1. halley

    unable to add resource - a server error has occurred

    first time poster, trying to upload a dynamic hair style for SDT i initially tried to upload a resource not knowing where to find the guidelines for the RM, I have just now read and confirmed them via preferences but i am still unable to upload resources getting 'oops we ran into some problems...
  2. U

    Show file sizes in resource manager

    Whenever I am trying to download something from the RM, it starts downloading instantly without asking me for confirmation of my download. So, I can't see the size until I start the download. My suggestion: When you hit the download button, a prompt will say "Are you sure you would like to...
  3. AN69

    Help BDO - Mods, Textures, Resources, and Others!

    Hey guys! In the wake of the upcoming :eek: SITE CLOSURE/TRANSFER :eek: :frown: I am asking if EVERYONE could lend a helping hand to a certain project... In the BDO side of this site are hundreds of mods/textures/resources/more about modding, etc, that I wish to archive and amass in order to...
  4. Nude Remix Textures

    Nude Remix Textures 4.5

    Full set of Nude textures for the DOA Ladies
  5. K

    Black Desert Online - All Costumes for Valkyrie, Sorceress, Ranger and Witch

    Thanks to Cerophono's patcher I have been really keen to check out all the different Valkyrie costumes to hopefully combine different pieces and land on a nice look to play my Valk on. After rummaging through the PAZ files, I found all the Valkyrie costume models. I figured out how to quickly...

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