pleasant task. You can literally fuck her into submission, as more vigorous and rough fucking will eventually have her calling you 'master' or 'sir.'
    Excerpt - Reluctant Slave
    intro: "Let me go, you son of a bitch!"
    intro:"I'm not your 'pet'!"
    intro:"I'm not afraid of you..."
    general:"Fuck, stop it!"
    general:"Ugh, it's so bitter..."
    general:"I'll never call you 'Master', asshole!"
    held:"P-please, I'm begging, like you want..."
    held:"I-I'll be good, just let me - breathe..."
    held:"I'm a whore! I'm a slave! Whatever you want, just stop!"
    finish1:"Wh-what? No please! Not again!"
    finish2:"No please! P-please, sir..."
    finish3:"G-god, please, my throat hurts s-so much..."

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  2. TetsuyaHikari

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    Oct 12, 2011
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    Nice. I'm glad to see these are a little longer than others floating around. We need to set the bar higher and try to provide more variety to the players by giving them more lines. It doesn't have to be a novel, but yeah..we shouldn't settle for just giving them 3 lines or so for each situation, heh.

    Anyway! Good job on these, man. It may not be some people's cup of tea, but for those that do like it, you've made an excellent contribution :3

    Keep it up!
  3. Xiombarg

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    Sep 1, 2011
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    Rather nice dialogs thus far! Interesting work.

    The Thread Subject drew upon a different level of my psyche, tho... I was thinking of a girl who is 'Curious' and maybe has talked HIM into letting her explore/investigate/become acquainted with a cock 'first hand' so to speak.

    Guess I'm just weird that way.

    You, sir, seem to be the type to be able to write such a script, and I shall leave this idea in your capable hands ;)

    Wonderful work, tho! Do feel free to keep them coming!
  4. Steinman516

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    Feb 22, 2011
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    Really enjoyed the humaniod one. That would fit so many of my weird charectors. lol
  5. Curious

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    Oct 1, 2011
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    Haha, glad you all enjoyed it! C: Thanks very much for taking the time to comment, I really appreciate that! And Xiombarg, I am VERY fond of that idea. I'll do my best to type up something fun with it. Thank you!

    And it doesn't really matter, but I'm not a sir. p: Heh, kind of kinky to be called that, though. It would feel weird letting everyone think automatically I'm a guy, but at the same time I don't want to come off as one of those 'OMIGAWD IMMA GURL ON TEH INTERWEBS' types. I'm just here because I'm a pervert and this is a fantastically fun game to play with. C; I can't wait to see more props ingame that can be referenced in dialogue and such.
  6. ModGuy

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    Feb 17, 2011
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  7. Scyth118

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    Feb 28, 2011
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  8. DevilJinKazama

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    Jul 29, 2011
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    Heh. I'm not too shocked that a girl is here and enjoying the game.

    I happen to know that a lot of girls are perverts. They're usually just better at hiding it.
    On average, they got dirtier minds then the average guy, too.

    And I'm absolutely fine with that. Haven't had a chance to try out your dialogues yet, but I'm looking forward to doing that.
    Knowing a girl wrote them might just add a little extra excitement to it for me, too.
  9. Curious

    Curious Vivacious Visitor

    Oct 1, 2011
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    Hehe. I'd have been (pleasantly) shocked if everyone believed me. I know it doesn't seem likely, especially since a lot of people like to pull that crap for some reason. Believe whatever, I'm just here to add my contribution to an awesome game! And I can live with people thinking I'm full of crap. This IS the internet, after all.

    Yup! There's a nice compilation of fantasies from women in some books by a woman named Nancy Friday, and some are kinky as hell. I appreciate that you're not surprised, DevilJinKazama. P: And I'm glad the idea of a girl writing them might be exciting - I admit, part of the excitement for me in writing these is wondering if I really can arouse people with them.

    I hope to have a new dialogue up in the next few days - it's reading week at my college, so I'm on break and have a fair bit of free time. Thanks for the comments!
  10. TetsuyaHikari

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    Oct 12, 2011
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    Well, honestly, I hope the more mature people around these parts have moved beyond simple things such as gender. What I mean is, the quality of someone's work isn't dictated by their gender, therefore, it is irrelevant. I appreciate you coming out and just telling us anyway to avoid confusion, as I am one of the guys that naturally just assumes anyone I meet online is a male until proven otherwise (through a statement, pictures, whatever).

