1. Perdition

    Zoro Lily 2019-03-03

    RGB adjustable lily placed in her hair behind her ear. Uses the headwear slot. Is based on the flower worn by Zoro from Labyrinth of Refrain.
  2. O

    Petal Story: Party Animals (complete)

    Party Animals Petals Lang and Hui were assigned as bodyguards to the young CEO of a powerful Chinese company in South Korea, Y. The man has been the target of many assassination plots recently, because of his company's ties to Bai Bi. Intelligence told Lang that more serious attempts may start...
  3. O

    Petal Story: Work Hard Play Hard (complete)

    This story and my next Petal story are both set in the Petal multiverse, not intended to be related to the play by post or any existing story, and a part of it is written back when Petals are still clones instead of orphans so it may be a bit too scifi. First, I have to thank @NNin and Rati for...
  4. Perdition

    Exotic Flower V1.2

    RGB adjustable flower placed behind her ear. It uses the headwear slot and both the petals and leaves are RGB adjustable.
  5. Idoro

    Petal Pruning

    The following video arrived inside a bloodstained crate, addressed to Bai Bi of the Bai Bi Company. "........This thing on? *ahem* -ahem- Greetings ladies and gentlemen... and little girls who may be watching this. Some of you may know who I am, but I'm willing to bet most of you do not...
  6. L

    Queen of Fighters: Petal Vs. Mai Shiranui

    Location: Manazuru Peninsula, near the Kanagawa Prefecture. Tokyo, Japan. Outside a luxurious mansion, the Petals surveyed the scene, eyeing various mobster rivals as they exited their limousines. A week ago, a truce had been called between the Hong Kong based Red Dragon Triads, the Japanese...
  7. L

    *Petal Contest* -Petals Versus Irises- (finished) (Alternate Ending posted)

    This is my first story. I figure I might as well try my hand at this writing thing, after reading so many stories over the years. The idea behind this one is more of a 'catfight' theme mixed w/ zakos, tit/cuntbusts, and ENF rather than pure zako. Here are some images that correspond with it...
  8. Furryona

    *Petal Contest* -A Story Untold-

    A thick fog had gradually settled throughout the slums of the large city. Normally bustling, the now-empty streets emanated an air of mystery and shadow, as if every corner hid a dark secret. The silence of the unsettling location was broken as rapid footsteps echoed down the pavement, the sound...
  9. R

    *Petal Contest*-Disguised Raid-

    Since I am too busy and lazy, I decide to create an empty thread first, to urge myself to finish it. Also since I am too busy and lazy, the story will be completed with the help of my friend. Sorry for being late because of my finger injury. Upload is completed. I am editing details gradually...
  10. dinomoneyman

    *Petal Contest* -Petal Vs. Lilies-

    Petal Lang scoped out her target from a safe distance. It was an abandoned warehouse filled with black market weapons. These weapons were guarded by a new upstart gang that called themselves the Night Lilies. They all seem to wear black thong leotards, though the rest of their outfit varies...
  11. Giafuremu

    *PETAL CONTEST* -Data Thieves-

    Summary: Lang and Hui infiltrate a huge unnamed corporation to steal sensitive data but they find that they weren't the only ones who were after it. Author's Note: I'm not too sure what to think of it. It feels way to short, but I didn't want to make it longer than I did for various reasons...
  12. T

    Petals Fiction Contest! Have your Fanfics be illustrated officially by one of NNin's artist!

    Greetings one and all! In order to commemorate one of Ryona City's most famous inhabitant, as well as the upcoming 6th month's anniversary of Undertow's establishment... Both NNin and I have decided to set up a competition with the Petals, Ryonani community's Mascot and Representative to make...
  13. NNin

    Original Character: Petal

    Hello, everyone. I decided longtime ago to create a thread of my original character, Petal Lan. I once created this thread because someone wants to see her in a peril, mainly beating. Also someone can be used her as a ryona material such as fiction. The arts are provided by my talented friend...
  14. Mystral Kiss

    Petal vs. Nurse Mercenary

    Folks, NNin has posted the details for his new zako, the lovely Nurse Mercenary. If you haven't seen it, check her out here to see the inspiration for this story (and a nice pic of the nurse herself). I swear, all we need now is a video game series featuring Petals fighting these...
  15. Mystral Kiss

    Petal vs. Bunny Mercenary

    Hello all, Happy to be a part of the Ryonani community. I'm a big fan of zako, and I fell in love with NNin's character concept Petal (and Bunny Mercenary!), so I had to write my own contribution. Below is a story inspired by NNin's creations here. I tried to stay faithful to the core...
  16. NNin

    A story of Petal

    This is the fiction thread of my original character, Petal. I think fiction is another good way to show her abilities and personality so I made this. Hope you like it! Her first opponent is Amethyst. cb0363's entry character for...
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