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May 26, 2015
Wow this is more brutal than the anime. He shot them in the head! And from what the first gal says, they have been molested by the guy's uncle and seem to have a valid reason for revenge.


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Feb 25, 2018
Garnet from Justice Fist

She has the ability to brainwash and manipulate people. Using this ability, she make main characters fight with each other. But the magic is removed by the power of love(?) and she is punished by her boss. Her spiritual energy is absorbed by her boss and she become a mummy.

*Futa warning.

jusfist (1).jpgjusfist (2).jpgjusfist (3).jpgjusfist (4).jpgjusfist (5).jpgjusfist (6).jpgjusfist (7).jpgjusfist (8).jpgjusfist (9).jpgjusfist (10).jpgjusfist (11).jpgjusfist (12).jpgjusfist (13).jpg
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Dec 9, 2015
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The dark sisterhood appear in a couple of Marvel comics.

Here's a list:

For some reason, I'm having difficulty finding the exact comics, even using
So here their apparition from Cable issue 88 to 95, They don't appear in the Wolverine issue (at least not the one give by the site, I check both issue numbers and covers (their not the same).
Next Time, check Marvel (or DC when DC heroes) Wiki, it's complete and well describe, helpful when you are looking for something ;)
Dark Sisterhood (Earth-616)
some page are cute in half, so one of us ( me) will have to buy it and scan the page again,
also what a stupide uniforms, I mean I have the impression they all blind with their cloak in their face
Cable #88  .jpg

Cable #88.jpgCable #88 .jpgCable #89.jpgCable #89 .jpgCable #89  .jpgCable #90.jpgCable #90 .jpgCable #90  .jpgCable #90   .jpgCable #90    .jpgCable #90     .jpgCable #90      .jpgCable #91.jpgCable #91 .jpgCable #91  .jpgCable #91   .jpgCable #91    .jpgCable #93.jpgCable #93 .jpgCable #94.jpgCable #94 .jpgCable #95 .jpgCable #95.jpg


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Oct 1, 2017
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I found a couple of Batgirl chapters with her knocking out a pair of muscular female kickboxers in an underground fighting ring. One of them appears to be her friend though

Oh, I also found a cool-looking manga that I discovered from someone's DeviantArt. There's a nice scene where the main character is pitted against what appears to be a tall Jamaican kickboxer with toned muscles and a nice tied dreadlock. She got socked on her abs and put to sleep easily
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