    Anyway, just keep doing what you're doing. ModGuy is probably just pulling your chain anyway. He likes to do that :3

    I look forward to seeing more contributions from you in the future. We've had enough drivel on this site. It's time to step it up and make contributions with more variety and length, heh.
  11. Curious

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    Oct 1, 2011
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    Hey, all! I'm working on the 'Curious' dialogue that was (awesomely) suggested, although it's taken a bit long. Life kind of threw a wrench in my plans of having a free week - assignments pointed out as due at the last minute, so it's hard to get in the 'mood.' P: However, I do have a start, which is good. And weirdly enough, had a dream about getting face-fucked by a fiery succubus lady who grew a cock along with something about fairy tales and board games. o__o WTF, brain? Ah, well. Stuff for future use, maybe.

    And thank you, TetsuyaHikari! I appreciate that. C: Heh, I hope he was just pulling my chain, but no big deal either way.

    This is what I have so far for the Curious dialogue - am I on the right track, Xiombarg? Since this is my first time working with someone else's idea, I want to make sure it's good. What came to mind when I began working on it was a sort of bubbly, curious, silly type of girl and a shy, more secluded boy, so I write her as though it's taken some convincing. C: (Also, weird sidenote - I couldn't help imagining it all being said in Rikku's voice, from FFX.)

    intro: "Oh, come on! Let me just play with it a little!"
    intro: "Hehe, I saw the bulge in there - let me see!"
    intro: "It'll feel good, I promise! I just want to see it up close!"
    intro: "A little 'hands-on' exploring will be fun...
    intro: "Don't be a pussy - show me your cock!
    intro: "Mmm, will it look like it does in porn?"
    intro: "Just pretend you're masturbating!"
    intro: "Trust me, I'll make you feel good if you let me try..."
    intro: "It's time for me to have a little fun with you, for once!"
    intro: "Don't be shy! I bet it's huge..."

    general: "Hehee! It feels good, doesn't it?"
    general: "Mmm, it's so silky on my lips."
    general: "I never thought I'd like the smell of a cock, but it's nice - musky."
    general: "Bleh - um, is it supposed to taste like that?"
    general: "I bet you regret making me wait this long to play with it..."
    general: "Mm, you like that, sweetie?"
    general: "It's so hot to touch! And I can feel all the blood rushing through it."
    general: "It's nice to see you finally coming out of your shell - now I just want to make you come..."
    general: "I told you this would be fun. Mm…"
    general: "After this, I'll let you play with my pussy."
  12. TetsuyaHikari

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    Oct 12, 2011
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    I'm still glad to see this is more than the typical 3-5 line stuff per situation from the other dialogues we see around here. I hope that we can set a good example for others that are wanting to write dialogue for SDT as well, heh. Keep it up!
  13. anonymous

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    Feb 16, 2011
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  14. Xiombarg

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    Sep 1, 2011
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    Why Yes! It's absolutely WONDERFUL!

    The essence is: that the girl is new to things, playful, and wanting to explore. Possibly a prelude to something more, but... Since it's SDT... ;)

    Lines such as: "Is it getting bigger?" or (precum) "It's throbbing a lot! Am I doing this right?" might fit in well.
    Very interesting!

    I did Not realize you were a female, and it will make a very nice Insight into the female psyche ;)

    Do, Please continue! I am quie sure I am not the Only one looking forward to such a dialog!
  15. LanguishAbomina

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    Oct 18, 2011
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  16. Shybear

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    Oct 25, 2011
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    @Curious Your new "Curious" script looks great, i'm going to try have it voice acted when you're finsihed.

    @Everyone else. Stop ruining this thread with "nope"s, "lol u waest ur life" and all the rest. You're fucking mods and regulars. Stop shitting up this nice script thread. Seriously. Moderate your own shit too.
  17. TetsuyaHikari

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    Oct 12, 2011
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    *facepalm* That was about as productive as running into a screaming crowd going, "SHUT UP!". Why couldn't you have just come in to compliment her on her work and ignore the bullshit? Lol.

    Thanks for pouring gas on the fire.

    lol u waest ur life
  18. TheRaptor

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    Sep 14, 2011
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    since you're a girl perv who seems to like this game, maybe you would be interested in voicing a dialogue? who knows you might even get a kick out of hearing you're own voice getting faceraped. :)
  19. deafie

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    Dec 12, 2011
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    I tried 2 of the dialogue you did, awesome.. The humanoid one didn't work so I downloaded your work and redid it on notebook as usual and it works now.. Rework it since I noticed the spelling mistakes and other stuff. But overall it's good.. I fixed that one already and saved it on my file.. it worked like a charm.. Keep up the good work dude....
  20. mike

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    Feb 4, 2012
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    I like your work. I really want to see that "curious" girl finished it looks awesome.