1. NiteGuardian

    Nude Remix Textures 4.5

    This is a complete pack of all the DOA Ladies nude skins, so you can apply it to other Modder's works and make their skin look the same as my Nude Remix bodies, in case you want a seamless look, I can't promise it will always work. Now includes the Photoshop File as a Mod-Maker's resource.
  2. K

    Black Desert Online - All Costumes for Valkyrie, Sorceress, Ranger and Witch

    Thanks to Cerophono's patcher I have been really keen to check out all the different Valkyrie costumes to hopefully combine different pieces and land on a nice look to play my Valk on. After rummaging through the PAZ files, I found all the Valkyrie costume models. I figured out how to quickly...
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