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  1. AN69

    Help BDO - Mods, Textures, Resources, and Others!

    Hey guys! In the wake of the upcoming :eek: SITE CLOSURE/TRANSFER :eek: :frown: I am asking if EVERYONE could lend a helping hand to a certain project... In the BDO side of this site are hundreds of mods/textures/resources/more about modding, etc, that I wish to archive and amass in order to...
  2. Skull_mods

    Modding shadow of the tomb raider

    ◉How do I start a modding game? In this video, we have given a complete tutorial if you want to create your own mode for the game. (I start by creating a mod for shadow of the tomb raider) ◉You can create mods for all the steam games (PC game) that support game modding tools (special-k) with...