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SUPERHEROINE.ME - new user reviews and ratings website

Discussion in 'Superheroines' started by superheroine.me, Nov 4, 2013.

  1. Hi,

    I'm a big fan of everything superheroine related. I decided to offer back something new and original to the community by creating an independent news and user reviews fan site which would offer modern and convenient way of browsing, rating and indexing superheroine content on the web.

    Site: superheroine.me

    I don't produce superheroine related content and don't write reviews. On my site fans have the opportunity to post opinions and rate the content. Final rating is entirely up to them. My role is to administer, moderate and offer new content.

    I'd be very happy to receive your opinion and suggestions. Everything helping me improve this site for both producers and visitors is welcome.

    And, of course, feel free to rate and review content you like.
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