meta injector

  1. hyko23

    Black Desert Online Lahn Body Size DATA Fix

    When I first used Black Desert Online Resorepless Nude Mod to mod the body size of Lahn Class, it didn't work. I asked around, found out there was a bug. So I managed to find out where the bug was thanks to @suzu 's help. On the screenshot below, there were an extra line for the "minimum"...
  2. UndercoverPervert

    Meta Injector

    A port of BlackFireBR's Meta Injector utilizing the BDO Toolkit library.
  3. UndercoverPervert

    BDO Toolkit - A .NET modding library for Black Desert Online

    BDO Toolkit A .NET modding library for Black Desert Online Requirements .NET Framework 4.6.1 Installation/Usage Download the archive anywhere on your computer. Unzip all the files in the archive. Open the executable "BDOToolkit Installer.exe". Press 1 then enter, and then any key to exit...
  4. Thermalpulse

    BDO Armor Request

    So... I've seen what people can do thanks to meta injector with armor and thus giving me an idea I hope I'm not alone in... Armor that isn't perverse- until broken. Basically my request is for better looking armor (akin to PrincessNicky's less revealing armors) that doesn't reveal genitalia...
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